September 29, 2022

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64 thoughts on “The Truth About Nickelodeon Firing Dan Schneider

    1. Just google him I never watched any of those shows thays why i dont him but its fucked up that they let a pedo side even woth the the evidence they have on its just really sad what you got to go through just yo be broke famous but live comfortably 😢

    1. These parents are crazy and evil. They will sell out their own children for fame and money. What a sick world we live in. Prayers for the children that was destroy by this evil man and Hollywood. Sad😓

      1. yup their parents are every bit responsible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! look at Shia labouf whats fucked is they will let their children go I castings without supervising them knowing full and damn well its their legal right to accompany child but want ta safety blanket and act like well “i didn’t noe this was happening” disgusting! grown adults feesing lambs to the wolves

    2. Just google his name along with Reddit and a lot of discussions pop up. That’s how I became familiar with him awhile back.

  1. I’ve hear about this awhile back about him being baby daddy. I’m sure a NDA was signed along with a fat check. He fucked up Amanda Bynes. The crazy thing he just got let go too damn late.

  2. the more I hear and read the more I wonder how these people are allowed to walk this earth. Can you explain the connection with Kid Cudi and Amanda Bynes. Was he part of the reason she started waking up and rebelling against them? It hurt my heart when she was going through her downfall. Nothing seemed right about that whole situation, one bit. They start to rebel, the elite go after them and then all of a sudden they are bipolar. bipolar always seems to be the diagnosis.

  3. Damn that is both sick & sad smh…I remember when I was little wanting to be on those shows so badly…Thank goodness my mom was overprotective…A bit off topic but do you think Camilla Cabello is down with the elites? Her leaving 5th harmony seemed to come out of left field…some of hee recent posts are making me pause 🤔

  4. Hope G is ok. Tell her dont let these people get to her.

    Question… you think the lid will eventually be blown on all of this crap that has happened or is happening to these child stars?

    1. Truly Naya, I have been involved in the entertainment industry on many facets for many years. I am a old head I am 42 so I been around much longer than your faithful leader G However, I will say this there is way too much money involved. You see people like Corey Feldman and Gary Coleman and other children speak ill of the industry and as long as these parents keep allowing it I can’t see anything getting done about it ….. Heaven Clark

  5. It’s a lot of info even when you google both their names “Jamie” and the other names mentioned … it gets crazy

  6. G, stay safe and I’m sending you protection and healing vibes your way. Also this dude is a straight up pedi….fucking gross. I feel for those child stars. They didn’t deserve that.

  7. Yes, most definitely crazy! Remember Macaulay Culkin said this goes on in the industry. Even said they make shoes out of human skin and offer the kids drugs. Corey Feldman called this an said it was gonna come to light an what do ya know a few months later poof!!! G do you believe that to be some truth about the skin?? I do if they capable of all the rituals an ish…smdh!!!

    1. I hate to say it but Corey is a fraud. I’m not not denying his experience. However, his intentions now aren’t pure.

      1. This is true. He keeps up a looming threat of exposure to secure money he was promised for his silence.

  8. OMG…now I remember my kids watching some of these shows and they’d have weird “feet” segments… disgusting.

  9. Hope your alright G, this shit ain’t worth putting your life at risk. for a dollar? we get it now. Don’t know you personally but I would hate to read about some mysterious shit happening to you. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the tea, however you really do need to way up your priorities. Stay safe. X

  10. I’m glad you have the courage to bring this to light, hopefully your voice will encourage others and make a difference

  11. I remember reading stories about him on about 2 years ago. Smfh disgusting. These poor kids losing their innocence for fame.

  12. 1. G I’ve been prayin for ya girlfriend.. stay safe…
    2. I’d love to hear more about Amanda Bynes
    3. Corey Feldman has always said this shot about the industry and I worry for his safety. It’s so damn sad. I just can’t believe this kind of sick shit goes on. My eyes have been opened and I don’t like what I see

  13. I’ve never really liked a lot of the Nicolodeon shows like iCarly, j always felt like there was something extremely creepy about them and reading this it all makes sense. I hated the foot segments and I was always uncomfortable watching the shows so I decided not too. Looks like I made a great choice 😖

  14. I remember he was an actor on a show I watched back in the days, “Head of the Class”. Crazy what he became! I hope you’re ok G. I can only imagine the backlash you’re gettin with all these bombs your dropping. We appreciate what you’re doing. Please be safe.

    1. Chile, you and I both are old. I remember Head if The Class. Came in ABC on Wednesdays at 8:00 pm. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. This is a long time coming. They parted ways now because of all the top names going down like Weinstein. It’s truly sad how much is out there about what he’s done, along with the rumor about him and Jamie Lynn. Goes to show you that if you’re making them rich you can get away with anything. He’s disgusting and his type never got girls back in the day so he preyed on them in his seat of power. Go to hell you fat non acting muthafucka!!

  16. I saw the post on IG, I hope that G stays safe. We love u guys. This is crazy information, now heading to reddit!!!

  17. So sad that they prey on young children. That’s disgusting that he had a relationship with them. So is Jamie’s child father not known or do they just say it’s someone else that was actually around her age ? If these parents know about this and still send their children into the lions den just for fame hell is waiting for them as we speak.

  18. That is some sickening shit if its true!! All that money he could’ve bought a pretty woman, not taken advantage of young girls. I don’t get why pedophilia is a big thing in that world. That’s just nasty!!!

  19. Does this go for the ladies from All That from the first season as well? They switched the cast members up so much back then. He’s pure fkn creep fat bitch

    1. Unfortunately, yes. One of them, Angelique Bates came out and reported she was abused for a few years until CPS was called and then the adults pressured her to stay quiet.

  20. That is so sad… what kind of parents will let there children’s work in that kind of environment. Money is the root of all evil. As parents, we are suppose to protect our children. So sad

  21. First and foremost, Thank God! Second, Heaven you did a wonderful job. And Third, G, the blood of Jesus will covered from head to toe. “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper!” Isiah 54:17. Protect yourself and I ❤ you!

  22. It’s so crazy because now having all this inside info…it all makes sense. The breakdowns…and just odd behaviors from all the stars throughout the years.

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