October 6, 2022

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22 thoughts on “The Real Truth Behind The Break-up of N Sync and The Backstreet Boys Beef ( Public Special Request)

  1. Lance and Justin lived together I think when Justin were kids and he was just coming from Tennessee… Lance parents took care of him for second… So those two really have a bond… Now the JC junk…I wondered why he didn’t pursue his own solo project.. And he was just as talented and cute as Justin.. I never like bsb…I do remember the group suing fat man Lou… Lol now hearing that tea about justified.. That makes sense lol… Thanks for sharing the tea finesse and G

  2. If you knew about the biggest 90s boy bands like Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, O-Town, LFO & Aaron Carter, they were created by Lou Pearlman.
    Lou liked to hold auditions, hang outs & “sleepovers” at his house.
    In every band, there was at least 1 who had to take it for the team. That didn’t make all the other members or wanna-be members exempt. And you’d know by the looks on their faces as they crept out of his room late at night. ALLEGEDLY, Justin was one of them.
    Some guys were DESPERATE for it all and chalked it up to the price of fame, “if all I have to do is let some guy grab my balls so I could be a millionaire, then so be it”. The ones who didn’t want to participate told their parents and they complained that he was a “sexual predator’, but if you ask them, everyone denies anything ever happening! Not to mention the fact that he swindled them out of MILLIONS of dollars by paying himself as a member of the group(s).

  3. *NSYNC was my group!!! I like JC the most. He voice is amazing!! He should blow up when he went solo. I always thought his voice was better then Justin.

  4. This is bringing back memories of my teen years. I actually liked both groups. I thought BSB were more serious with their vocals and N sync was the fun, dancing group. I remembered the rumor that Nick had dated Britney Spears before it became official between her and JT.
    I always thought JC sounded better vocally than JT but I wasn’t surprised that JT was the one who went solo. I also heard that Joey Fatone was the one who found out Lance was gay when he walked in on him having sex with a dude. He kept his secret for him from the other guys. I always suspected Lance was gay and was surprised when years later that my assumption was right. I always believed that JT didn’t care about the other guys and only was friends with JC since he was the only one invited to his wedding.

  5. I loved both groups but I probably stan for BSB more & ive met them a few times & they’re so done to earth, humble & kind

    I love Brit too & that would’ve been interesting her & JC. I’m sure he would’ve treated her better than JT did.

    Wonder if any of the guys is into Britney now?

    JT & his ego would never allow an *NSYNC reunion & believes in his own hype when his solo music without the help of Pharrell & Timbaland is mediocre at best with his first two solo records being his peak

    It seems Brit is still cool with BSB a they went to her Vegas show a few years back & were inspired by her residency success to move forward with their own residency

    BSB pretty much felt NSYNC was their copycat while they were still making moves in the industry & got pissed in the documentary when one of the NSYNC members said they had been watching their videos & had “their person” down. I think they feel a way their solo careers never panned out compared to JT, but if it meant them keeping true to themselves then I respect it & I think no matter what is why their fans go so hard for them

  6. Those boy bands fanned out quick as hell! It didn’t take long for them to dismantel. JC ended up being on ABDC. I missed that show!

  7. I ALWAYS liked JC better than I liked Justin. I felt like his voice had more soul than Justin and he could have been a big solo act too.. I’m glad he didn’t sell out. Thanks for the story

  8. I’m sorry but I’ve always been a BSB fan and it’s no wonder that Kevin was my favorite, tender, polite and mature. On the other hand Nick did not know that they saw him because he seemed irritating to me. And I always thought that Nsync was a bad copy of the BSB

  9. So g did they tell joseline in order for her new show to do numbers diss nicki cuz the timing is perfect.

  10. G, did you hear that Joe Budden Podcast when he state’s he believes Nicki is on drugs? And Azeila Banks bipolar ass is attacking her again. After they made up a few months ago… Wow..🙂

  11. I met both boy bands several times, stayed at a resort with them in Florida, followed them up and down the east coast when they were on tour. I wonder why no one talks about how much of a player Joey Fatone was. There would be groupies lined up outside his hotel room waiting for their turn to fuck him. Nick and AJ were heavily into drugs back when they were most popular. JC use to date Eva Longoria.

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