September 29, 2022

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20 thoughts on “The Secrets Behind The Diddy and Cassie Situation – Part 1

  1. So was Cassie doing this so she could be financially sound or did she think this would help her music career or does she really love him? I’m just confused why would anyone subject themselves to this kind of treatment if they didn’t see it as a come-up.

  2. Damn. I knew Diddy was into that shit heavy, i can’t even look at him the same since that Fab interview on drank champs

  3. Chileeee 🐸☕ now that I know this Draya and Cassie both were in the film with Terrance J. Cassie was soooooo sexy in that movie. I can’t recall the name but I do have it. But wow I believe all is this. Part 2 post up 🗣️

    1. Perfect Match was the movie. I thought she did a good job. She’s pretty, but I see a J-Lo resemblance sometimes.

  4. Damn draya was in every couple bed! Diddy & Cassie, karrueche and Chris. So it’s safe to say that she’s bisexual? Or maybe just lesbian but acting straight with the “fiancée”/Husband and Kids?

  5. Cassie is to beautiful to be with Diddy. The pain he put her through is unbelievable. I feel sorry for her. I hope she can find her way out of this relationship. I dont know how she sleep at night with out crying. Pain and sorrow is all I can see. 😢☹🙏💔💧⛪🕆

    1. Yes I remember that – when I’d tell people Cassie started it they didn’t believe me. I forgot about the part he ripped her nails off. The public persona of Diddy is always so great and positive but when you hear of his behind the scenes nonsense you realize this man’s insecurities are exponential.

  6. I never liked Diddy especially when he did making the band making them people walk to get his fruity ass cheesecake. Ryan Leslie should have thought things through before he passed her on to Diddy if she would have stayed with him she would have been in a better space.

  7. Shiddddd, I knew Diddy was with Cassie before the announce it. The dead give away was at the zoo. Right after Kim gave birth to the twins. From the angle of the pic, Diddy was behind Cassie. He had on a busta brown fisherman wharf hat. And she was in front of him. Both leaning forward over the rails looking at the monkeys. Don’t mind me. I am just an old cougar who can detail mannerisms and psychological warfare.

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