August 16, 2022

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60 thoughts on “Joe Budden Says “Nicki Minaj Is On Drugs” An A New Nicki Minaj Update

  1. She’s on Coke… That’s the reason she snaps back at her fans and blogs… She better chill bc as much as I like to see her overcome this… She’s ending her own career… I wish would try to market female MCs to stay relevant their entire career vs until they age in their 30s

    1. I want her to retire after the tour. Because there’s no need for her to fight to be in a industry that hates her. No she don’t have to do a song with ex. Her per album sells are doing good. But I’m more worry about her health. She can’t go on like this. Shes in depression and stress. This about to go down like Kenya West. If she have a breakdown we already know what’s going to happen to her. They will drug her up or kill her off. And say she overdose on drugs. They already destroy her image and career. Now because she refuse to give up, they want her died. Blood red. Sad just sad. They want stop until she gone completely. Prayers go up for Nicki 😢😓😇⛪💒💧

    2. Mise42800 I don’t believe she doing coke. Nicki Minaj has gain a lot of weight. She’s fat now She was never that big. Maybe shes taking some pills. And eating her pain away.

    3. Why are you spreading false rumors that she is on coke though ? G said she knows but won’t say. So how do you know ?

    1. Misseswright38, Nicki is listening because she just put her album up for per sells, like G told her to. And she said she will drop a mixtape with the album. I’m worry about her life right now.

  2. I’m sorry but every time Nicki speaks or performs lately… smh she creating her own demise by acting foolish & making amateur/ attention seeking moves

  3. Her stubbornness is going to be her downfall. I can admit I LOVEDDDD mixtape old school Nicki. I was a huge fan with her first album. But then her second album dropped and she lost me as a fan. If she follows your plan I would actually go buy her album but if she doesn’t, then I will have to accept that she is done with rap. I still haven’t downloaded Cardi Bs album bc I just don’t like how she raps. I like her for pure entertainment not rapping

  4. Wouldn’t it be stupid to diss Remy since she pregnant. They are going to say ooooo she dissing a pregnant lady.

    1. Tata56199 right that not a good move. Love G but dissing Remy right now it will hurt Nicki more. That not the advice she needs.

      1. remy is still dissing her and she lost a lot of respect when she didnt respond remy isnt the one hurting her cardi is

  5. I feel like she should’ve never left Safaree because he genuinely cared for and k’ew what was good for fee. I feel like now she can’t trust anybody In her camp

  6. She needs to take someone advice and get a handle on things cause the way she been acting, with the constant clap backs and outbursts and making herself look like a fool she’s only doing the elites dirty work for them by tainting her image. But if she continues to be stubborn and hardheaded and not wanting to listen, when the inevitable happens and she gets deactivated what more can someone say besides well? We told you! It’ll be tragic to witness but still it’s like people are trying to help but you letting pride get in the way! Pride doesn’t last you very long in the industry CLEARLY! Good luck to her.

  7. I was still learning the English language when I was exposed to one of Nicki song and it never left me:
    “I hear them coming for me
    Because the top is lonely
    What the F they gon say,
    I’m the best b^*$& doing it….. I’M THE BEST.

    Back then, Nicki was fighting for the girls that never thought they could win, now, she must fight for her career and her life. Hopefully she’ll listen to your advices.

  8. Nicki clapping back and that journalist under Karen Civil who was fired, is not helping her cause. This is allowing people to continie to attack her. She needs to ignore it and continue planning her next moves, because it’s obvious her star power in the industry is starting to slow down now.

    When Joe said it he thinks Nicki is on drugs, I was shocked…

    Maybe making amends with Safaree and Drake is her best option at this point.

    What about what Joseline crazy ass said about her on IG? Is there truth to what she saying about Nicki and people don’t like working with her?

    1. I was thinking that too about joseline we know she be lying but maybe it some truth to what she saying about people not wanting to work with her

  9. I doubt she’s on coke but she’s probably popping pills. The whole world is against her and yall expect her to not be depressed. If she stays quiet ppl complain, if she claps back ppl complain. Damned if she damned if she don’t.

    All of this over not wanting to sign with Atlantic. That shit was years ago. The industry is dumb af. I wish they let ppl be.

    1. Kenk320 right If she fight back they will still drag her in the media. When she don’t say nothing they still draging her in the media. I love G but no matter what Nicki Minaj do right now, they will make her the bad guy. Dissing Remy ma or Cardi will not help her now. She already diss both of them in chi lee. This is life are death for Nicki. If they planing on killing her, she should expose everything in the music industry. Call out everybody before they take her out of here. The elites want her dead. Nicki Minaj should expose and tell everything right now. Forget about the music they are after her life now. This is bigger than music.

