May 22, 2022

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47 thoughts on “The Secrets Behind The Diddy and Cassie Relationship – Part 2

    1. Spill it please! 🍿 I question how deep his relationship with Fonzworth Bentley (now married) was.
      I’ve always felt that men who treat women this way don’t “really” like women they like the idea of being seen with beautiful women.

  1. I’m willing to pay for tea on these2 BUT I understand ur only scratching the surface Diddy is a force to be reckoned with

    1. Right I’m so sad for her like the hell
      Diddy is going to go down hopefully, I watched his breakfast club interview and his vibe was off like he wanted to just say I’m gay okay leave me alone. He played it off well tried.

  2. OMG! Remember hearing the gay rumors about Diddy back in the day with Andre Harrell. I believe every one of them. Geesh

  3. As for Ryan, I heard he got blackballed from the industry. I hear he’s doing well now hosting seminars.

  4. I always thought he did this bc she was his beard. He is so suspect and still is. It seems like she is the only one that he can really control like that. That’s why he is holding on to her so hard. He can always get another beard bc I know for a fact that this isn’t love it’s all about control for his trifling ass. I actually feel sorry for Cassie.

  5. I know that there was a rumor when she did that movie with Terrence from Bet show Diddy was jealous. The rumor was when she did that movie he ain’t want her getting close to Terrence or doing too much love scene can’t remember the name of the movie.

  6. Here comes my artistic flare coming out. Now us Taureans see pictures as art because we are very much talentive. But those pics of Cassie and Diddy are very creative. They are not that bad. Especially the second and last pic.

  7. Diddy ain’t shit. Period. That’s why Craig Mack (RIP), didn’t fuck with him and alot of people who was on his label in the past. He can go around talking about black excellence when couldn’t excel on making sure his artists on HIS label were treated right.

    I think I heard there was a Xzibit interview he talked about Diddy taking him to a gay club one time or something along that realm.

  8. Cameran Diaz wow I ain’t know that one thing about the fruit basket is he has beautiful women that’s it.

  9. For a man that mentioned GOD a lot on his social media pages, is nothing but the DEVIL himself. Love this, Love that my ass..People who always preaching about loving GOD, is the one too watch out for…It was mentioned before, that Cassie goes to Dubai to make money, as a sex worker, and Diddy don’t really take care of her fiancially like you think he would. One time she came back all bruised up in the face. The men there, beat the american women as some sort of rituals…It was also said, that if you are a female, that is associated with him, and you come across strong minded, independent kind of chic, THAT HE WOULD BREAK YOU! Like he is doing Cassie.

  10. random but could G or anyone give a run down of the benefits of being an industry advice subscription? Curious about signing up

    1. It Only benefits you if you yourself want to be in the industry or you are thinking about one of your loved ones who want to be in the industry. it keys on certain do’s and dont and things that i may have slipped up on in the past. It basically gives you advice on certain moves and certain tendercies in the indsutry. If you have no interest in becoming a industry person then it doesnt beneift you. if you do you never can aquire too much knowledge

      1. It’s on the spill the sugar pg under this post. Right like leave the lady alone let her tell us what we need to know shit.

    1. Why people gotta keep fucking with G and her team! SMFH!! It’s a privilege we are getting this info on stars we have grown up with.

      Hope G finds out who it is.

      1. Yes my friend and I talk about this stuff quite often and we feel betrayed beings though we did grow up thinking we knew these people

    2. Wow that’s some bs straight up wack. She’s going through all this to get us the info and this is how they repay her ? Diddy won’t do anything for them for doing that.

  11. wow, we need a pt 3!! also, i remember when she used to model for Delia’s and Alloy books, back in the day….

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