August 16, 2022

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29 thoughts on “Season 4 The Truth About The Break-up Of Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon part 2 of 2

  1. Posting the pic was petty of him. If he was willing to show that level of immaturity publicly imagine what she dealt with privately. I’ll never forget Mariah’s interview with Barbara Walters (or Dianne Sawyer???) Where she blurted out in front of him, Nick is mean to me. Even he had to do a double take 😂

    At least he seems remorseful now.

  2. Bad weave job. Back in the day weace wasnt as good. Kims dark black hair is at her shoulders when the long weaved brown hair goes to her waste

  3. When Nicks dad went out of his way to talk about it in a not so indirect way, I thought it was over then. I was right, it was.

  4. That relationship was weird and didnt make sense. He definitely did not love her to go out like that. Wow!

  5. And she’s 100% right bc she is the best singer of our time. Facts! I truly believe Mariah on that one. I’m sorry Madonna can’t compare to Mariah. Maybe JLo, but not Mariah.

  6. I always wondered how/why they even got together- that was so dumb on his end- queen of pop or not, don’t take about ppl u slept with before getting on interviews or anywhere for that matter- if he didn’t show regret or respect her feeling afterwards I feel her decision-

  7. Is it true Mariah Carey albums back in the early days was rigged? Like they doing Cardi B? That was the talk if the town. And even in an episode of Moesha they played that joke Moesha got a computer hacker to fix her grades and he said he worked for Mariah. “I know you don’t think she sold that many albums”.

    Madonna is Queen hands down in mainstream. Janet Jackson is our Queen but she’s more r&b than Pop. Mariah is a Queen but URBAN the mass consumers were not checking for her until she dropped that Emancipation of Mimi album. I don’t care what nobody says that was her biggest and last winning year.

  8. Oh I forgot to add Whitney of course is a Queen and known as America’s sweet heart. We loved Whitney more than Mariah lol she had personality. As for who’s the better singer that’s a personal opinion. Whitney embraced her shame on you Mimi thinking you’re better.

  9. I cannot believe that Nick did this. But then again I can. Nick was NEVER on Mariah’s level and when you marry beneath you, men will do whatever they can to bring you down to their level. Glad she wised up and kicked his trash behind to the curb.

  10. I remember listening to that big boy interview lol .. sounds like he was sick of her shit and wanted her to say it’s done.

  11. The fact that she feels like so many people are Beneath her and she then gets a reality show 🤔 she isn’t the queen of pop yes in her prime she was great but Whitney was better Janet isn’t a singer really but she’s a better dancer/entertainer Madonna is Madonna and Brittney is Brittney bitch 🤷🏾‍♀️

  12. Fuck what ya heard… Mariah lost out when she got the big ego that came with being a “pop Queen”… Nick… He should have played the game smarter if he truly loved her… But Mariah was no prize I’m sorry I’ll pass

  13. Mariah have really lost her damn mind! Shit if wasn’t for Madonna, Whitney, and Janet her half dead looking non Diva ass wouldn’t be on the map if those three celebrities and Tommy Mottola wouldn’t have payed the way for her ungrateful ass!

  14. I’m sorry but getting a divorce just because of an interview speaks volumes…it’s fine to think highly of yourself but she takes it’s way too far. Yeah he was wrong for the interview but he was just speaking his truth. I mean she couldn’t even keep the billionaire, why was that?!

  15. I think Mariah is talented af but her ego kills me. I get the whole wanting your credit- I agree she should get recognized for her legacy- but I hate that she thinks everyone is beneath her. Girl there is room for all of ya’ll to be great 🙄

  16. I know Mariah sounds like a brat, you wouldn’t understand unless you love and understand how Aries women move. Enough said. Aries women don’t ask for much principle wise… Certain things are a BIG NO. I really empathize with her.

  17. If memory serves me correctly he also allegedly had one of his exes in the Condo too, before the divorce was finalized👀

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