  10. Stop the drugs, FIRST!, Get help, SECOND! Leave the country, THIRD!, RELAX, FOURTH!, Start over, FIFTH!, SEEK GOD, TALK TO GOD, GET SAVED, SIXTH!, Move in silence and live your life, FINALLY!

    1. DaRadiant1 i said the same thing about Nicki last week. She need to disappear go to church and ask God for forgivenes and hope he save her soul. And leave the country and enjoy her life. She got enough money to retire. Move in silence and delete her IG and Tweeter pages. Forget about those fans. They need to get a life of their own, and stop trying to live her life behind fake pages. Some of her fans or crazy. Can’t tell them nothing. They will never know what it’s like to be Nicki Minaj, because they don’t live with her or walk in her shores. That why she should delete her IG and Tweeter pages after the tour. Her fans are too crazy and dum. And I a Nicki Minaj fan. But I understand what’s going on.

      1. Being in the music industry is her calling. Yes she can get God but hell no I wouldn’t quit and LET someone take my crown.

  11. I don’t think Nicki will follow your plan entirely maybe partially . Shit I bought tickets to see her this fall, anything she gives I will be happy to see though. She is the last Young Money member to get out of their contract with Cash Money. I feel like this hate has something to do with that . I think she and Drake have made amends, if you listen to the Scorpion album you can tell . He is also in Miami a lot now. I never wanted her to put out a hip hop album maybe a mix of genres . I feel like the pressure she has put on herself is enormous but she is a star and she wants to grow. I want her to leave this industry after this album and tour. I feel like she will. This is too much. I am stressed out for her and it’s not me.

  12. Well like most people in my age group 23 – 28, remember when Nicki was hungry for it and that’s why we loved her. I can remember in high school when everybody was talking about the female “Lil Wayne”, But slowly she’s became corny to a lot of us. Me and friends were just talking about how she’s in her mid-30’s rapping about the same stuff she rapped about 9, almost 10 years ago. No Growth!!! Yes, I get it the elites are trying to tear her down blah blah blah, but a lot of this is Nicki’s fault as well. I like Nicki and I hate what’s happening to her, but she needs to go in a completely different direction.

  13. OMG!!! The mix tape “Queen” sound cRaZy😝 Lets Go!!! And Darling Nicki?!?! I can’t handle it! Let’s Goooooo!!!!

  14. I’m not a fan of Nicki but Joe’s podcast did her dirty. She might be on drugs??? OR she might be having a breakdown because EVERYBODY is against her right now. Just because Joe’s a former drug addict doesn’t mean he can start diagnosing folks. Oh, and his fawning over Drake lately is just too much, fake, and phoney. I’m a fan of Joe’s show but lately his assumptions and theories about people has been getting on my nerves.

  15. Nicki would just do better getting deactivated. The pressure would come off her and she would be able to have a healthier personal life like Ciara and etc. Cardi is going to crumble in less than 3 years, because she can’t handle the pressure w/ the Nicki hate train, so I damn sure know she isn’t going to be able to do it w/o it. Luckily, that’ll leave us the room we need for a real female rapper to come in and give us real hip hop.

    1. Totally agree!!! I hope Cardi is saving her $$ and developing a good transition out of hip-hop plan! What’s happening to Nicki right now is a good preview of what could potentially happen to her!

  16. Speaking of Ciara, why was she deactivated so soon? Is it true that she came for Giselle or was it her divas way rubbed the big wigs the wrong way?

  17. I think the backlash and hate is lowkey getting to nicki but whoever is around her is not keeping it real she needs to hear the truth all of your ideas 4 nicki sound dope G she needs Wayne and drake on a track because the chemistry is undeniable making peace with Safaree and them working together would shock everybody but in a good way.

  18. And Safaree was the only one to tell her she had bad energy she needs her friend back it’s been time now and he got his money.

  19. But G, or anyone reading 😜, I’m still not convinced that maybe nicki and drake are not on total good terms, I went on a investigation and after she broke up with meek she tweeted “If u ask me I’m ready,” now if anyone is aware of those lyrics, those are from the song unthinkable that drake wrote, in interview he said that it was both for swizz and Alicia situation, but also from conversations with nicki. She been hinting that she got a new man…now i am reaching ? 👀👀👀

    1. Further, i also think her and nas was a publicity stunt somehow…. Cause no chemistry imo… I have more things that i have peeped… All i want to say is add this point if i was her i would marry that man and maybe go into retirement and further along the line do a comeback tour just for the fans or even a young money ww tour, even drake mentioned that when he brought nicki on stage in paris last year… I know im reaching but i grew up listening to her as the o ly female rapper at the time… So i want to keep ir hopeful, everything is feeling too dark the last couple of months

      1. Kiks93 I wonder who is this new man she been talking about. And if he and Drake not on good terms, it’s because of a man. But Drake says he love her last week. I just hope she not dating that man Quavo Huncho and him and drake going on tour together. We all know how drake feel about Nicki. Him a Quavo might have problems in the future.

