August 16, 2022

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30 thoughts on “The Breakdown Of The Forbes Article. Continued Slander On Nicki Minaj

  1. My question is why did she really cry when they interviewed her? It couldn’t have been because of Cardi I refuse to believe that.

  2. Wow that industry is super nasty. Nicki has held it down for years and Cardi has just really come out. How is it that any other rapper is crucifide for not writing their own raps but for Cardi it’s ok because she is goofy and likeable?

    1. G ARE they trying to kill Nicki Minaj. I love her just want to know if they will take her out after the album drop. This is sad. If she’s on drugs that will be easy for them to end her for good. Do she still talk to Nas.

  3. I’m no nicki Stan but let’s be real here that lil boy can’t even hand nicki a glass of water after a show 😒! The only thing he said in that entire article that was facts was that yes! She did look a damn fool in that tekashi video the elites already got it out for her he is not a good look for her image. And she basically did tell her fans to attack that write for her opinion on her music which btw as a writer is her damn job 🤦🏾‍♀️ They want nicki OUT but she’s not making they’re job that much harder. G I done told u to tell that lady to take the money and RUN as soon as this album drops and her tour is over. They already trying to tarnish her image they gon try to do her like our baby Whitney if she don’t leave soon

  4. I never understand why some famous people can never just retire and relax from music before they start getting called washed up.

  5. Why care about Nicki so much? Nobody cared when she violated lil Kim. Nobody had her back & defended her when she’s the mother of HipHop.

    1. Exactly. This looks like karma to me. The same way she did lil Kim when she came out is happening to her now.

    2. KIm mother of hip-hop? Mc Lyte, Queen latifah, SALT N PePPa , Roxanne? Honey have you lost your mind? Kim is just a female MC she could have become Queen but she ruined it by going to jail and being a fraud. You can’t be the queen of rap when you don’t even write your own raps that goes against the whole principle of being a queen. This industry is using this old Kim Jab to help push this cardi agenda. No one gave two fux about little Kim when she was bitter beefing with Nicki considering she had been offered a spot for 5 plus years and female rap have fell into the dungeon. Nikki took female rap to places rappergirls back in the 80s/90’s never thought it would go. She made female rapper a profitable brand. No other woman in Hip Hop has been able to do that, little white girls was flocking to grab Nicki’s album before a Taylor Swift album. So let’s not sit here and deny this girl’s Legacy. Kim was a sore loser, Nicki is just defending her throne. Totally different!

  6. This shit is draining. Bryan has been ranting on Twitter about his article. A lot more people are noticing what’s going on. The truth will eventually come out.

    1. responding to me i sent him this article i wrote about him and told him he was bias and that article he wrote was reckless

  7. It really irritates me that these are the ppl who get to write & critize hip hop smh like who tf is Bryan?!
    Im sorry but Nicki should’ve took a page out of Lil Kim’s book with this one. She went so hard on Kim & they’re doing the same thing to her & Cardi better look out too. I think Nicki’s a dope rapper & Nicki before starships was that bitch. From the outside looking in they’re giving Cardi the same treatment they used to give Nicki, making trash songs hit # 1, giving her a title that she gets by default. Nicki was the Queen of rap for so long cause there was no other female rapper & I believe that went straight to her head. I like Nicki but she needs to rap forreal idk G but I really think Nicki can do better than Barbie tingz & Chun Li & FEFE she def has bars & crazy delivery it’s just sounding a lil mediocre

  8. I saw a post they saying Nicki back on the radio like tf but g is this thing with 50 and Floyd going to get worse because now 50 son choosing sides he just seem like he bouta get hurt bad and his dad going to have to save him.

  9. For y’all to be fans of Nicki consistently reposting those attempts at her not good. We heard y’all. But the more you repeat it the more it’s spread. Only post the positive.

  10. I’m so
    Glad people are starting to wake up and see how they are obviously on a slander train . It’s so blatant people are actually saying to themselves damn how can you hate someone so much for making it . Especially with all this mediocre talent floating around .
    Nicki we got u❤️

  11. I don’t support 69, they talking about Nikki making a song with him after his inappropriate behavior with children, why are they not complaining about the people that are making him famous and the radio stations playing his music

  12. I loved this article besides the fact that You said remy had surgery. Please don’t spread lies.. that woman lost weight naturally. Everyone didn’t trickle down that rabbit hole like your favs. I see some people saying she had lipo suction WHERES your proof? I also see people saying she had breast implants WHERES the proof? Because them titties saggy as fuck.

  13. Are these facts, though? Bryan sounds rather factual! Personally, I can’t relate to nor do i listen to any of these artists! Nicki REALLY needs to up the ante with her music. The kids are keeping her career alive. I can’t get with it…

  14. I thought she was great in the movie with Cameron Diaz…hopefully she drops the album, her true fans buy it, and she exits gracefully into movies/modeling…all of this slander and hate has gotta be taking a toll on her.

  15. I knew that people would waste no time bringing up tekashis case to try and connect that with her brother. The video wasn’t a good look now she added him to the tour. I don’t know what to say I love her and if her time is coming to an end I say go out with a bang. I hope Queen is one for the books to show these bitches she still got it, they can have it now. Hopefully the can do what she did for the last decade. Hope she has more future business endeavors and finds love if she wishes so.

  16. It’s Team Nicki all day! Yes, she’s made some mistakes regarding Drake & Meek, and Safaree thing, but she’s that chick. The fact that the industry is trying to discredit all of her hard work is beyond crazy. I like Cardi as well, but she is being used as a pawn (a scheme Todd set up) to get Nicki out of here. I hope my boo gets out alive or leave the industry quietly & make a career out of something else she loves.

  17. No Nicki needs to woman up and hold her crown till the cows come home. That’s what real Queens do. Everybody wanna go into acting when the music or modeling industry rejects them. But where does that leave room for real actors? Reality shows from lnhh vh1, marriage boot camp wetv etc are killing sitcom shows to the point where classic sitcoms have to make a comeback to get work. Now we’re reduced to Netflix and Hulu shows which pay actors subpar.

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