August 16, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Season 5 Repost : Karrine Steffans Still Hip Hop’s Most Dangerous woman? – Part 2

  1. I believe every word that scandalous ass Karrine says lolol. The men know she’s a mess, yet they can’t stop fucking with her.

  2. This shit is going to catch up to her one day. Someone is really going to fuck her up and I surely wont have any sympathy.

  3. I’ve always believed her. I feel she changed the whole game for video vixens – she did not necessarily make it good for them, but she def made the career incredible for her. I would actually love to pick her mind and get the real shit.

  4. I don’t wish death upon anyone, but my question is if she has all the tea on everyone, why hasn’t anyone killed her yet? That’s usually what the elite does when someone knows too much.

  5. The weirdest thing is how she get em, ended up having a lifestyle, but always losing it and be constantly moving?

  6. First time I’m hearing about Big Tigger having some sugar in his tank. Damn!!! How long has this rumor been around?

    1. A very long time, back when Jamie had The Foxhole on Sirius XM. Karrine was on there (can’t recall if she was in the studio or called in) and she mentioned a very graphic scene involving the aftermath of Big Tigger & Tyson Beckford thing in a Miami hotel room. Then Tigger called in to refute it.

  7. She just put Rotimi on blast. Talking about they were having a baby and the baby died and he bounced. Crazy…

  8. If I remember correctly, Howard read Jamie for filth on the air. Made reference to Jamie’s past identity that he wouldn’t want people talking about, him having to change his name, etc.

  9. The bitch is still beautiful lol that pussy and mouth has a lot of power. I ain’t even mad at her.

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