July 6, 2022

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48 thoughts on “Today We Premiere The Sugar Dish Behind The Scenes Look At Some of Today’s Top Gossip

  1. So is blacchyna on contact for hire with only young boys.. Bc she supposedly showing she messing with Hainey guy

  2. And why did Kanye do teyana like that with this album… That seems like a big fuck you that she the artist can’t edit or put out an album that she approves… I know got to be butt hurt that he debacled her album.. I hope she talks about it on her show

    1. Yes that seems so dirty. This girl has been trying to be a mainstream artist for the longest. Something had to of happened between the two of them for him to play her out like this. I’m not even a big Teyana fan and I’m embarrassed

      1. I don’t even think it’s that something happened. I think it’s just cause he’s a narcissistic psycho who only cares about himself. He rushed all those other artists shit so he could focus more on his own. Tey tey is dope and her sound is unique. She talented can sing, dance, and act. She needs to leave because I would like to see her big time. Like breakout with something big that Kanye hasn’t touched.

  3. G, is that why literally no one is reporting on Cardi B’s number 1? Literally none of the blogs said a word about it, and these are blogs that are typically on her clit!

    1. Well she told the shaderoom not to post her no more. She only lets Hollywood unlocked because she’s friends with Jason.

      1. Cuz her dumbass was replying back to all negativity and they would post her replies all the time lol

    2. Yeah people would comment things she didn’t like , but people literally say bad things about every celeb but her feelings get hurt easily.

    1. The version that was played at the release party wasn’t the same version released on the album. Something about clearance issues.

  4. Now she’s contract dating my little cousin….whole family is up in arms……..im just sitting back sipping on my t

  5. I’m irritated Kanye did this to Teyana it seems like it something else going on bout that but I thought Shaq was still with hoops I’m late and Cardi is just a puppet but I hope her baby comes out healthy

  6. So what’s the tea on why Kanye west did teyanna dirty with the incomplete album release in the first place?

  7. Drake always rubbing it in somebody’s face he messed with their women that’s why he ended up with his bm but they all childish if you ask me

  8. Didn’t Shawn Mendes came out while doing an interview recently? Right after that interview, he all of a sudden started dating Hailey. SMH! Shawn come out the closet, no one cares. Lol

    At the end of all of this who is going to want Black Chyna? That woman is gross to me.

    What Kanye did to Teyana is disgraceful! I hope she leaves his label. He has not maximize the potential and the talent she has after all of these years. She derseves better.

    Atlantic and Sony records needs to get exposed and it can’t come fast enough! They are so dirty it’s sickening.

  9. Atlantic just need to give up. What’s done in the dark will come to light.

    Just ask Tidal!!

  10. But Teyanas album release date was already set in stone for that day…so how could she have been surprised when he said months ago when all of his productions were dropping?

    1. Her album came out a day later than the release date. It was a surprise because Kanye didn’t tell her before he finally dropped it. She had to find out from a friend its streaming

  11. Now she have a new contract with that 18 year old boxer. She’s trash with get Humpty Dumpty head ass

  12. Fake streams have been around since the 90s and probably longer than that. What’s the tea on Mariah Careys record label rigging her sales? I remember in a episode of Moesha she got a hacker to fix her grades and the hacker said he’s the best. “I know you don’t think Mariah Carey sold that many records” That was the media giving us a slick truth. Mariah biggest break in her career was the Emancipation of Mimi and E=MC2 (clever title).

  13. I’m listening to an old song off Ciara goodies album with r.kelly…have he ever tried to mess with her

  14. Teyana can leave Ye’s label if she wants to, but that’s not going to help her music career. She’s more of a personality IMO. Not to mention, out of all of Ye’s releases he gave her some of the best beats but it still didn’t = HUGE numbers. aaaand getting into reality tv didn’t help…

  15. I love this page but I’m nosy and saw a new tea page on IG that is claiming to expose Atlantic… Cardi B was put on some hot records but I don’t think she’s good as a stand alone artist. I’ve felt that way about Nicki as well, but I do believe NM is more talented. I love Drake, but considering who he has a child with, he needs to hush. I don’t think anything could have saved TT’s album. She can sing her face off, but I don’t think she has the industry IT factor…

    1. IamAP80 you right TT album was not bad. I like 5 songs on her album. She can really sing. But the industry was not behind her. If she was Atlantic her album would have been talk about on every talk show host and every blogger on IG and YouTube. They would make her album a win by buying fake streams. The powers that be never like her because she don’t have the look. And you know what LOOK they want in the music industry. Azealia Banks been saying this nobody listen to her. Azealia went on tweeter and said they only push the lighter skin artists in the media on tv Hollywood.

  16. That Cardi information is seen damn near the exact same article somewhere else. Now they’re either taking it from you or you’re getting f this from this page. It’s a twitter account. If they
    Are getting it from you be careful who you allow on this group just fyi

    1. I dont get any information from anyone I dont need to and its almost impossible to scren every single person that joins this group chances are they are a member of other pages as well but thanks for the heads up. I have seen people stealing my sugar for 2 years now i try to monitor it vest as i can

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