August 16, 2022

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28 thoughts on “This is my Power Theory

  1. The writer of the series already debunked that theory. She said they never had any relations. I had the same theory as well but then again you never know lol

  2. I said this back when Kanan got out of jail and told Tasha he was thinking about her all time in jail… why was you thinking about your man girl for…oh I know why, you guys fucked back in the day. Also he’s been taking a liking to waterhead (tariq) than he did his dead son Shawn. I also think Kanan set up to have Shawn around to watch (His twins) kids while he was in jail as well. And my final guess is 50 posted a IG post last year about what if Tasha & Kanan fucked and had a kid and for me that confirmed what I was thinking back in season 2. Kanan is the daddy😯

      1. G my thing is if Kanan so happens to be his father, what if he eventually finds out that Tariq snitched to Dre, and offs him like his son, cuz in his eyes that would’ve been a b*tch move and we all know he can’t tolerate the disrespect

    1. I think its Tommie. 1. His & Tarigs relationship. 2. Why would she care if Kiesha had sex w/him. 3. How come Tommie didn’t want Tasha to know? 4. Its still somewhat of a secret (Tommie & Keisha).

  3. My friend had just bought this point up to me the other day, i think it’s valid! I just don’t want power to end anytime soon 😖

  4. Interesting… Kind of makes sense though…. But can Angela go away and Ghost find his feelings for Tasha though? OOOO… What if he starts messing with Keisha? What if Keisha’s nevwr seen son is Ghost’s??? 🤔🤔

  5. I don’t think the twins are Kanan’s, I think he’s just trying to take tariq away from ghost like ghost took shwan away from Kanan (his dad) remember junk box told kanan “what’s the one thing ghost took from you and that was shawn his son he loved ghost more than his own dad….And I think Tasha is nerves around K because originally the drug empire was K’s but Tasha and ghost put him in jail. So she knows he wants it back.

  6. That is very interesting ! I have noticed Tasha seems unnerved around Kanan 🤭 and when he’s mentioned

  7. I always suspected something happened between Kanan and Tasha. They both act weird around each other and there is serious tension, seemingly for no reason there. Let’s see how this goes.

  8. Yesss!!! Theory seems very accurate to me because I questioned that entire situation she stays away from him but is always suspect when his name pops up…Tasha and those skeletons

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