August 16, 2022

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129 thoughts on “Miami Mansion Party 2-0-0-8 Part 2

  1. Based on the facts given….Rihanna and T.I had a hit song in 2008, so the story takes place in 2008.

    With that being said Nicki Minaj didn’t have a hit song 2 years prior 2008. Kim K show aired 2007 on “E”..she also never had a hit song, like never lol. However Cassie’s “Me and You” track was a hit 2006. It’s looking like Cassie right now.

    Based on the previous stories about L.A. Reid’s unhealthy obsession with Rihanna, I’d imagine him melting over her in a trench coat and lace panties instead of being feed by a room full of men. Russell Simmons could be the mogul….but I doubt it. I just don’t have enough clues pointing to him. So that leaves Diddy, who’s friends with Lyor, has a rep of literally dogging and humiliating Cassie (G posted YouTube of diddy recording her barking), also Diddy gotta a rep for liking the men’s lol, and throwing epic parties. So my final answer is…..

    Mogul: Diddy
    Girl in Mask: Cassie

    Do I win a prize lol?

  2. This is mos def Diddy’s mansion and Cassie’s initiation. Her hit single in 2006 was Me & U which charted the Billboard 100 that year. She hasn’t been able to get away since. Ryan Leslie must be somewhere shaking his head. She should contact Katie Holmes.

  3. I’m not sure, but I think …. Shorty Will = Lil’ Wayne … Briella = Rihanna … Leandro = Leonardo … B.Y. = T.I. … Lionel = Diddy. IDK !!! Someone help me out, I need to know who’s who LMAO.

  4. & super head must be the one all on shorty’s dick (lil Wayne) wouldn’t let other girls get a chance to suck him off. She talked about how obsessed she was with Wayne in her book & how diddy liked men

  5. Don’t forget Cassie shaved part of her head, those naked pics of her were released and then she was butt naked pretending to have sex with Diddy in one of those commercials right after. If I remember correctly the first time she tried to leave him was when those pics dropped. Matches what G has said before, the elites will do something to remind you who is in charge. She went running back to him.

    1. I didn’t even think of him!!!!!!! Birdman has a mansion n Miami n a mogul DAMN I THINK U ON TO SOMETHING!!!!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱 I THINK THE MAN N THE ROOM IS BIRDMAN!!!!

  6. It definitely has to be Diddy. I think he had a mansion in Miami and we already know he goes both ways. Diddy always seemed like a narcissistic and would have people feeding him. Cassie was probably the woman doing the ritual but where did that get her?

  7. This is some crazy shit !!! Honestly this is mind boggling but this do got Diddy feels all through

  8. I think it was Diddy’s House for sure. We know how he gets down. I “heard” yrs ago that he was the reason Mase left the industry

  9. Omggggg I could read your stories all day! If you had a book I would def buy! But that’s not safe I know that lol but great writing g!

  10. IDOLS BECOME RIVALS. Birdman bought Star Island from Scott Storch in 2004 I believe. Which is why “Shorty Will” was the only person with a phone.

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