September 29, 2022

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28 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Murder Suicide of Stephanie Moseley

  1. Can you spill more tea on 50? Why is he so hateful and seems so unhappy, he doesn’t say many positive thinga about women. He makes me think he down low sometimes cuz he so angry and the way he talks about women but rarely shown with one of his own

    1. My guess is because his lesbian mother abandoned him when he was a kid. She was a drug dealer I believe. He was raised by his grandparents. I’m not sure if this is the case, but it seems like it can be true. He’s resentful towards women because he never got his mother’s love. 🤷🏽‍♀️

      1. All the rumors about him and Prince from Miami and then LHHMia came out and I saw who Prince was and his mannerisms… yeah that nigga is gay, now as far as Trey Songz… idk.. but 50 is a self hating down low ass nigga I believe

      2. Lol his mother didn’t abandon him. She was killed. That’s why he was raised by his grandparents.

  2. Stephanie was a how I’m sorry. I know you shouldn’t talk ill of the dead but it’s just too trife. Trey is cold-blooded and really hiding the fact he’s gay. Are the rumors true he’s a versile top and bottom? Floyd is just new money and don’t know how to act. They devil’s alright just like hit the floor.

    1. Lol versatile top and bottom! Whew Chile…women love him tho. My nephew told me he was gay (i guess bi or tri) but he won’t spill none of that tea.

  3. Tuh! I believe 50 on this one. Trey Songz even liked the post. Floyd Mayweather is the devil! Yeah yeah yeah 50 is a troll but Floyd got personal with that man first & all is fair in war. I believe this story & it further solidifies what I thought about Floyd all along. He thinks his shit don’t stink because he’s filthy rich. He doesn’t care about no one but himself. His time will come & he will have to pay the piper.

  4. Thanks G! This was really good. I don’t know what women see in Trey Songz but he has a lot of them including my bff under his spell 😂

  5. Lord have Mercy this I see too much information my head is swirling and I have work at 2am 😳😳😳😳

  6. I think Floyd should have never stepped in it when 50 was comin at bad Medina. This never would have came up again unless of course it kept going like so. Tremaines penis must be dipped in gold he got ppl killing their s/o over him. He should feel so shitty about himself like get your own bitch or just date women who are already single. Why take somebody else’s girl ? Karma is real and when he really likes a girl watch the same thing will happen to him.

  7. Damn this is so evil. This is why I won’t cheat. You just never know. Still though, I really need to know what is Future’s, Drake’s, & Trey’s Infatuation with stealing or fucking someone’s wife/girl?

  8. My husband is a boxer who trained with Floyds camp. He said Floyd would do things like demand to fuck ppls wives and girlfriends, and if they wanted to be part of TMT they would have to do it. So yes, Floyd was sleeping with her and trying to break them up , which he did often to those close to him. NOT a good person, but I think we’ve all figured that out over the years. Him n 50 both seem to have a certain hatred for women, I get a DL VIBE from both.

  9. This is just crazy for real…lawd! These women need to stop being community coochie, and these men need to stop egging them on…eapecially when their life is on the line. I did find it strange that floyd was on FT with the man right before he killed himself and her. And this was why Hit the Floor took a long hiatus. Everyone was distraught. But they (50 and Floyd) better stop thisbeef before one of them gets killed. Its too much getting aired out now.

  10. By the way Jovan Belcher baby mom wasn’t effing with Trey Songz, she was fucking with one of his teammates at that time… star RB Jamaal Charles… but it’s crazy that this guy Trey Songz name is all over the place, I knew 50 was gonna go there after Floyd said that shit about him…

  11. I’m sorry but looks like Floyd was trying to save her. He must have saw him ready to snap. He probably was working on getting her away. Sorry, but she’s at fault. Y’all scream it’s on the man, not the woman. But bc it’s a man, it’s on him. Nope on her.

    1. Very true. She was too loose for her own good. No she shouldnt have lost her life but she played a dangerous game. Her fault

  12. Just read about the Demi Lovato overdose situation… Is it me or is this while year sacrifice season? Geez! Hopefully she recovers!!!

  13. From 50 cent reaction of how did trey get involved? I believe she must have been messing with Floyd. Think about it 50 knew Floyd and probably thought he knew everything until trey songs made a comment then he realizes she was also messing with trey. If Floyd wasn’t messing with her and if it was trey 50 would have know. That already

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