August 16, 2022

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30 thoughts on “Season 7 : The Truth Behind The Break-up Of Lala & Carmelo Anthony Part 1

  1. Can you post a story about drakes “Illuminati” ties .. or what he does for the elites if you know.. I feel like I’m the only one who be questioning him flashing ‘6’ three times on stage & im not going for that bs about Toronto

  2. Dang this is good I haven’t heard nothing about Carmelo until this new baby. I use to watch the show though

  3. I remember hearing that she locked him in with kid- like that he really didn’t want one yet- never saw them as a good fit- I’d love to hear a story on her- she’s getting big now- has she sold her soul yet? She’s had a ton of work done-

  4. G I need to know what is up with Ciara. Did Janet agree to pass her torch to her and Ciara is about to make a comeback, while Future starts to decline? Also, how did Janet manage to make it alive this long?

  5. Ciara missed her chance Janet was suppose to pass that to Teyana taylor she did this year now what teyana does with it is a different story

  6. Ciara always has a great single and can never follow it up with another one. I think Future gave her the best advice when he helped her with body party she could have been took the torch, however maybe this time around she will consider his advice.

  7. I always thought LaLa was a butch. I was shocked when her and Carmelo got together. I didn’t think they look like a good match. She probably got with him to secure herself cuz I am sure she thought the Harlem dude wasn’t going far in his career.

  8. It seems as though no matter what the women do to keep their men content, they always “F” up. How, as a wife, as a woman, would you allow your man to play with the relationship like that. I couldn’t and wouldn’t.

  9. Because alot of them prefer women, but found a man with money. Lala’s been dipping in the lady pond since the 90s.

  10. Everyone has there own set of rules on a relationship. Hey if you want a open relationship do you however once you married, i don’t think you can applied those same rule(threesome..etc). What’s the point of taking vows under God that are meant for two people.

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