October 1, 2022

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33 thoughts on “Season 7 : The Truth Behind The Fallout of Drake and Trey Songz

  1. Like I get Trey asking for permission. Drake should of put his ego aside and said no. But like is Trey so naive thinking it was okay knowing they had some history together?

  2. So why is it always rumor that Trey Songz is gay clearly the nigga love fucking other niggas bitchesz lolbs.

    1. Yeah I’ve heard about gay rumors from both. I wonder if this was the beginning of Trey being called “Mr. Take/Steal Your Girl” 🤔

      1. no those gay rumors were never founded our people love making our black successful light skin men gay its sickning its not even the other people its our own

    2. but noone ever has anythin to go on did they see him coming out of a hotel room with a man? kissing a man? no they just make shit up all i ever see and hear about is him fuckin women

    3. Lol right. But like G said if you look to pretty or not good enough or something you’re always gay in black ppls minds.

  3. Wow. I should’ve known it was over a chick. Nebby just wanted to slight Drake. Grown women know you don’t date your exes friends. Drake ain’t shyt either tho because he had her but like most men didn’t want to do right by her, yet got mad when another man wanted her. And Trey, he’s always been messy.

  4. First off, as soon as I saw the title of this post I mentally thought “Finally!!!” Second, Drake should’ve never said yes if he knew he didn’t mean it. Men always think they can play with females and their emotions. Eventually they get tired and sounds like Nebby did.

  5. G I must know, what is up with all of the reunion tours… New Edition, Xscape, 112, Day 26, Backstreet Boys, and so many more. What is about?

    Also, what is up with has beens running to reality tv? What does it stand for?

    1. reunion tours its called need money lol running to reality tv its Called need money lol

      most of these groups ad acts that tour 6-9 months out the year need to do that to keep money coming most of them have no record deal anymore so the only way to keep gettng paid and not have a job at a use car lot is to tour

      1. Oh here I was with notepad and a pen for no reason. LOL. I just thought it was a bit deeper than that, since it came so out of the blue.

      2. G, do the record company get a cut of their tour money after all these years?

  6. I’ll say this first Nebby know code you don’t go out with NONE is your ex’s homies… So really he should’ve been mad with her because Niccahs share women like they did anyway and he respected him and asked, that’s on him if his ego got in the way of him letting Trey Know she was a NO GO… THAT’S ALL ON HIM!!!!!

  7. It’s easy to say he should have said no but to be in the moment is different I had the same happen to me I thought me ex would never go for my best friend and the time and vice versa I told her it was cool to hang out and come to find out they smashed we fell out shortly after

  8. What’s the issue with Chris and Trey? You put in parentheses another issue when him and Trey were hanging around a lot.

  9. If Nebby did hang out Trey Songz, she knew what she was doing. If you know the person that like/love, has tendencies of not being faithful, what would you do to drive him crazy? Mess around with his rival, or mess with his friend. It going to drive him crazy. It’s gonna mess with his ego big time.

  10. All 3 was being shady, Drake, Neb, and Trey. They all broke “code”. Don’t ask your friend to date his real ex, don’t give permission, and don’t say yes to the date! I remember discovering the Replacement Girl on YouTube YEARS ago, that’s how I heard Drake first. I knew of Trey before then, didn’t know they were that cool. I love this early 2000s tea…

  11. I’ve heard gay rumors about Trey & I don’t know why but I kinda believe it. He’s probably Bi. Hell let’s be real, for as fine as he is, he can’t keep a woman. My nephew told me he is bi & that he’s dm’d him before. Now I asked to see the DM’s but he wouldn’t show them, so I can’t back that story up. Why would he ask to date that man’s Ex anyway? Any why would Drake say yes when he means no? Lol men are a trip! I’ve been in that situation before & the scenario was similar but my Ex and his friend made up. Lol! FYI his friend & I went out & I couldn’t go through with anything because it felt wrong, even though the friend was the better guy for me.

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