October 3, 2022

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26 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Beef Between Jessica Rabbit and Superhead

  1. Melissa can stop pretending any day now I don’t wish any accidents on anyone but she’s not what she has been pretending to be….. she’ll talk shit about other models but she’ll be on the infomercial half naked talking about call me LOL ( don’t believe bet shows that anymore) Karrine said it best just bc someone pretends doesn’t mean they haven’t been ran through

  2. I knew Melyssa Ford was lying about being Queen of no, she clearly is jealous of Karrine. Karrine is a highly intelligent woman who made her situation work for her. All the other video vixens who probably did the same things she did, relied on the men they were sleeping with to get them places.

  3. I remember that book and her name dropping and insinuations. People kept trying to figure out who was big poppa

  4. sickening how these women put sole blame on her all rhese women that badded her up jus cuz they were obviously promised a bigger plateform to get famd and money the only difference between them n her is she profited off her hoeism while the others hoed out for false dreams and broken promithes promithes🙃🙃🙃

  5. Karinne should have left the negativity for another day bc words are very powerful. She may find herself in Melyssa’s shoes one day and not come out so lucky.

  6. Don’t really care for Karrine, not because of the stuff she’s done or what rappers she fucked, but something ain’t right with her, every time her name is mentioned something don’t sit right in my soul. And to sit there and make a post about someone who got into a life threatening car accident. Maybe I’m just different, but I wouldn’t care enough to make a post. That karma is something real, and I wouldn’t want no parts.

  7. Why basically everyone except for a few people were bashing her in this video? Gloria Velez ho ass talkin bout oh she knew they were married NO they knew they were married and still put their families on the line. Nobody is trying to hold these men responsible and the rest of the video girl acting like they weren’t doing the same thing. It’s not Karrine fault y’all dumbasses chose to not capitalize off the dicks you been secretly sucking on

  8. Ok I remember this – Melyssa Ford speaking against Karrine. I just didn’t realize it was that deep. Thanks G for shedding light on it

  9. So everything in her book was true then? I was dying when I read the one about Usher 🤣🤣🤣

  10. Everything you said on this post is the truth..down to the reason video vixens went out and how they were getting paid.. Strippers replaced them..

  11. Wow, all I see is bitterness from the other “vixens” because they didn’t get to sit with Oprah and have all the attention LOL as usual, nobody holds the men accountable for doing things they shouldn’t have been doing in the dark. Karrine set the blueprint for what alot of the young thotties are doing today. Nowadays everybody kisses and tells, has a sex tape or nudes, lightweight escorting… And Gloria saying that Karrine didn’t have the “it” factor cracks me up because while Karrine is retired and living comfortably, Gloria is still unsuccessfully trying to be a rapper SMH… Melyssa and the others take themselves and their “vixen” era way too seriously. Kim Osorio had a good point at the end and so did Datwon. Dude with the hat was acting like a scared BI…

  12. Shit those are classic books too and I have all 3 of her lil books I didn’t care for Satisfaction though. Karrine is a smart woman 💪🏽

  13. Ive said this on several YouTube channels and I think on here once. Gloria you was in 50 niggas deep eating pussy in front of an audience for Uncle Luke Freak Show. 16 years old Aaron Hall grabbed you and got you pregnant before you knew his name. “I didn’t know she was a puppy” lol. You was worser than karrine so much that idydk features you as “freaky with the dick for no reason”. Yous a hoe too just a dumb one. That new kid you have is your only source to money for now.

    Buffie you’re rumored to take Dubai trips because who needs 1 million pairs of waist trainers? And YouTube checks are a hit or miss.

    Melyssa we see photo shoots of your ass in thongs, belly out, and nipples slightly covered with your hands. That’s semi nude since the areola’s and vag is the only thing we can’t see. So what did you say no to wearing? Didn’t Nazel E say you would cry when ballers wouldn’t call you back on the first date?

    I loved this era and the women but let’s be real no real woman was dancing to provactive music with their ass out and not fucking these millionaires. Vixens didn’t portray art like super models they portrayed SEX. Thong song remix, Big Pimpin was raunchy not artistic like a African museum show casing nudity.

  14. Buffy the Body hoe ass got some nerve…wasnt she getting shit on and beat up in Dubai not so long ago?

  15. Melyssa is from Toronto just like Lil X or Director X as he is known now. X used work on a lot of Hype Williams projects and brought Mel and others (like two well know Toronto raised choreographers) into the sets to get their breaks. Mel. These were the days that no artist could have a hot video if Hype didn’t direct it. That is how Mel got her door open. She already had a rep in Toronto about her sexual exploits which seemed to grow once her video career took off. Her name was in the streets and sheets alot. When Karrine came out with the book tho, all of the other vixens acted like they were Jesus disciples.

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