August 16, 2022

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50 thoughts on “The Sugar Dish – A Behind The Scenes look At Today’s Top Gossip Stories

  1. Well wat does Cyn do? Outside of flat tummy tee & waistbands… How much do they actually get paid for promoting that crap?

    Mona is losing steam with her franchise.. Thank god

    Russell possessive? I wander if he’s the reason she hasn’t dropped an album in so long

  2. Russell seem like the type that becomes drunk and aggressive. everyone blame Kim for everything its sad in the picture ci look like she wasn’t done getting her point across…

    1. Yeah he seem like the type that’s nice to everyone in public and abusive behind doors but no one would believe it coz he’s so lovely

    2. I know that type all too well. I had an ex like that. Nicest person to everyone else, but only I knew his asshole side.

  3. Ciara is not happy with Russell. She’s happy teasing Future with Russell’s good guy image and riches. She literally lives to pretend he’s everything she ever wanted, but I see right through the bullshit. No one that happy goes that hard to prove it, but it’s not like she has much of a choice considering her career over the last decade plus. 😳🙄

    I expect Joe and Cyn will be on LHH for the next couple of years. Cyn signed for 3/4 seasons back when she was with Erica and Joe did the same when he was with Tahiry. I’m not surprised. 😑😑

    Stevie and Faith are obviously doing whatevs for those reality checks. Faith has fallen off mighty hard and is willing to do whatevs it takes to be back in – even if it means admitting she ate Biggie’s booty and a quick marriage to Steebie. 😐😐

    1. Ciara does not care about Future, neither does Future care about Ciara…they weren’t even together that long….people act like that was some great long love affair…give me a break… she has been with Russell longer than she was with Future…it’s over, give it a rest…they have both moved on…let it go!!!!

    2. I seriously don’t understand why ppl think she’s throwing her marriage and love for Russell in future’s face she DOES NOT CARE for sperm donor she left him and kept it moving she’s entitled to be happy and her career is fine her new song is actually doing good so there’s that.

    3. Thank you Cindy constantly throws shade at her exes Bow Wow, 50 cent, but future is her baby’s father she can’t get rid of so her whole life is one uping him. I been pepped that out too Cici never takes breaks to fall out of love she uses another man as a front. Her marriage to Russell is unequally yoked because she has too many spirit husband’s. But best believe she’ll always love future.

    4. Facts! Future still rap about Ciara! Hell he dropped his mixtape on her anniversary…. they’re not over each other. I don’t think they would get back together , but she def didn’t heal from that embarrassment.. and he used to his BM waiting on him. Hopefully they work out. He seems like the type to be possessive. He def told no lies tho, if u have friends that don’t make the best decisions when it comes to men, that can influence her perspective.

      1. Yeah I’m not mad at Russell changing her circle. You got to do different things if you want different results.

      2. My point the the t! Ciara is not innocent and her fans hate to admit that she’s just as messy and as prideful as Future. I will however say she’s better at hiding it.

    5. I agree with you regarding Ciara, Russell, and Future. She’s married with whole baby by Russell but still seems to come for Future.

      I’m not against her come up but I think it’s hard to let Future fade in the background considering they still have to interact on some level due to baby Future.

      1. Can you please keep us posted on
        Melissa Ford? I check online and haven’t seen anything😔

  4. I hope Joe and his fiancé don’t go. I heard it all the time too about Stevie J. And something does seem off with CiCi but it makes for good records 💕

  5. I remember before Russ and C got married you said he was controlling. I wonder how he will handle things when her album comes out and she’s on the road a lot.

  6. At the Lv fashion show with Virgil ci and Kim gave each other a hug. I thought there was going to be pics like they took last time when they was at the wedding but I didn’t see any I thought that was weird beings though it’s not no beef between them… so can we get some Kelly Rowland and her husband cuz she be looking not so happy either

    1. Actually Ciara and Kim had stop hanging out before she got with Russell…don’t believe the hype…but I don’t believe there is any real animosity there because I remember late last year when Kim was doing a perfume gift bags for her friends, Ciara’s name was on the list…they are obviously not buddies like before…but that ended well before Russell…

    2. Do you think Kelly isn’t looking happy because marriage is genuinely hard and she’s not faking it like the rest?

  7. I always knew it was something about Cyn and Joe Budden relationship being shady but I never knew what it was. It was just that energy that their exes ran in the same circles. So when you dropped that sugar of Cyn ex best friend being Joe’s boo and she was cheering her on to break up with him for her benefit shot fireworks in me. We always hear these stories but never see the ppl in real life. So I’ll take a mental note to never share relationship issues with your friends because they’ll be dying to take your place.

  8. All that glitters ain’t gold. Hopefully they get over the hump, I’m here for marriage. However don’t stay just because u like the sound of being married, u both need to be happy and on the same page.

    1. I saw that too. I also want to know the real sugar on him and his music….been a fan since he was selling cds in Chicago.

  9. Gina, can you do a back story on the rapper Houston? Remember he made “I Like Dat” with Nate Dogg and Chingy…what was the REAL REASON for him plucking his eye out, to get out the industry?? 🤔🤔🤔

  10. I see I’m not the only that picked up on Joe’s complaining more than usual about Cyn! I still feel like it’s only a matter of time b4 he gets caught up in some mess again. People like Joe just can’t resist themselves…

  11. Maybe he gave it more thought and declined diddy’s offer we know what his offers look like maybe😏the ” safe route” is probably Mona

  12. Omg. I was just talking about Russell and Ciara a day or two ago. They put on very well for social media and the cameras and only the delusional believe that it’s a fairytale.

    1. Their courtship was definitely a fairytale; but anyone that’s married knows that marriage is hard work, its not a fairytale…that does not mean you are faking or unhappy…

  13. So Russel and Ciara are actually in a real relationship? Always thought it was a PR stunt because Ciara’s reputation was so bad after the Future breakup and Russel just got divorced cause his white wife cheated on him with his teammate … plus I don’t see the chemistry at all between these two 🤔

  14. Off topic but Taylor Swift got zero love with the mtv music awards, I thought the elites were on her side?

  15. Naw Ciara and Kim been stopped hanging with each other before she met Russell. I peeped that right after she had the baby and when kim got married.

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