September 29, 2022

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18 thoughts on “You Must See What I Basically Used to Get Paid for… It’s Crazyyy

  1. The animal abuse reveal sickened but didn’t shock me. I remember that recent dog movie that came out in recent years (I think all dogs go to heaven is the name?) and the video came out of the poor puppy struggling in the scene and damn near drowning! The trainer was concerned but all the directors seemed to be more concerned with getting the right shot! Assholes >:(

  2. How much do they pay those people that show stars where yo stand in the red carpet because….

  3. That Matthew Broderick case that was covered up is CRAZY! Killed two people and only got a $147 fine???? WOW

  4. And I watch these type of Did You Know videos on YouTube all the time. If this can get published imagine what other stuff they don’t want you to know at all.

  5. I know this off topic, G but how in the hell did Cardi get away with having a baby so early in her career? This shit been working my nerves

  6. G, whats your thoughts on The Dream selling 75% of his masters for a mere $23 mil? Sounds like he’s in debt but shit… He gotta the 360 deal of song catalogs

  7. Wow out of all if this the one that stood out is when they make things like killing someone go away. I know the payback for that is huge. I want to know what type of things they have to do.

  8. G what do you think about the new Arianna Grande video?? Please do a story on it that video is just wow!!

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