October 1, 2022

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18 thoughts on “Lyor Cohen Says Opioids Run Rampant in Hip Hop

  1. Lyor: I just wish you guys were on youtube

    Breakfast Club: we are on youtube!

    Smfh… the powers that be are going to do everything they can to try and make youtube the new streaming music platform. They’re gonna try and knock spotify, tidal, and the rest of them outta here. Considering the fact that google owns them, they def have the $$ and means to do so!

  2. This interview really screamed awkwardness and choosing your words wisely but they were still trying to play it cool and play it off like as if the man doesn’t have the power to end their show with the snap of a finger. Plus he was rude and spoke like he knows he can say what he wants with no repercussions smh

    1. My thoughts exactly . Very condescending. Like your parents when they say they are talking to you but really talking AT you smh .

  3. I dont even want to watch the interview, everyone involved annoy me 🙄 But I’ll still read the article and talk my shit in the comment section 😂

  4. This was terribly awkward but I noticed Lyor stated they reached out to him for the interview. I can understand learning his history with hip hop for the kids who don’t know but outside of that it seemed strange. Especially when Envy and Charlamagne called him out on not knowing Dame 👀👀👀.

  5. I listened to it while cooking dinner and I felt so dirty from Lyors satanic energy I had to take a spiritual bath and cleanse myself after. The way he kept down talking them like oh son you don’t know who that is, you’re too young. I felt sick I didn’t even finish watching it. I am praying for Queen Naija because Liar Conman was a little too heavy with the praise for her.

  6. Can someone explain to me how Liar got to where he is now? Who did he know in the industry that got him his first gig? Men in his position rarely work their way up to that role, it’s mainly nepotism that gives them the upper-hand. I just want to know how he got to where he is now?

    1. He explains in the video but tries to play it off a bit but basically he bankrolled a bunch of up and coming artists to perform for a party, made money off it and got in by being in on the ground floor with some of the acts we all know as legends today. But he comes from a rich family don’t let his bs in the video fool you. Read the comments on the video a few people explain his background. It’s easy to climb the ladder in entertainment when you come from a rich Israeli family who was in banking and your step daddy was a movie producer.

  7. Lyor is slick and thinks he’s even slicker. It’s sad when DJ Envy is asking the tough questions….He talked truth and avoided facts tho.

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