    2. Yeah like before they do any more songs together they need to build their friendship back (Drake&nicki) last year when Drake did those songs they were shitty on all they end

  20. Its a typo and bad sentence construction, i relally meant i think they are on better terms right now..

    1. As a matter of fact it seems that it is no quavoo.. I follow one of her fan pages whom nicki is constantly in contact with, and she let them know she is not dating quavk, also that is also how nicki always know when shit gets leaked or who or what has been talking shit… Believe it or not… Mk ultra or not drugs or not… She is aware of everything… She just needs to be more strategic about her moves

      1. and she might not directly follow this page, but some od the fan pages repost things G says…so she might be gathering herself for war and finishing her career with a bam

  21. You kno the truth but won’t speak on it????? Wow Gina this truly goes to show that you are picking sides… I thought that’s what this blog was for, to tell all the truths… so you mean to tell me when it comes to Nicki you can’t speak on
    It but tell us everything about every other celeb? JUST WOW!!!

    1. The reason I can’t is that when I did it before I got in a lot of trouble with Karen Civil. I had actually spoke on this before

    2. the problem is even with this being private people go and send this to nicki’s pr and to karen and i get in trouble

      1. Her pr is the only people I know that put things into action others will come out with a statement or some shit but Nicki oh no hers go all the way. What Karen have to do with Nicki?! (Not getting smart) I just read something bout her assistant and Nicki and I thought her and Nicki was friends

  22. Wait this is sooo her karma,I vividly remember she said to Joe Budden” Good luck with your little podcast” ….welp a few yrs later he signs for 5 million and is a very influential voice in hip hop. I don’t feel her pain

  23. This post makes a lot of sense. That mixtape idea is bomb asf. She’s in trouble & need help. This industry is ruthless. Money good but it’s not worth your sanity. I wouldn’t wish this on my enemy.

  24. Ever since you’ve pointed out her deactivation process it is hard to UNSEE. It’s really unsettling and that’s what we, the audience, are allowed to see. It has to be 1000 times harder with industry yellow and red tape on everything.

    Hey does Nicki read this blog? Not her people. Her?

  25. I think her team is working overtime, the video just got deleted and nicki also just posted miley on her IGTV… They giving nicki a chance

  26. I do think it is messed up what they are doing but I also feel like this has always happened in the industry, social media is just so huge now, it’s like a tell all book. I do think that she sees what’s going on and it’s going to be hard for her to handle, I really wish she had focused more on putting out more albums than features so that she could’ve finished up her contract with young money like Drake and create businesses like Rihanna. I just feel like she was more concerned with being the #1 rap chick and go too for features, I don’t think she can handle/last 2 more albums.

  27. So everybody wants to try to save nicki but she has been shady since the beginning of her career. Sneak dissing every female rapper that has come out since….. First iggy now cardi….. People in the industry have said numerous times she isn’t the most pleasant person to work with….. If you act like a bitch you deserve to get treated like one, don’t get me started on her annoying ass fans. Nicki talks shit about atlantic records but she was silent asf when kmichelle called her out for stealing a record that meek wrote for k and put it on nicki album, then told atlantic records not to mention it to kmichelle. Now she claims she is going to expose the label for allegedly lying about cardi single ” i like it like that” going number one. nicki needs to worry about herself, i always thought she was on some type of pills I’ve heard that for years now. I honestly would like all the female rappers to stfu and put out great music. Btw cardi gets wayyyy more hate than nicki.

  28. Somebody is leaking info from this blog. I saw somebody make a comment on ig with the third paragraph to this post word for word! 🤦🏾‍♀️

  29. Wow I didn’t know they were trying to deactivate Mariah when she dropped that. Why ? Only because of age ? So if joe isn’t on payroll is he just following other ppl and the nicki hate train cause he doesn’t like what she said that time ? Also your idea is great but I feel like what you said it’s her ego and pride that wouldn’t let that happen. She feels she’ll look soft making up with ppl who dissed her publicly before. Now dropping the beef is one thing but working with them no I don’t think nicki has it in her. I hope for the best though I love her.

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