August 16, 2022

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48 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes For 7/26/18 The Sugar Behind Today’s Hottest Stories

  1. Why are they saying it was Meth not Heroin… like it makes it better…. can you drop some Demi tea or Jonas Brothers tea… even Wilmer Valdarama tea?!

    Erica Mena is a joke… bye girl.

    Poor Kelly, makes me wonder what is really going in with Michelle going to rehab.

    IS cardi going to get kicked to the curb yet…

  2. . I’m proud of Draya’s progression from BBWLA, that’s how u do it, whether the movie is good or not I’m gna support & I know them old haha at BBW are jealous.

    So you mean to tell me when Cardi made that post even Atlantic was finding out the sametime as the rest of us??!! I’d love more tea on her hiatus and how it will affect her career.

    Kelly could be doing so much more independently, find some dope producers and put her in album out.

  3. I thought with Kelly’s latest sacrifice she would be getting more deals. If not for music some tv hosting or something.

  4. That’s messed up if Atlantic is upset I don’t think Cardi was realistic after she gave birth. Going back to work is hard but also your breasts leak, she’d have to be in shape, walk around stage, she wouldn’t get to have her baby as much. Six weeks was definitely not enough time.

  5. Ok from the bottom up Kelly has always been the most genuine,talented and beautiful out of the both of them. I would love to see the original members for just ONE song at least. Sorry Michelle
    Cardi was an idiot for getting pregnant at the height of her career..the industry is fickle and always looking for the next best thing. She better figure it out quick
    ..I have nothing, wish her the best

  6. I Hate colorism and what some of my darker skinned sisters have to go through. It’s not fair! Kelly is SUPER talented and deserves the same respect as Giselle.

  7. I never got into the depth of what demi was going through whatever it is hope she overcomes. What I will say is I see people comparing her and Whitney saying whit was called a crackhead and Demi gets called a lost soul. Totally agree black people are always made to look worse than their white counterparts when things of this nature take place. That’s why we always have to make sure the facts are straight and stick up for each other.

    I like draya she’s doin her thing. She bossed up became friends with the right people to get some connections. Doesn’t have a tainted business name right now like erica. That’s why she’s hating she could’ve done the same. If she has a drug problem hopefully she gets help.

    Cardi ehh….

    Kelly I’m so sad for her in this situation. She’s gorgeous no matter what complexion. It’s sad that we even still have these convos in 2018. That record label is shitty for that. It’s not her fault about Beyonce. If kelly is like her fam though why would she be so selfish to not agree. Michelle did good when she brought them out during her Coachella set. I’m sure she can do good for one more tour. It seems like bey maybe doesn’t want it to overshadow her solo work. I kinda figured she was annoyed with Michelle though she’s such a perfectionist ass robot. I mean I can get why you would want to give your fans the best but I don’t think it would even be the same w/o Michelle.

  8. What do you think is gonna happen with Normani from Fifth Harmony? People are expecting her to be groomed as Beyoncè replacement so for her be darkskin and expected to be superstar Beyonce replacement who is light skin wouldn’t that be a table turning shock?

    1. They might make sure she’s “conveniently” diagnosed with a skin disease (Remember… Michael?)… and she’ll eventually have the “color that sells”or they’ll make sure she’s by all means appealing to white america first. What a sick world we live in…Smh. Most of the time it seems like they don’t want us to positively remember our greatest.

  9. Better question, what’s wrong with nappy hair? According to it’s definition 💁 love yourself first fuck what the next trippn on.

    Ummm…Missy Elliot!

    1. If black people only knew who they really are.
      Kendrick Lamar song FEAR will tell u why the industry and the world is the way it is.

  10. Thanks G for the info on Kelly and Michelle. I used to be a die hard fan of Destiny Child back in the day.

    I had trust issues with Giselle when they went solo and it seemed like whenever Kelly would go drop a solo single Giselle would drop her single shortly after (within days) it was like she was afraid to let Kelly shine. Not cool. I remember thinking “What in the insecurity is going on?” Like who hates Kelly?

    In regards to Michelle, Giselle cares about what other people think too much. Michelle fits perfectly in the group she balances it out. The people with the poor Michelle memes were childish and just playing.

    Last but not least thank you G for addressing colorism. As a dark skinned woman I hurt for the little girls coming up because I remember how difficult the teasing could be growing up. To see the ignorance still perpetuating in 2018 is baffling. I still get asked how my hair got curly or when straighten if it’s weave. People are still referencing the term “good hair” and it’s dumb not to appreciate all hair textures and skin colors by now. There’s too much information out there. We’re hurting each other out of ignorance.

    1. Agree with this. I think Kelly made a mistake of putting Giselle and her family on a pedestal for ‘taking her in’. The truth is no matter how fucked up your blood family is, never put them down for another, blood is blood. Her being part of their family benefited them and their child, it wasn’t necessarily out of love. Kelly has gained confidence now, but back in DC, she wasn’t confident at all, everything was about Giselle, she got the best of everything, Giselle had creative control over everything and who was making those decisions? Giselle and her family, including her Ms Tina. Kelly always seems way to grateful to them and I think subconsciously she held herself back, like a victim whose been brainwashed into knowing their place. She can never be first that’s Giselles position.

