October 6, 2022

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60 thoughts on “The Real Reason Celebrities Are Not Contributing To Melyssa Ford’s Go Fund Me

  1. Well good for her. If you have to sell your soul the money isn’t worth it. IDC how much it is. Hopefully, once she recovers she’ll get back on her feet.

  2. Question… So is it safe to say that Super head is part of the elite because she sure said some foul shit against Melyssa. I hope Melyssa heals quickly and is protected from the evil shit.

    1. Karrine? lmao Hell no she just hates Melyssa her and Melyssa hate each other. I was with Melyssa the only night I think her and Karrine was in the same club and trust me Melyssa is not a fighter and she was like Keep that chick away from me lol

      1. Hello Mr. Clark,
        First of, I wish Melyssa the best… she seems like a beautiful soul (Melyssa, we love you… Godspeed).
        I also want you to let Gina know that we love her and appreciate her dedication to enlighten some of us. She made me realize that the majority of successful people and some I admire have sold their sold. I didn’t want to believe that people like LJames, Drizzy, Giselle, Mrs. “you get a car, you, you, you get a car” and so many more I won’t cite where not who I thought they were. I am now questioning everything especially in politics. Now, I would say even if I love the sugar and all I’d rather know she’s safe. Please tell her to be careful and we love her and she has to be her priority.
        Thank you.
        (Sorry it was long).

      2. Lmfao I could see her leaping across the VIP trying to pounce on her. What was ever up with that video or Gloria Velez and Melyssa ford in the sisqo video going into his hotel room? That video was never addressed.

    2. I think she is. She’s smashed some big names and some even more powerful men behind the scenes to stay rich and powerful. I’m surprised they would punish Melyssa for what she said but be down to protect Karrine when she’s known to spill tea if pushed regardless of who you are.

  3. Yeah people were pretty foul to her, but I also felt that the publicness of the go fund me might have also scared people off. In my opinion the majority of the people donating would be men, I could be wrong and most of these men are not going to put themselves in a position where they have to explain to their significant others why they are helping her.

  4. The same Melissa that bragged on Hollywood Unlocked about attending a $75k Hollywood Sex party? She must’ve attended with her Bible…..

    She’s beautiful to look at but she seems bland on Hollywood U blocked & remember she hosted a TV show on BET with Treach, she was very bland personality wise.

    1. I think the same people she work with on Hollywood unlocked had something to do with her car crash. Hollywood unlocked is control by the elites. She should have never got close with those poeple. The report only what the elites want them to. They try to sacrifice her for more success in business. I hope she have a family who loves and cares for her. During this hard time in her life. She need her family and real friends not fake friends.

    2. @tajbe23 that was a problem you see they invited Melyssa but from what she said she didn’t do anything then she went on the radio show and blabbed it

  5. I definitely think Karrine sold her soul and praises Lucifer… look how she still being taken care of and only released certain names… she probably gets the okay to humiliate certain people.

  6. This poor woman. I don’t know much about her but from what I have heard she seems like she has a good head on her shoulders. So sad that everyone turned their back on her. I saw people on ig saying she deserved to be in the accident! Disgusting.

  7. I’m still confused about her. She puts me in the mindset of an Ashanti. I still can’t decide if Ashanti is down. Speaking of her, any tea on her?

      1. @teasipper7 You are right she has not. I hope she doesn’t at this point. She needs to do like Mya and just go overseas and keep putting out music and touring

  8. i didn’t know about the Go Fund Me until I read it on Spill the Sugar but not surprised. What would surprise me is if Melyssa would be worth 2 million. Her or any of them from that era who didn’t turn it into another business for themselves. Melyssa is in her 40s now, on Hollywood Unlocked, and now have to recover from a near fatal accident. Her funds have always been questioned, always. Because people assume these women live a certain lifestyle but they don’t. She used to date FloRida ( ughhh) and some others but thankful Social Media wasn’t a big thing back in her heyday. I wish her well because she has a good heart.

  9. I thought she was doing well for herself. If I’m not mistaken, years ago I saw a reality show where she was working with a celeb matchmaker. She was reportedly in the real estate business at the time.

  10. Sometimes things like this happen for a reason, if she is a child of God then she can’t continue in a Satanic industry especially due to the fact that she knows it’s Satanic. She has to take a different path.

    1. L85 right she believe in Jesus Christ and she is a child of God. then she can’t stay in a Satanic industry. What I don’t understand is she had a net worth of 2 million years ago. That was the time for her to leave the industry. She should have clean out her bank account and disappear and live a secret life. She is a smart women is can find her way out. I think she wants it both ways but she can’t have it boths. She want the money and fame but dont want to sell out. Can’t worship Jesus and work in a industry full of devil worshippers. Can’t be holy in spirit and befriend the devil’s children. This is a woke up call for her. She need to disappear and leave the industry for good.

