October 6, 2022

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30 thoughts on “PR Diaries

  1. This sounds about right, Micheal had and loved all the ladies … that Joe Jackson tea is spicy

  2. I remember hearing the story on Miki Howard and MJ or Joe she called the TJMS radio one moring when they asked her about it she got mad and started ranting about why no one was asking about her music instead of her son she still wouldn’t confirm …

  3. Well Mike’s song Billie Jean makes sense to me! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 But Brandon do look and sound like Mike. I ain’t going to lie. I love me an older distuguish man damn self!

  4. Diana has to be the worst narcissist to ever pick up a microphone and set foot in front of a camera.

    1. Good ole Giselle is giving her a run for her money. They say Diana went to Florence Ballard funeral rolling around on the floor screaming and shouting. “It’s like she couldn’t like Florence have her moment even in death” a tell book says. Let’s see how Giselle acts with Michelle or Kelly when the time comes (hopefully old age).

  5. Prince is too damn feminine for me but he always pulled a beautiful woman. When I think about the fact that many women are secretly attracted to other women it makes a lot of sense. It’s like a woman with real dick. Women are naturally more sensual. I know he’s attracted to and has had sex with women but I’m almost sure he’s had relations with a another man before.

  6. Gina, is Miki a “kept” woman by someone now?? I recall reading somewhere on IG that, back in the day, she was being kept by some industry folks. I’m just wondering if that’s still the case?

  7. I love hearing stories during those time. G are you going to do a full sugar on Michael Jackson and Prince? With Prince, i want to know the whole situation with his child that died. Something when him and his wife (at the time) went on Oprah to say there baby was fine but His ex wife said there baby was already dead.

  8. I remember hearing the brothers as well as Joe sharing women or goupies when they were on tour. Jill Jones was probably one of the few women had in his harem back them that could actually sing.

  9. smh. I heard back in the day that another reason Michael and Prince fell out was because he thought that Prince kept sending telepathic messages to his monkey Bubbles. Smh. I said to myself that Michael was really something else. He also killed like forty cows in Africa ( or some other exotic location) as sacrifices to remove the dark forces off of him.

  10. I’m just happy to know that Michael was getting it in back in the days. I always thought that he was sexually awkward but Im glad to know I was wrong.

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