      Music wise, I thinks Kelly isn’t that confident about her shit, that is the key thing missing. I don’t care what anyone says, Giselle is yet to make a classic album, her songs are ok, but she’s confident in her talent and ability to sell a song through her visuals, she works very hard. They had the same training, Kelly needs to be confident in knowing that she can do the same, put the same amount of work into it. Her lack of success is definitely a mental thing, it’s a self worth issue.

      1. You’re right confidence definitely sells. Giselle’s “Check Up On It” is an example of the hype she receives over minimal effort. She has made it known in more ways than one that it’s all about her.

      2. Exactly Kelly talked about Tina being her mom but we never knew who her real mom was nor what she looked like until she DIED. I will never respect her for that. But yes Giselle and her family are the light skin creoles and Kelly is the dark skin step child who’s the maid. Only thing that tops Giselle is Gwenth Palthrow and of course she’s blonde hair blue eyes and royalty. So it’s a hierarchy we all know this. I’ll never put myself second that’s the only thing my grandmother told me. Take care of #1.

      3. You are absolutely correct. The Knowles only took Kelly in when it benefitted them. Before that, Kelly was living with Andretta Tillman because the Knowles didn’t want her. Once they got the record deal then they moved her in. I think the Knowles have a lot of family secrets and it’s a matter of time all of their fictions story telling is revealed. I believe Kelly sacrificed her mother but it only benefited Giselle. It was like a Jennifer Hudson situation where they sacrifice the most only to gain the least.

  11. Here is my 2 cents about kelly, she puts out an album, and a hot single, and follow up ,with a second single that flop. It’s a pattern with her. Her manager/husband Tim, do that man look like he could make them big Hollywood deals? No! Bey don’t owe kelly shit!…kellly is a grown woman,and she is responsible for her own career, just like us. She is sitting around waiting for another DC album. Michelle is to damn skinny that makes her look unattractive, she needs to put on weight and get some curve.

  12. Poor Michelle i think she should still be apart of it. But with kelly and Giselle I think has a lot to do with ms.tina and the whole thing about Kelly being her daughter.

  13. It bothers me that people say that Kelly sacrificed her mother, her mother was fighting cancer for several years. If it were a sacrifice, we would already be seeing it shine like it did not before. I agree that Kelly lacks confidence when making an album, because as a fan I’ve been waiting for his next album for 4 years and the previous album was very good.

  14. The Demi thing is… Disturbing. I am kinda green when it comes to drugs tho. I just know that ppl turn to drugs and other stuff due to pain and trauma.

    Erica and Draya funny af.

    My Cardi baby and her baby. Well honestly, I am surprised that she’s canceling but as a Mom I am not. It’s hard. Even when they’re older. Now on the flip side, this is the best news for Nicki huh? MAYBE THE ALBUM BEING PUSHED BACK WAS TOO MIRROR SOMEONE’S DELIVERY DATE… why not? If so in this case, it worked. Follow the due date, assume 6 weeks min from there… Drop album, start tour…. Try to lessen the hate train and re-dominate. I don’t want to see Nicki fail, tho I am not invested in her winning… But I hope she uses every second she can while Cardi is rightfully distracted. It can help her get back some of the power. I think her album is gonna do great…. Also Nickii may have a #1 otw. That would also be good for her while Cardi is bonding with her lil one.

    Destiny’s Child forever

  15. Not going to lie, Kelly really just be upset with herself. She had some hits and it seemed like she couldn’t follow through when she released her singles. Yes, colorism plays a part in it. But come on, every single Kelly puts out, it get radio play; she doesn’t have her team get together. What Nene say? “Get yo TEAM right then come talk to me.” Love her though

    1. Exactly Everytime Kelly drops an album there’s 1 hit and then she disappears. And we all know she doesn’t tour like Giselle does. Colorism isn’t the problem here Kelly doesn’t have the work ethic. On top of that Kelly sales is not competiting with Giselle’s.

      1. True Kelly probably think if she gives her all and confidence she going to keep getting compared to Giselle and she probably don’t want to feel like she over shadowing her when they were in dc Kelly was more of the truthful one and said a lot then here comes Giselle with the faces and looks and trying to make herself seem so goodie

      2. Yassss Brim Giselle always side eyed Kelly whenever she spoke too much in interviews. It took a lot of programming for Giselle to be zombie and picture perfect like she was in 2005+. Now she doesn’t do interviews and we all know why. She was very outspoken and ghetto country early DC era.

  16. I’m worried about Demi especially since the story keeps changing and now with the lockdown on her floor hope she makes it out alive. 🙏🙏

  17. I think Kelly should have become an actress after DC went inactive. She has the looks, and she seems like she would be way better at it than Giselle. As far as Cardi goes, Atlantic wants that money that she would have made touring and album sales because of the tour, they don’t care about the baby or anything else. They are going to make her and Offset -cause he knocked her up-sorry she canceled without their knowledge or permission.

