May 22, 2022

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43 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Vs Tyson Beckford The Reason’s Why They Shaded each Other

  1. Kim comment was homophobic, I don’t care if she sensitive about her look, if she so sensitive get her look too look better.

  2. Kim would respond to Tyson because he’s a black man and I’m not too sure she did it herself. But let a sista say that to her, she would be quiet as a church mouse. Kim will never come at a sista.. They truly intimidate her.

  3. I don’t understand why it’s such a issue people too sensitive nowadays, I would have said the same thing to his ass. But they said he was gay for a while and after he was seen with karruche that time after her break up with Chris

  4. I’m not a kardashian stan by far but I really feel like people are blowing it out of proportion. In my opinion it’s wrong for a grown man to comment on another mans wife . And like you said she isn’t the first person to say Tyson B goes the other way . Any chick would’ve responded the same way but since it was Kim everyone jumped on the hate train . Have we really become this . Where men can make offensive comments about women and attack the women for defending herself 🤐

    1. Sooo prerty for a man to be commenting like that. That’s what he gets, cant handle a comeback dont come for her.

      1. Exactly . Who cares if she had surgery or not your a whole grown ass man like who does that. He seen an opportunity because he knew it’s Kim everyone would him on the band wagon. That in itself makes him a “sis” lol

    2. I agree about commenting on another man’s wife, because if she was over weight or fat everyone would have Kim’s back.

      1. It still doesn’t make it ok . And a lot of people don’t like them because they are riding a wave .

  5. Stfu Tyson, white women have been wearing wigs and weaves for ages! They just like to call them extensions, they also love them some clip ins. Anywho I could believe that he’s gay… there aren’t rumors from numerous sources for no reason!

    1. Right? He was trying to be funny and cute but came across awkward and dumb. Like boy, you worked in the fashion industry for years but was trying to act like white women wearing weaves was an odd thing? *rolling my eyes at him*

  6. You can’t poke at someone and then get upset when they clap back on you that’s ass backwards. And the simple fact that people label what she said as “homophobic” but yet Tyson has never came out the closet is funny lol that shows people already think/know he gay so might as well quit hiding it. Coming to his defense but instead Forcing him out the closet when he ain’t ready for whatever reason lol

  7. People are so overly sensitive nowadays. That’s why this younger generation is so weak because they’ve been coddled so much that when they don’t get their way “the world is out to get them.” I don’t think Kim was in the wrong at all she didn’t ask for his opinion, but here he go just throwing shade at a woman who didn’t ask for his opinion. I don’t even like Kim all like that but she’s not wrong for defending herself. If you can’t take the heat stay out the damn kitchen!

    1. It’s social media. When you put a picture out there on a public profile, anybody can comment especially if it’s on a blog. You can’t really get mad at anybody’s opinion if they comment and can’t say nobody asked an opinion🤷🏾‍♀️

      1. Exactly, and the ones saying, “No man should ever comment on another man’s wife!” Chile😂 shit happens EVERYDAY ALL DAY but because it’s 2 “celebs” it’s a difference. Bye social world🤣

  8. If he’s gay why not just be gay. I think now a days it’s socially acceptable to be out of the closet. But I did see him with some boys back in the early 2000s in Miami. I’ve got a pic in my archives👹

  9. some days she looks good and some days she looks bad (that obvious looking bad)…we all knw this…i just dont understand why ppl just dont keep scrolling without making a comment…the need to put someone else dwn for a like or share makes me so mad…smh

  10. Back in 2010, I met Tyson when my two homegirls brought me to a nightclub in the Chelsea area of NYC (Ironically called) Mr. West after one of them was invited by her gay male friend. We were the only women in that packed party that night. I just assumed from that day Tyson was at the very least bisexual (shrugs).

  11. OMG her hips are lopsided :O Hey if you don’t like em don’t watch. I personally don’t like how they keep getting rich off black women’s pain (stealing their men) but I feel for Kourtney this season. She was never with the b.s. and her kids don’t get clout because their full white.

  12. Gay or not Tyson is STILL FINE AS HELL🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️and she wanted that dick at one point😵😂

  13. Kardashian Vultures? Black women dont want to be these tricks its the other way around. Kim just pissy because this is probably the first black man that isn’t worshipping her melted plastic body. Who wrote this because I already know G didnt. She doesn’t dick ride or defend these whores.

  14. The other day I was listening to a podcast and one of the hosts had a story about Tyson… apparently back in the day her older sister spotted him at some club with his tongue down somebody’s throat… here’s the link. Go forward to the 1:04:29 mark.
    *Side note* umm, Ali Vegas is a cutie!!!

  15. oh well he commented on her shes allowed to reply back. now if her comment was homophobic i think that’s a reach. if she said something about it being nasty that she thought he was gay then maybe. also i dont understand the comments about her being someones wife. like when has that ever stopped anything. people still say they want to fuck beyonce and shes been with jay how long ?

  16. They’re both so messy.

    He tripping commenting on a woman’s appearance and she being petty because her teenage crush isn’t into her and we all know she doesn’t deal with rejection well.

  17. G, this is of subject but…. do you remember or ever see this video? I can’t find the full video (this isn’t the whole thing) but i remember Cardi B saying something about how the powers that be were trying to have her date somebody but she wasn’t feeling it. I wonder if that somebody was Offset??? I just can’t find that part of the video but i totally remember it!!!

  18. It’s not homophobic if your talking about a down low person. Your not making fun of him because they’re gay. Your making fun that they are hiding their true self.

    1. Y’all are missing it completely as usual…the problem is she used him being gay as a derogatory statement…as if to say that being gay us a negative…she could’ve cane from every other angle but the homo angle to clap back…like his failing ass career and still sounded somewhat sassy…

  19. I think Kim and Giselle are compared often solely off fame status Beyonce the most famous woman alive Kim is close behind

  20. If Tyson Beckford is swimming in the Man Pond…. he ain’t swimming alone….. (some of your favorite rappers moguls athletes singers actors directors etc are taking laps as well) 😎

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