September 29, 2022

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18 thoughts on “Demi Lovato Update : What’s Really Going On?

  1. It’s interesting because she was seen with G-easy who , it’s been said that he has a drug problem. When I saw them together I thought to myself, “that can’t be healthy” knowing her past issues now look.

    1. I knew something was wrong when she cancel her tour. She said she was sick. And she needed to put her health first. That was a red flag for me.

  2. This is crazy… I knew once I saw the “it’s not as bad as they initially said…” reports 😏 that her PR team stepped in to do damage control! Btw, what happened to the Steve-O post?! 👀😒

  3. So now news outlets are saying it wasnt heroin… that the cops couldnt find any drugs at her house.

  4. You always say the 1st story is usually the true story. So I believe the initial reports of a heroin OD .. now they’re backtracking

    1. Now they are saying METH?!?!? Dont make sense cause they used narcan to revive her… yea, there is something more deep happening

    1. Maybe she didn’t want to comply as far as rituals or a sacrifice I think the Disney kids have it the worst side note G u should do a story on Orlando brown last I heard he was arrested 4 alleged dv but he’s been speaking out 4 a min he even said one time on ig ig he does they killed him.

  5. How does a woman who is on top of career at the moment, overdose all of sudden? What did they do to this woman??

  6. G! Can you please speak on the 27 Club?!? I’m so nervous that they’re plotting on Demi to be the latest addition.

  7. It’s cray cos they said she od’d but was immediately administered the drug to help that by her friend. Wtf who has that lying around

  8. Hey G can you talk about Kurt Cobain? Was Courtney Love apart of his death? And what about the P.I. She hired? Is he really looking for the truth?

  9. This is so sad that Once she was so sober and to the ‘almost death’ incident. As a Demi Lovato supporter it cringes my heart to get to know that she has been in the rehab for 90 days but it pushes me up as the experience has apparently changed her life. I look forward to seeing Demi the way she was before; A Joyous Soul.
    In the support of Demi Lovato, I as a fan have mentioned my opinion and how I feel she can easily get out of this trauma zone. I would absolutely love to know your thoughts.
    Do drop by at as Demi needs our support.

    Love XOXO.

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