August 16, 2022

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34 thoughts on “The Truth Behind How PRs Helped Cover Up Whitney Houston’s Death

  1. I still want to know what the note said that Whitney gave to Brandy. I remember in an interview Brandy said she’ll never divulge that information..hmmm

    1. I believe it said “Help me.” I think Ray tried to get her high enough that she would OD and they would stage it by lying her in the tub. When it didn’t go as planned, he tried to force her down. She fought him off and ran downstairs in front of everyone, soaking wet from the failed attempt trying to get help, to get out.

      1. mannnn definitely feel like that would a failed attempt too. Baby Whitney was soaking wet when she interrupted that interview. Too bad she wasn’t around anyone that cared smh

    2. On the YouTube video I watched yesterday someone mentioned that Ray-J was her handler and the note had to do with him.

    3. Probably a request for ray-j to meet up with drugs at her room. Which would probably implicate Ray-j. That is what I believe.

  2. I wanna know what that note said so bad Imma hit up one of my psychic friend’s and see if they can pull up the info. Imma send the link to the video and let them go to work and see what they come up with. Brandis face bothers me. It’s like wtf and started playing got probably said you not replacing baby girl

  3. Thank you for this. I miss Whitney so much, I’ve always felt her death was shady. Why hide the fact that Ray J was with her? Was Pat involved? Why did Whitney trust Pat so? Whitney was always good at reading through the bullshyt. Pat is so transparent. Why did Cissy let Pat take over the estate? I have so many questions. I can’t wait for the follow up to this story in Season 7. I have a feeling it’s going to make me cry.

  4. It’s crazy how they did Whitney, Michael, Prince and so many others. It’s doesn’t matter how good you are. Talent is nothing, look where it gets you. People have become so worldly that they disregard between what is right and what is wrong just to maintain status, wealth or whatever else that doesn’t really matter. Obviously whoever covered this up as well as many other deaths are evil. Glad you got out G, we live and we learn. Sorry you had to experience being there.

  5. The first report I heard was Ray J found her. Isn’t there pics floating around here of Ray J being escorted out of the back of the hotel?

    I also believe Brandy knows what really happened. Seems shes been quietly unraveling since. Ray J is a bad news and a cancer. I always felt that.

  6. Ok G so I went to Mariah’s Vegas show and she had JD there. Her boy toy was carrying her everywhere and I noticed that whenever he was on the stage she was off and would start lip syncing. Now the reason I bring this up is because after the show JD was taking pics as well (which is fine he’s a legendary producer), but afterwards I was on his IG – there I saw Tommy Mottolla commenting on his page under JD & Mariah posts! Since Stella was the one originally used to bring down Mariah for her final days, do you think she hired Mariah’s boy toy to mess up her engagement to the billionaire and finish what she couldn’t do since she got fired (after Patti Labelle told her to fire her)? Could they all be possibly competing to get conservation over the obviously medicated Mimi’s money? Let me know because I was so distracted by him and his movements I couldn’t even enjoy the show. 🤔

    1. Idk about the question your asking.. But I did see the video on IG of JD at her show and he was backstage telling her great show and he was there to show support.. However the interactions just in that clip felt awkward from Mariah end.. Like she was shocked he was there and saying great things about her while recording her like a fan who catches a celeb walking by

      1. Agreed. That’s why I asked G the above comment. Something is not right and MiMi seems to have picked up on it.

  7. This is a teaser…I need more…. The breakdown from your prospective G.. Bc I’m telling… I heard on cnn that night I’ll never forget bc my spouse is the biggest Whitney fan… Like a frfr fan.. Borderline like beehive fan… Don’t say nothing about Whitney… And the only story at the time was… Whitney was found by Pat… Bobbi Kris was in hallways and lobby acting out bc she was distraught… And supposedly Whitney was getting ready for the party and was left alone for “a moment” while Pat ran got something from another room in same hotel or just nearby for Whitney that night too wear… So then next morning on social media only did I hear that Ray J found her… Then fast forward to funeral and he (Ray J) was all grief stricken and unconsolable at the funeral… Touched the casket during the dramatic moment on the way out the church… And the men at funeral held their hands a certain way that symbolize that a “hit/execution” was completed… They had the Egyptian Lions statues at the door of the church… Mighty funny same damn Lions at Bobbi Kris funeral too…. I think now that note said “I’mma fuck Ray J up” (bc of the fight and club scene with Stacey over Ray J) or “Ray trying to set me up” bc “she was supposed to be sober and swimming to get healthy” and smoking primos yuck.. That will get you craving for it again so last option the note says “Tell Ray to bring me some more crack” LMAO… That last part is plausible if you look at Brandy’s reaction to note like.. Not this again auntie… Crack is whack.. Then she got rid of the note bc she didn’t want Whitney get that package from Ray and start back on drugs.. But however Whitney got to Ray anyways without Brandy help and rest is a mystery… Idk.. My guesses but I’ll be waiting to get to the bottom of this for my honey lol… They still upset to this day that she’s gone.

  8. I believe that note had everything to do with ray j bringing Whitney a party pack “drugs”…. no note left for Monica only Brandy because Whitney dated ray j. I remember ray j on some show talking about Whitney and how they partied hard. I believe they all know something

  9. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
    This system won’t let me log in to like; however u can comment so. O took it into my own hands for here on out lol. All jokes aside thank you for this info & all the rest. Please continue to be safe & work your gift!

  10. In my opinion ray j and brandy have been struggling (emotionally) since that night . We always have to know that whatever choices we make me must live with the consequences. I get so emotional thinking about our greats and how they have been abused and their reputations tarnished . Sorry for preaching but the day for all of them to be judged WILL COME .

  11. G, can you plesse also touch on how they tried to kill Bobbie Kris first? That she almost drowned a few days before Whitney at the same hotel! Does anyone else remember hearing that?

    1. Yes! I remember it all – all the story changes. Only for Bobbi Kris to die to the same way years later

  12. If the note made any reference to Ray J, Brandy will never let that slip. We need to ask Bobby sister, she claims she knows what is says but I think Brandy mom is into voodoo she might not wanna tell neither.

  13. What was in that note that she passed to brandy while they were interviewing brandy, Monica and Clive?

  14. What about the picture of the dinner with the Heineken cans that was allegedly Whitney and ray j’s right b4 she died??🧐🧐🤨🤨🤔🤔

  15. Hey Gina,I heard that Bobbi Kris drowned in the bath tub (not fatally) the night before Whitney Houston died and she went to the hospital and was leaving the hospital the day Whitney died. Did you ever hear anything like that?

  16. I took Whitney’s death personal even though I didn’t know her, I think they’re still disrespecting her

  17. G What about Tyler Perry? I remember seeing a interview he gave stating that night. Whitney’s family called him because they wanted to used his jet to fly Whitney’s body out that night. He was talking about how he was in the room and the pre Grammy party was going on. I think it was an HLN or CNN interview.

  18. G u know the funny thing I noticed was when they killed WHITNEY and Nancy Grace said she was murdered it was foul play involve. Not to long after that Nancy was taken off CNN… She was killed, I covered that story for so long! What ashamed

  19. I neeeed the rest of this story. I done heard sooo much and all of the shit sounds fishy and like someone tried to cover some shit up

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