September 29, 2022

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42 thoughts on “The Effect Of Deactivation What Happens to The Artist? Part 1

    1. Lil Kim was never down with the elites to begin with she didnt have that type of backing from white people even though she went and did the whole skin bleaching thing and all that she never sold her soul

      1. So Kim had ALL that worldwide success without the power of the elites helping her? That just makes Kim EVEN more iconic.

  1. This is some true sugar G! It’s wild how it’s always happened but I never really noticed the pattern until you said something. I would always note tho how my faves would be everywhere until they were nowhere and I’d be like, why? Now I know. My thing is tho, has this always been the case? I feel like growing up I had a lot more talented R&B to listen to by grown people. Folks like Anita Baker, Stephanie Mills, The Temptations, Earth Wind and Fire etc and their ages didn’t matter. Now R&B is pure trash to me.

    1. Nicki Minaj have to find something else to do. If she refuse to go away. Things will get really bad for her. She don’t have contorl over anything. She is following G, because she put her album up for per sells and they say it’s doing well. G been telling us about this for a year now. I get it. I really want to know why is Nicki around Quavho huncho now? Did the elites send quavho to watch Nickis every move? I don’t think shes dating him. I really think the elites want him to stay close by her to watch and contorl her. If she is dating him, than he might become her headler. I might be wrong. I will like for G to find out about what’s really going on with Nicki and Quavo. Just sad how they treat them after they done using them.😐😑😔

  2. You need to tell nicki to take the money and RUUUUN!! She need to pull an Eve marry a rich white man and come and go as she pleases

  3. So kim Kimble is the one who’s been doing her hair lately. Who was the person who did her hair for the awards. So was she the one you guys are referring to in regards to her being sabotaged. Ironically after she came for that stylist her hair gets fucked up.

  4. Nicki’s fans went into the live of Neal Farinah – Giselles hair stylist -and asked him to please do her hair again after the BETs. He got mad and said stop asking me about Nicki Minaj, she’s living her life and I’m living mine!

  5. What’s going on with Jlo, she’s in her 40’s and everything seems to be going fine with her. Why didn’t she get deactivated? Also, isn’t Gissell past 35? She is still relevant why? I’m confused.

      1. Jlo also performing in Vegas where they perform after they get deactivated G did a post bout that too.

  6. The one thing I know that could save Nickis career is ACTING. I know y’all seen her in that one clip on ig where she was acting as a teenager. She could easily crossover and do movies etc.. she could pull a queen latifah. To me cardi can only do certain “types” of rolls. If Nicki gets into acting she’ll be ok.

    1. Nicki is too bafoonish to be a actress and I personally think she cannot act. I was just saying this about the acting industry they get raped. Models, singers, and rappers all go into the acting industry when their careers get stale taking money outta actors mouths. And let’s not forget reality TV killing 80% of authentic sitcoms.

  7. So the reason why Janet Jackson’s deactivation is more gradual, is because of her fan base? Because Janet is over 50 and she still sells out shows! Lol … I thought the lambs were more dedicated, I love Mimi 😭

  8. I notice nicki is communicating with her fans on social media now there was a time that she didn’t especially on Instagram she be all in the comments now.

    1. Milani i also notice that every week Nicki gaining more in more followers. If seems like the more the media hate on her, the more people start to follow her. I just hope the same fans will buy her album and pay to see her own tour. Tour is very important for all artists that how they make their money.

    2. I noticed that too. I think it’s one of the reasons G said cause the fans are keeping her afloat at this point. She needs them so she has to appeal more personable.

  9. Will saweetie be the next up I see a lot of blogs post her and she’s dope…I’m not hating on Cardi but I don’t see her lasting for 9/10 yrs.

    1. True, they may be deactivating nicki, its the industry way true! However i cannot imagine cardi existing for 10 years… Cardi has been complaining for a long time about her celebrity status… I think she going to make money and try to leave dont know how…

      1. Idk they should just let her leave she couldn’t even do her first tour she fucked their money up lol

  10. Mariah is funny as shit. She said ima just be like everybody else with not hot tea! Ctfu. That clip is definitely proof they are trying to play her, it’s sad.

  11. This sounds legit. Is this why Rihanna is dating that billionaire and coming out with a makeup and lingerie line so she will have extra money? She hasn’t came out with new music in a while and she is 30. Is her deactivation near?

  12. As always this blog never disappoints. This is very real and if you have paid attention it’s been happening for YEARS. I believe that with social media it makes it more noticeable and YES women are the 1st to go down. But here’s where I am confused. Clearly, these artist don’t pay attention to all those who came before them. The industry is ageist! Hell I am not in the industry and I can see that. There will ALWAYS be someone coming behind you! Be smart! Flip your dollars, invest, save or ALL of the above. That way when they come down with the shyts, you can exit stage left gracefully.

  13. I don’t feel this is wrong what so ever because every new act needs a chance to live out their dreams. It’s the circle of life and everyone has their Dawn and sun set. Everybody understands Minnie Ripperton (Mariah gladly took her seat), Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Patti LaBelle all had to fade out to make way for Giselle, Janet, Mariah, Ashanti etc. Aretha and Etta James are bitter divas but they don’t go around trying to black ball the new generation. Patti on the other hand supported Ashanti when haters protested against her getting a R&B award. My point is no child realistically can look up to Mimi old ass with all these tummy tucks or Janet (as iconic as she is and ppl still Bop to her). It’s only natural. Same thing in the career world the old geezers don’t wanna retire so the millennials are looked over and they have their eyes on generation X. This is the 1st time ever so yes I’m a lil salty lol.

  14. How do people still question this? People still wonder why Cardi even gets compared to Nicki, when it’s so obvious she can’t hold a candle to Nicki’s talent. Everything you show us and tell us is real. It’s right in front of us. I’m glad so many of the Barbz are starting to wake up to this, so we can keep Nicki prospering, like she deserves.

  15. I’m curious though, do the people who are replacing the deactivated artist know that they are replacements? And do they know what’s happening to the deactivated artist?

  16. All I have to say I’d i love onika. I’m a die hard fan. She’s also my bday twin. I’m very sad this is happening to her I do hope that her album and tour does good. Also that she ventures out and creates something she can always make money from before they finish her off. I hope she finds love and settles down as well. That’s if she wants to.

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