August 15, 2022

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70 thoughts on “P.R Diaries The Stories We Used To Whisper About In These Pr Streets

  1. Richard & Pam left me speechless 😶

    Jermaine & Janet’s situation proves that men think with their dicks period. They have to want to think with their brain & emotions on their own…no amount of beauty, success, sexiness, grace, respect, or honor will change that.

    The last chick isn’t special😳 c’mon…is it really that hard to sex famous men? Especially when you’re attractive? If you’re in their surroundings, its easier than beating the Knicks. Now if she received proposals/rings and/or marriages from these men, that would be something to gasp at😧😳🙃

  2. Waymenit….I though I’d read somewhere a few months ago that Janet and Jermaine were rekindling?? Was that fake news???

  3. Janet got with JD for some beats and a comeback. 😂😂 (No shade)

    As far as JD is concerned, his career collapsed after his breakup with Janet. Regardless how why or how they got together, him being Janet was very beneficial for him. His stock went skyscraper high when he was with her.

  4. Haven’t we spoken about Lana on IG isn’t she like a sex witch? Or very much under That Sex Kitten Programming with provocative music even though I’ve only heard and liked one song personally. Doesn’t surprise me that she smashes a lot and likes it.

  5. Richard & Pam = very true. The doctor confirmed the cocaine residue inside her. Yikes! 😬
    The stripper wasn’t the only one Jermaine fucked. 🤐
    Good for fucking Lana 👏🏽😂

  6. Who agrees to put cocaine in their vag?? I mean doing coke is enough u got to go on now and try to get freaky with it? Sheesh. Some of the shit I read on this blog I wouldn’t even think that people do until I read it here!

    Smh Jermaine Dupri, one of the many proofs not to give even UGLY celeb men a chance with ya heart. But Janet done secured the bag and has a gorgeous baby…. meanwhile…..

    Lana live your best life lol

  7. Speechless about Richard & Pam. I always wondered how JD pulled her. He was just wrong for that. I didnt know much about about L.

    1. Yes G, I would LOVE industry witch sugar 🤩 My grandma would kill me if she knew I like reading about that kind of thing. She is super against brujeria and I don’t blame her but I still want to know 😂

  8. Wow cocaine in the coochie? I will pass. I also woulda passed on JD. Some of these men out here are nasty.

  9. These people were/are too damn bored/disgusting with all that money and unhappiness. Smh

    and please more on industry witches this season if possible

  10. I knew about Jermaine but that was why Janet liked him. He supplied her freakiness. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  11. Also Lana is right up Drakes alley because he was also fucking that chef Giada De Laurentiis.. one of the reasons her husband divorced her ALLEGEDLY… she was boning all kinds of brothers!

    1. I read somewhere that Giada stayed in a hotel once and had a different flavor every night:

      John Mayer
      Tyson Beckford

      1. This is so funny because I heard the same thing about Giada AND Hayden Panetierre. Both of them looks so sweet but allegedly thot it up big time lol

  12. Hey by the way i can comment on the post. But when i just try to like it. It sends me to word press. Ask me to enter my username or email and when i do it says it doesn’t recognize it. Thought i mention since i saw a post saying we don’t like the post. So i don’t know if it happens to others but i can’t Hit the like button

  13. Reading the Richard prior thing made my stomach hurt wheww… but Jermaine is dumb let’s get some sugar on him da brat and bow

  14. I have been following you since last year. Growing up I always wondered what it would be like to be famous. Soooo glad I found your page on ig because these stories have opened my eyes to a world I would never want to be apart of. Thanks for the eye opening confessions…

    1. 🙂 that’s why I am hear not to try and tell you what to do with your life just want you to know what to avoid if you do

  15. This is some good tea. But G, what in the hell is going on with k.michelle. I heard she was Blackbold from the music industry and radio stations. Now she talking about R. Kelly and when she used to live with him. How come she never talk about that on love and hop hop years ago. You have to talk about K.michelle and R. Kelly dark side she’s been hiding behind close doors. Spill the tea please. 🙄🙂🤔

  16. If you have time, you should do an ICYDK on Janet and Jermaine. I’d love to hear more but no rush G. I see that you have your foot on these hoe’s necks and I don’t want to interrupt that flow👀 I am living for all the sugar you’ve been posting!

  17. What was the point with the coke on his penis and in her vagina I thought power coke makes shit numb wow

  18. I remember Jermaine Dupri (or was it Usher) saying that Usher’s song Confessions was about him..smh

  19. That’s sad that Richard did that to Pam she confirmed it on Usung Hollywood and heard about Janet and Jermaine, what was he thinking? SMH

  20. That shit is crazy on what happened to Pam? He he did this repeatedly put cocaine in her pussy or was it that one time?

    We need more tea on Lana Del Ray. What hapohapp with her and G-Eazy and these hookups she’s had. Damn the womnw is a Savage! 🤣

  21. I know who ever do Richard story better give all the tea(which they won’t) it’s ok cause G got me
    Yeah jermaine is a hoe from back n the day dnt let the cockeye fool you

  22. Pam why…you must of been high too and Richard you was a nasty coke freak…..lil man dupri what was you thinking smdh and miss devil del ray need to leak that book hunni 🤣

  23. I remember a time when Lana del Ray was hot on Axl Rose. She positioned herself waiting at a VIP where he’d show up and left in his chauffeur driven suv multiple times…..said they were working on some music together. Yea ok. She was quite the groupie at their shows. Always front and center.

  24. I didn’t even know that girl lana was still around let alone out here wit the community pussy. 😩😂

  25. I loveeeee Pam Grier… it’s so sick she has never had children… they would have been beautiful… jd chilieee that troll must be working with something to get Janet.. and it’s aleays the quiet ones Lana lol

  26. I cannot believe that Pam let him do that!!
    The nerve of JD! Did the stripper keep the kid? If so how old is the kid now?

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