  18. G I think Amber might be right I saw something on google a year ago saying that Gwen and her husband divorced because she was messing with jigga

  19. Giselle is going to hell for dropping Michelle like she is going to do. We all know black Twitter and Instagram humilates Michelle with those #poormichelle memes. Have a little compassion B. It won’t sale with a new member unless they get Latavia or Latoya.

  20. The PR controls the narrative. You have good PR, you dont get called a Crackhead. We tear up our own stars…we called Whitney “crackhead” and what not..SAD!

    Nothing to say about Erica Mena..She really needs to undergo a Draya transformation..It would work for her.

    Atlantic was told first because if Cardi has a 360 deal that means they get money from her touring which isnt the same when you have a standard deal. Tour money belongs to the artist for the most part. So they are going to make up that money another way BELIEVE ME!

    Kelly has it but just doesnt has “IT”…the right team behind her..It may be a blessing to get dropped from Sony…Also RnB has changed, as you can see Bey herself isnt singing these days like she used to. The Ellie Maes, the H.E.R., and the SZAs of the world are trying to bring it back so she needs to revamp too. There is NOONE soaring in that arena, DARK or LIGHT SKIN.

  21. Ironic that Kelly drops this bomb in an interview right at the same time Michelle gets out of a mental hospital. Ironically, Latavia almost died not too long ago during child birth and now LeToya is pregnant and hanging around Kelly. Something is about to go on with the children of Destiny… I wish I knew exactly what.

    1. As soon as I heard Michelle was getting checked into a mental hospital, I knew something was up. I wonder if she’s getting programmed for an upcoming DC reunion, who knows. The whole thing is scary and odd

  22. Uhm is it me or did Draya get a nose and chin job?! She definitely doesn’t look like that anymore!

  23. Giselle ain’t shit for low-key wanting Michelle out the group. Kelly is talented, I think she just needs the right team behind her to get to where she needs to go.

  24. I’ve always been a Kelly fan but I just don’t think her drive is on Giselle level. I saw DC when they reunited after Giselle went solo. She was just on another level, never nlmissed a note or was out of breath and danced her tush off .Kelly just didn’t stack up. Also in 2011 Kelly opened for Chris Brown when she had that hit with Lil Wayne. She just didn’t sound that great live, her voice isn’t strong enough to compete with Giselle and it’s not smooth enough for that feel good r n b that we get from Kehlani, Jhene Aiko, Ella Mai. She’s really suited for single pop songs, not sure why they didn’t do that.

  25. I haven’t even gotten thru the whole documentary about DL because it depresses me : ( it made me feel like this latest incident was an attempt to end it.

  26. Its not just colorism. Please also keep in mind that NONE of the girls in the group had a father MANAGING the group. In the original Destineys child, ALL of the girls were equally talented and fire. Both Kelly and LaTavia danced better than Bey. Tavia was finer. Beyonce got the upper hand because her father ensured it. When she came out, she wasnt ready to be solo, and she said so herself. The group was always a set up to get her where she is. It was never meant for all of the girls to succeed, it was for Beyonce. Had she come out alone, things would be different. Secondly, she went from her father to a man just like her father who helped propel her even further. Jay Z wrote most of her first solo album. Read the credits, you will see S. Carter. Light skin or not, Beyonce had people in her corner making moves on her behalf and at the sacrifice of the other girls. Kellys music was never great. She needed access to better writers and producers, now why she didnt find that, who knows… probably listening to and allowing Beyonces people to handle her, all the while they were ensuring she never got as big as Beyonce. This is not just a color thing at all.

  27. Cardi is fuckin fully retarded. She wanted to jump down everybody throats when she first revealed she was pregnant. Talking about she’s a Millionaire and can have a baby already if she wants. She’s fuckin stupid! That’s what why everyone was so surprised when she was being a piece of shit about ppl saying she shouldn’t have gotten pregnant yet.
    Dumb bitch put out one weak ass album and now doesn’t want to tour to keep it alive or promote it. It’s cool, the world is better off without that type of ignorance influencing ppl. She made another stupid ass decision, thinking she knows more than everybody else.

    So let’s kick her ass to the curb and keep Nicki 😊

  28. I KNEW when Cardi said she was going to be back on tour after having her baby, it wasn’t happening. I couldn’t see a new mother wanting to leave her infant child or let alone bring a newborn around nasty germs on the road. I don’t why nobody else saw that.

    Mrs. Carter is still playing dirty all these years later, huh? Sad. Poor Kells. But how dead on you are with how colorism is still used.

  29. On the Cardi B thing:do you think maybe this is why Offset has been getting into trouble lately? Is that the elites way of getting back at them?

  30. Can you comment more on Cardi B not going on tour? I feel like her doing that, and Offset getting arrested are somehow connected. Is she back tracking on going along with the plan and the control of the Elites?

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