May 22, 2022

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17 thoughts on “ICYDK Presents : Jay-Z, Giselle Knowles, Gwyneth Paltrow in……. “Who’s Becky??”

  1. Thanks for sharing G! It makes sense for Gwyn to give”conscious uncoupling” advice to Giselle. It did seem strange for Gwyn to be close enough to watch Blue and suddenly Giselle was no longer seen with her.

  2. Bey is stuck on jay because he got her so young.. that’s def a form of mind control.. I can’t stand that nappy camel 🐫

  3. Whew chilee the bodily fluids 😷😹 that underground sex party shit is so disgusting. I’ll never share my partner willingly then again I’m not apart of this crazy industry. Anywho this is some good tea. These celebs be some freaks. 😩😂 I wonder why she would go move in with Gwen before her family though. I mean I know you said they were close but idk you said she was or might’ve been one of her handlers before so that may be why.

    1. I wa thinking same thing why move in her or anybody for that matter? You ain’t struggle sis get you peaceful spot and chill get your thoughts together 🤷🏽‍♀️

  4. Chile anybody can see this a mile away. Now Giselle you did this to Savannah now Gwenth is your karma. I believe all Hollywood chicks smile in your face and freak your husband for career boosts or just plain sex. Men vice versa with the wives. Sodam and Gomorrah ain’t so natural like Amber Rose be trying to support lol. Nice sugar this morning.

  5. (This is separate from this topic) I know it has been mentioned that when Jay Z is deactivated, Drake may take over but is Diddy ever going to be deactivated?

  6. Jay got this woman so young. She is scared of the unknown or what is like to be without him. He has fucked up her thinking. All she knows is him. It really sucks, I’m sure there are so many men who would like to hook up with Giselle.

  7. Thanks for sharing. A few pics with Jay & Gwen were suspicious but I just can’t for the life of me see how Giselle wants to try to make things work so much with him after all the cheating he has done before they were married, after being married, after the kids, after the vow renewal ceremonies etc.

  8. Pretty much she’s been with Jay for sooooo long pretty much he is all she knows. So basically he can have the woman and her but he won’t allow Beyonce to be with other men. Why even bother being apart of that life?

  9. G, If his deactivation has begun then why stay? I mean I know you’ve said she has insecurity issues and he got her where she is now, but she is idolized by so many and jay is no longer needed as her handler.

  10. Jay legit has no type 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 damn so Bey can’t keep friends BC jay will smash or attempt to smash? Lmao that is so messed up. 😭.

  11. I believe she broke programming already. That’s why she’s so off on this tour. Something happened that broke the fierceness of Sasha and has Giselle very present. I think she’s about to finally leave him. It will just take 2/3 more years. I see her pulling a Tina Turner What’s Love Got to do with It.

  12. They met before that- they were giselle and Jays wedding too-
    They got close around the time Coldplay and Jay made music together I think- that was like mid 2000’s

  13. Honestly, I really do not care nor feel sorry for Beyonce whatsoever… I always thought that she went both ways though…but can we get some teas on Brad pitt? I am extremely tired of the same stories on the same people…(Beyonce, Drake, Cardi, Nicki etc)

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