September 26, 2022

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18 thoughts on “The Reason Why Only Star Is Reporting On This Charlamange Incident

      1. Same she just doesn’t have it for me anymore I mean I’m going to the concert just for fun but the videos I’ve seen it wasn’t too much effort on both ends.I’m done with them after I see them.

      2. If she is pregnant, then i think it is a tactic to cancel the tour since it is not doing so well

  1. G, as usual I think you’re on point! He may not have raped this girl, but from what’s being said, I believe him or somebody with him slipped her a mickey and he was well aware of it. He had no business bringing those girls to that “party”. I feel like he’s being protected because there definitely isn’t a whole lotta noise being made about this considering we’re living in the age of the “me too” movement. I’m also confused on the whole DNA part of the situation… Also, sad to say but… I feel like the mom was paid off back in the day to not pursue it any further. Unfortunately for the woman making the accusations, her timing is suspect (his new big deal w/HBO). Sad situation regardless.

    1. Right when I first heard the recording of him saying he used Spanish Fly I just knew it was the end for him. Especially as hard as he went in on Bill Cosby

      1. I think it was a humiliation ritual in order to secure a spot on the show when they change direction.

  2. I started following Star on YouTube because of this. His show isn’t bad. It’s a nice replacement for the Breakfast Club. I heard the interview he did, and I think Charlemagne has done this to other women.

  3. He almost told on himself when it comes to him being on the “payroll”. When Charmaine from Black Ink Crew Chicago was on there, she made a comment saying she was trying to get that “white people money”. She looked to him and said “you got white people money”. He was hesitant for a split second, like he had to think about what he was about to say, then he went on to say he doesn’t have white people money 😒 mmhmmm yeah nigga WE know!

  4. Question- How long ago was this incident? There was an incident he spoke of a long time ago that happened back in his South Carolina days. Is this something different?

  5. So the elite record you getting your back blown out (The deal) which I believe and what video is removed?

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