      1. She pretty much went broke when she left the industry that is why she tried to get into real estate but it flopped

  11. It always hurts to learn ppl to don’t guve a F. But the great news is she has a relationship w God which brings internal peace she has more then them. “To gain the world and lose your soul” so not worth it. She will be more then ok

  12. Glad she never sold out everyone doesn’t even make it after you do it’s always a catch 22. May she recover fully and keep her faith.

  13. I thought she was broke bc it was before ppl were making real money in the industry but what you said definitely makes sense- hope she recovers at Godspeed-

  14. I want a more in depth explanation as to why Floyd mayweather has not helped and why Jason has not put him on blast – if he’s so close to both I can’t see how mellisa can still be friends with Jason. Jason literally brags every show about how much Floyd spends so it has to be awkward for him to see how Melissa is doing if they are real friends! I thought Jason would of started her go fund and give updates but I’ve noticed he pretty silent and Claudia has stepped up a lot. I’m assuming she’s not friends with Floyd anymore. My 2 questions: Why aren’t they friends? Why hasn’t Floyd paid the tab?

    1. Lmao1217 there is no real friends in Hollywood. Floyd don’t care about nobody buy himself and his money. Everybody who is close to Floyd or work for him is in the illuminate. The elites have told them not to help her, if they do they will be punished for it. Floyd don’t won’t no problems with the powers that be. They have a lot of dirt on him. He will give her the money if he could with out suffering for it. Jason is Floyd bitch he is a snake and he can’t be trusted.

  15. I just don’t understand all of this. How is it that people that are worshipping anybody besides God are being so blessed? Yet the people that are worshipping God and doing what they are suppose to be doing are not having so much success. The more I read in these celebs the more I don’t get it. I know money and power is the answer but God has to be displeased and take things in his own hands. What am I missing?

    1. I think you’re looking at it the wrong way. Money is the root of all evil. You can’t take it with you when you die. It may seem like people who don’t follow or believe in God are (blessed) Thats what the devil want you to think. Everything on this earth is temporarily. You reap what you sow. Success is not define by money. You can be success when a happy family, job, and a house. I’ve learn not to look at others lives. We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. When our time is up we all have to face our maker.

      1. I’m not talking about regular people I’m talking about this industry. With all this elite that and this it looks like the people that worship these elites are doing great and very successful. Beyonce is on top of the world for years. No other female singer has even came close to her success. So how is this so possible? I get she may not be happy or pretends to be happy but her level of fame hasn’t been touched, damage, or destroyed. Just seem crazy to me….

    2. I believe no matter who you are, everything always comes to a end. For some, it may take years but nothing never last forever. We may not see it personally. They may be on top and have the success that they do but there’s always a price to pay. It is sad that people who wants to do the right thing get shut out.

  16. Why is it that when a regular person needs help he world says you’re grown nobody’s obligated. But when it’s a celebrity who lives a high class lifestyle the world gives their last dollar?

    Now I like Melyssa Ford and yes as a teen I would watch her mag covers and wish to have an ass like that. But you can’t call out a celebrity who doesn’t wanna help when nobody helped them but maybe their mama. It’s their money and santanic or not Melyssa wasn’t feeding these ppl when they was homeless. Now if they were then I’ll humbly apologize.

    There’s tons of millionaires who haven’t sold out because they have their own businesses. Melyssa needs to get a mortgage or better yet one of her lower class celeb friends and start a business. Like a clothing boutique to pay the bills and medical expenses. Modelling does not last forever. I said the same thing about Tboz and Chilli. When Hollyweird dries out get a business degree and put it to use. Your face is the marketing that can easily generate millions. If YouTubers can do it so can Melyssa. Better yet Melyssa needs a YouTube and Pateron account.

      1. What does that mean? I’m being genuine one thing I can ONLY give Giselle is she takes care of her family the hell with everyone else. Can’t really get mad at that. Once you get semi famous it’s so many customers at your fingers you just gotta know how to play it. There’s big money out of Hollywood too.

  17. I hope she has a full and speedy recovery physically and mentally. Even prior to her accident I followed Melyissa on IG and Hollywood Unlocked; I fell that she is genuine and very spiritual sound, so I know she’ll be back and better than before. Going though rough times can reveal who you truly are, as well as expose the true hearts and intentions of those who have labeled themselves as being for you. Time tells it all, and I hope she using time to be strengthened and fully heal. Be well.

  18. When she was on the east coast she used to go to my gym. She was nice, everyone liked her. I always thought she was a real estate agent because of that reality show she was on. I’m still shocked at how that accident happened. It’s an accident that’s not an accident. She needs to come back East or go back to Canada and leave Hollywood alone.

  19. If she’s strong in her faith, then she has NO worry. It doesn’t matter what “celebrity” did or did not help out. Those medical bills will get paid and have her scratching her head wondering, “how?”

  20. G, can you touch base on Demi again? They are sending her to rehab , does that mean she will be reprogrammed and put back under a handler ?

  21. Man I Kno someone who has grew to have almost 500k following (been deleted several times since) at one point before any “great ig success” said that he’d be willing to sell his soul for fame. Smdh

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