September 29, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Angela Rye Deletes Tweets Defending Charlamange

  1. I need to read more into this because that’s what I remember about this story years ago. He was arrested because of throwing the party and being 22 (adult) not of the actual drugging/raping. Guilty by association. I want to see what the victim is saying now about it.

    1. He admitted it Its on paper on video where he confesses. He said it was consensual. Then he says he used Spanish fly. He has conflicted stories from his mouth but the paperwork he is actually charged with the rape. The victim didn’t want to get a rape test done and moved to va at her mother’s request. If I find the link I will come back and post it here for you.

  2. Chileeee I should’ve known I think it was distasteful for her to speak on it like that anyway.

  3. You can tell when a bitch full of shit talking bout “my brother” and had the nerve to put emphasis on it 🤦🏾‍♀️ I don’t trust that bro shit

      1. I personally think she carrying out an agenda for mental illness. I hope I’m wrong. Once celebrities start doing it mainstream folk follow right behind and start checking themselves in. I think the psychiatrist will prescribe meds (harmful) or brainwash them with therapy (Low level mk/mind control)

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