October 6, 2022

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22 thoughts on “ICYDK Presents : Khloe Kardashian & Tristan Thompson TRAPPED

  1. Knowing this makes me feel like it won’t last long… Unless she keeps forgiving him like Giselle forgives Jay Z…😂😂😂

  2. Ctfuu if she keeps getting hurt that’s what she gets. If he keeps cheating and he doesn’t get caught and they hide it like jay & bey did more power to them. I think it’s hilar he hit jordy up I’m glad she didn’t take the bait.

  3. One Pisces (Tristan) and two Cancers (Jordan & Khloë) who shall he chose? At least Ms.Tracey was on the money! And the funny part is somebody is going to spill everything but it is the least person they would expect. 😂

  4. I don’t feel bad for either one of them, Khole use to hate Scott for being a cheater and went as far as not having a relationship with him, plus she was rude every time he was around. May she now understand what she put her sister through, but the public will the savages pulling their love life apart. They will break up when she’s had enough of his cheating because he is reckless he will get caught again

  5. I dont feel sorry for him or any of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. They pick the same type of men, rappers and ballers and then get mad because the soul food they learn how to cook and the blow up lips and asses wont keep them faithful. With the exception of Kourtney ( her stupidity is different) the rest know better so there’s no sympathy.

  6. What did she think? The guy isn’t 30, is a millionaire and a very immature one who can literally have any girl he wants. What did she think? It especially is inconceivable to me that she allowed herself to become a baby mama by him because out of all the sisters she’s always seemed to be the brightest and most reasonable of the bunch. Oh Well, I just hope they can work something out for the the kid and…and I hope she finds Mr. Right.

  7. All the plastic surgery in the world won’t cure that insecurity and low self esteem 🤦🏾‍♀️ Now she sitting there trying to hold it together and pretend like everything is perfect. I knew he wasn’t she the way she kept trying to force their relationship down everyone’s throats when they first started dating plus Tristan is Jamaican it’s in his nature to be a man whore

  8. This relationship may not last by the end of year. He clearly is a Fuck Boy who can’t get his shit together. SMH… Khloe has to figure why she keeps attracting loser and maybe change her outlook on what she wants and go for who would be best for her?

  9. Funny you say this because my first thoughts when the pics came out was that he wanted to get caught so she would dump him and he’d be free. Just like Ashton did to get away from Demi Moore.

  10. Thanks for sharing G. I know at one point they weren’t together & Khloe had another house in Cleveland that she & the baby lived at & definitely weren’t together. I see that Trimester Tristan dropped out of couple’s therapy. I just don’t know if he was trying to get the James Harden exposure or pretend to appear to be a “good guy” when there’s women everywhere!

    1. If Tristan wanted to leave there isn’t a soul that would make him stay, not Khloe or that child men and women live relationships everyday.

  11. She really knows how to choice them honeyy… She completely lie to the world on the show that she couldn’t have children… I wonder why she Tristan was the one she has the child with.?.?. She will continue to go through hell with him… Just like she when to hell to get him…

  12. I am curious as to how Jordy feels towards Tristan? I know you mentioned that they split up before he moved into Khloe but I wonder if she still had feelings for him as she watched him move on. And if she did, I wonder if she felt relieved that it didn’t work out between them. I like how lowkey she is. She doesn’t draw unnecessary attention to herself.

  13. Sorry to say, but I feel she’s going to end him the way she was supposed to do to Lamar. You see Lamar ass ran all the way to China and I do not find that to be Coincidence. Tristan better watch himself.

  14. Exactly. Someone doesn’t take you back unless you ask,beg, and plead for them to do so. He wants to be in that mess.

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