October 1, 2022

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35 thoughts on “Part 2 what Happens To The Artist Once They Are Deactivated

  1. So wait Will and Jada are gonna get a divorce within the next 3 years? And who is gonna deactivate Bey? That still lingers for me.

      1. Ha! Then it’s gonna be a shocker for you once that info hits mainstream, because it’s already out there about Will & Jada.

      2. I said the same thing too then I thought about the well known private family going so hard out of nowhere with social media presence & sharing their personal business ( just like the Carters)

    1. They say Normani has been channeling her inner Beyonce so she might be the replacement. It’s errie how they make the replacements have similar ways as the person they replace, Instead of giving them somewhat of their own lane/style. For example Beyoncé started in a girl group & Normani did too. Simple yet Crazy stuff.

      1. I was saying the same thing like why she just can’t be her self why they have to be the next so and so

  2. Okay but Jay Z is almost a billionaire so for the money he’s good for the rest of his life

    1. The money these ppl claim to have is all smoke and mirrors that’s the elites money they let them know what they can spend.

  3. Bruno is cool and all I respect what is being discussed. But I can’t say Bruno was anywhere near Prince.

    1. I don’t think she said that, it’s just that they chose him to replace Prince. Not that he’s on his level.

      1. Yes, I know she didn’t. My point was that they try to replace artists like it’s nothing. To me Prince& MJ were special. No matter the replacement they don’t live up the original final.

    2. Yes I’m going to disagree there too. As a brand just like with anyone from the 80s the sound changed. That happened to all the greats including Mike. There’s no replacing them, it’s just a sign of the times.

  4. Why do you think hardly any Hollywood marriages; where both are mega stars never finish out till death do us part? who did we have Iman and Bowie? The rest is usually a couple where there is only 1 star. There is a reason for that. ~ WHAT IS THE REASON FOR THIS? Can you connect the dots for us?

  5. G what happen if an artist who is deactivated don’t complete their contract deal? Will the elites use them as blood sacrifice? 🤔😐🤐

  6. I can see will and Jada divorcing no wonder she been talking too much…Giselle and jay I can see it too it’s like she preparing herself with this everything is love shit

    1. I heard they were already secretly divorced and now just refer to each other as “life partners.” But could just be hearsay.

  7. Wow. This is so interesting. Dang, I thought Bruno was a cross between Michael and Prince like a 2 for 1….
    *Side note: G, will you talk about what the real deal is with Maxwell? Especially with the latest video?

  8. The will and jada divorce possibility isn’t too far fetched. The way she’s been talking alot and describing their marriage lately just seems odd. Plus there’s an alleged girlfriend I heard for will but after hearing this maybe it’s a strong possibility. As for bey and jay with all the crap he’s done, it’s about time she walked hell it shouldn’t have to take deactivation for that to have happened.

    1. I heard this as well, but I don’t think they officially divorced, or else it would be public record. I believe get decided to be life partners in order to have an open relationship w/o violating the constitution of marriage – even though if you didn’t officially divorce, you are violating it – I could still see a couple like Will & Jada deciding on some weird stuff like this.

  9. I wanna have a list of all the deactivations that are currently happening, have happened in the near past, or will occur in the near future. That’ll be fun to figure out. G you should make it like another game for us to play like the last one!

  10. So what is up with Mary J. Blige? Was Keyshia Cole’s activation with The Way it Is her deactivation? Why is Mary struggling so hard right now? Is she up next on the chopping block?

    BTW I still am waiting for tea on Ciara. 😂😂

    1. I know right wassup with Mary j and cici. I want cici to make about 3 more bops then she can enjoy her family lol

  11. All I can say is WOW! The only thing I can say, like I said before. The ones who are on their way out the door shoulda been stacked those coins & prepare for the transition that is now in progress.

  12. The rest is usually a couple where there is only 1 star. There is a reason for that….what is the reason?

  13. Blind gossip said that will and Jada are split and that’s why they say terms like life partner instead of wife and hubby

  14. I’ve heard that Will and Jada already got divorced and are going to announce it within a year or so. That’s not surprising to me at all. I think Jay and Bey will stay together if they have another baby, but if they don’t, they’ll probably be divorced within a few years like you said, but i’m sure they would keep it on the low like Will and Jada, for the image.

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