May 22, 2022

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83 thoughts on “Miami Mansion Party The Aftermath Part 2 of 2

    1. Thank you girl I was trying to figure out who that was! Makes sense coz they had some serious chemistry in the ‘Back in one piece’ video. It’s very obvious.

      This all makes sense and explains the ‘Drinks Champs’ interview with Fab looking the way he did lol

      As for X, it’s sad coz he has God in his heart but the demons in the industry really got the best of him. Seems like it’s the Devils playground, he has to pick a side, you can’t serve 2 Gods. He needs to pick the light and stick with it

  1. Thanks G! You are forever hitting them out of the park! #salute
    “VCR” has always been a dope artist to me. He’s genuine which is rare – he can rap and pray and you know both come from a sincere place. I’m always rooting for him

  2. If VCR is who I think, i remember him getting arrested at a certain producer’s mansion in Florida… whoa….

  3. This teaaaaaaaa. I just woke up and decided to check for more tea lol. Damn I love this blog, y’all still hiring lol

  4. DMX was sooooo fine in Belly….and he does seem like a sweetheart in real life…the industry is so evil!!

  5. *goes to look up lyrics to “what they really want”… I used to be mad my name wasn’t on the list lol

  6. This makes me happy that he had that mindset and was able to give you some good words of advice. I’m going to listen to the first “alphabet bitches” song ever😂

  7. Thanks for this. “R” has always been amazing I believe that’s why he struggles because an angel doesn’t belong in the devils playground . I still pray for him . One of my favorites .
    As for those parties “HE” throws always had that crazy rep. Lol 50 cent caught that funny shit on drink champs 😩. kept asking Fab to “party” with him lol

      1. He did ask 50 to take him shopping in addition to asking Fab to party. He is something else smh.

      2. Yes and when he was on breakfast club he said he thought 50 needed new clothes Ctfu and ctg said but what man takes another man shopping

  8. Gena Underwood- Gabrielle Union ( she always looked easy to me. Met her in person at work last year)
    Nyra Lang- nia Long
    Amanda- Aaliyah ( I always knew she wasn’t as innocent as we always think she was, but I loved her music regardless)
    Sexy- Could be Foxy. I remembered they used to smash
    Annette Balfour- Adrienne Baillon ( she gets around a lot I heard)
    I forgot who Gambino was and too lazy to go back to archives
    What did you mean “blast Look alike”? Diddy throws the same sex orgies all the time??
    Is that why J.lo left him?? Or did she always know that he rolled that way and was using him for come up and agreed to be his beard?
    Also, D.M.X always seemed spiritual and gave good advice but why doesn’t he take his own advice at times? Why does he keep relapsing? I always loved his awards acceptance preachings lol

    1. I always got that from DMX, he had a Tupac vibe. Like they are beyond intelligent and aware of everything. I have always liked DMX and I hope he can overcome.

      1. I hope that he overcomes this as well but it must be something a lot deeper that keeps him walking back into the darkness.

    2. Maybe when you seen and do so much it fucks you up to the point you can’t and when you try somebody always there to remind you of what u did

    3. I’m thinking the Miguel was NOT Diddy… why would Lionel (Lyor Cohen) be making the party appear to be his instead of Diddys? Lyor was the Man back then, with way more money… I’d would have to be somebody bigger than Lyor 🤔

  9. All I want to know is when is he going come out the closet already. LOL isn’t it obvious by now especially after the Fab interview. He’s only fooling himself.

    1. never because he keeps having sex with women also industry turnt out gay is different from you were aleready gay he is gay because of rituals in the industry but both is bad

  10. I feel like saying Diddy/Cassie would be the obvious answer – it does seem like everything you hear and read about him in general. BUT I am going to go out on a limb with this one, it seems like T.I., Lil Wayne are part of the examples, which would lead me to believe the Mogul is Birdman or even Scott Storch. It could just be Storch’s house in general since this time frame was his career was at an all time high. Maybe the female could be Christina Aguilera or Paris Hilton, they worked with Storch extensively in 2006 and I wouldn’t put this past them either. I’m all over the place with this one but I am trying not to go the obvious Diddy route either. Most of the Moguls have these stories of being “friendly” with other men.

    1. But wasn’t Christina popping way before 2006? And she said the girl wasn’t just white or black with a nice body

      1. True for both, but Christina was releasing a new album and Paris Hilton had enough hype that people thought her shit was good. LOL

  11. So if DMX was dropping names he didn’t drop foxy name🙄unless she Carla short for Decarlo🤷🏾‍♀️I’m so lost

  12. Wow & I always loved DMX
    Vcr -dmx
    Bee gee- jay z
    Amanda is Aaliyah
    Gena underwood is gab Union
    Nyra lang is nia long
    Gambino is irv gotti
    Annette balfour is Adrienne Bailon
    Now I’m bout to go listen to that song dmx had where he name all those girls lol what they really want from a nigga lol

  13. Guys, Aaliyah died in 2001… I really think Amanda is Alicia…she had the tomboy vibe so it would have been more of a shock…,

    1. We need an expose on Alicia keys..from the day she came out to the day she got with swizz. I hope G sees this request lol

    2. He didn’t say he took Aaliyah there in 2008 though. Just that he had brought her to that house— which is how he knows where G parties that weekend.

    1. Amanda is aaliyah he said he got with her in his hayday that was 98–00. i wonder how is he now. it crazy how the industry is. i used to want to be apart of it. smh… I love the blog. it confirms all my thoughts lol

  14. Chileeee I have nothing bad to say about X. He gave us hits. Hope he stays healthy and prayed up.

  15. All this suga you giving G and all I can think about is LOENARDO DICAPRIO loving balck women!! Lawd jesus please tell me I have a chance with him or Brad!! Lol

  16. the mogul is likely Baerdmon given the other attendees who were all a part of his label. Since 08 and even now, the label has grown. Baerdmon has made a lot of money

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