October 5, 2022

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39 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Break-up Of Carmelo & LaLa Anthony part 2 of 2

  1. I dont get how woman be so quick to date or have a baby by a married man. It’s not like she didnt know, she knew. I’ll never understand that

    1. Girl me too. Like I don’t like to judge people but damn what good do you think can come out of dating a married man? Like you’ll lose just being the baby mama.

    2. Girl I’m sure the dizzy hoes don’t be thinking about what could happen if they fuck raw. They just be happy to be in the moment then boom here comes baby. Now it’s a whole other situation on top of cheating. They’ll always be the woman who slept with a married man and had a baby.

  2. Wow a mess!!!

    Not everyone including famous athletes & celebs cheat but not surprising if somewhere things went from threesomes to being open altogether a side baby comes out of this

    So he publicly shouts out Lala in SM & still does appearances with her still while with Mia?

    G can you do one on why Savannah stays with LeBron when he constantly cheats on her?

  3. He’s not the only with with a side baby it’s just that his business is in front street. And I’m disappointed because LaLa be downgrading especially Suga he is a mess to me🤷🏾‍♀️

  4. I don’t understand how a women can condone cheating as long as they’re set rules but get mad when the man cheats outside of the rules. Secondly, being a side chic must be the new wave because i rarely hear about true happily married people anymore in or outside of hollywood.

  5. I don’t know why any woman would marry or get involved with a celebrity. The lifestyle ain’t worth it to me. Between the constant cheating, high likelihood of STD’s and long absences when they are traveling, all most women seem to get is heartaches and high blood pressure. It would be better to just get a job and date a regular man. Or is it the issue that men in general are just trash? They often have a good woman but they are never satisfied.

    1. Totally agree. I gurantee if lala had a job which required her to frequently travel, and melo was at a stationary job he wouldn’t agree to her cheating on him, nor would he agree to let her bring a man into their bedroom.

    2. I am always saying this, I don’t understand how people get into whole relationships with celebs and athletes. They’re the type of people you hit it and quit it with just so you can have a story for the grandkids when they’re older. Men are trash but it’s levels to it, the shit celebs do is just out of this world and unacceptable.

  6. I been said something was off.. every time you see lala she alone.. when they are together they look more like friends just hanging out not husband & wife

  7. I used to party at the clubs with Mia all the time. We’re both from Chicago. It’s been a while though, didn’t know she had a baby —- let alone that Carmelo’s alleged baby is by her. SMALLLLLL WORLDDDDDD!

  8. He probably would die if LaLa dated again…but I always felt like she was too much for him…she seemed more mature and more worldly than him.

  9. I was JUST about to say that!!! thank you!! I dont even like sharing my food let alone a man smdh!!!!!

  10. Hell, I am tripping on the part where ole girl said she, Maino and the kids are a family. Honey, if that’s a family, he would had married you first, then procreated. Not play house, procreated and pretend y’all a family. That’s shacking up! That dude is single and will remained that until he say I do. These women gotta stop and thinking you got kids by these dudes, it’s going to make them settle down. Better yet, procreating these kids for a check. All in the same breath wanting the same dudes to help out with these check babies! Hell, I don’t blame these dudes! I got one and only one! I am good!

    1. Then they get upset, when he moves on the next one and gets her pregnant. Just get the Sister Wives Orientation packet ready.

  11. Didn’t Kevin Garnett say LaLa tasted ike Honey-nut Cheerios🍯🥜🥣

  12. i know I couldn’t forgive my husband if he got another woman pregnant… Break baby or not to me it’s unforgivable.

  13. This is a mess but when you messy thats what happens. Reminds me of that song with Lyfe Jennings & Fantasia.

  14. When a man say he want a baby and his wife doesn’t oblige, he normally gets one…1 way or another but they can always work it out and b a family again.

  15. A mess. I don’t think it’s right that Lala started fooling around or who she chose to fool around with. But if she was hearing the rumors about Melo cheating and I am sure the rumors of a possible baby, when it did happen, she was probably over it. I don’t know, maybe cheating in revenge. Either way, say what they want Lala DIDN’T bring back a child… Melo did. A constant reminder. That’s a a tough one man. I can’t even began to imagine.

  16. Doesn’t Suga J have a daughter with Nessa?…the one who was boo’d up with Meek Mill? Wow. These love triangles are crazy! Cute baby, tho.

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