October 2, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Season 1 Repost The Truth Behind The Beef Between Lil Wayne and Chris Bosh Over His Wife

  1. I remember hearing some of this.. But Chris past isn’t clean either.. He has a lot of drama here in Dallas with his first baby mama.

  2. I always thought they had a lavender marriage but after Wayne and Cam blasted her I guess she was just his beard.

  3. I remember him being banned from the NBA behind something with Chris B’s wife but never knew what….. she down bad

  4. See, its bitches like Adrienne get these guys killed over bullshit! Prime example, Junior Guzman R.I.P. 🕊 . Oh her karma is coming!

  5. Oh wow that bitch is sick. Bum bitches on the come up will do anything for money. Why say you have cancer out of all things so vile to lie about. If he fucked with her enough to give her the money for that I’m sure he would have passed her off a couple racks just because. She could have even said I want to go back to school or something.

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