May 22, 2022

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37 thoughts on “The Deactivation Of Nicki Minaj. Can She Stop It? Part 2

  1. I figured they were trying to deactivate her especially after making her talk to Cardi at the Met Gala but I really hope she takes your advice G. It’s really sad that the powers that be won’t let there be room for everyone one when there actually is… Room for everyone.. this is a sad situation.

    1. I hope she take your advice, but if she don’t know you trying to contact her people. This will not happen. We can only hope the cash money and Republic are smart of enough to do this. After this album drop and she will be going on tour with future. I just hope she retire after all of this. Find a rice man, get marry have some children. Stay out of the public and off of social media. Eve is a good example of a rapper who change from music. To tv show of her own years ago. And now a talk show host. Nicki Minaj can move on and find something else to do. And she need to stay away from egg head Quavo. 😏😣

      1. I agree with you LADAVIS, after this she should retire. She has a great fan base so if she decides to stop doing music and venture and do something else she will always have a following and make money. Also, yes she needs to stay away from Quavo because its not a good look considering Cardi with Offset, it makes it seems as if she is trying to follow her footsteps even tho the two are not dating. She needs to stay in her own lane.

  2. Why even stay in an industry that’s trying to destroy you? Nicki needs to get out with her life and sanity while she still can. Fuck these people her soul is more important than riches and fame

  3. You are sooo right! Because id buy it just to prove a point. Plus i dont even buy my music smh. I hope she see this before its to late.

  4. I’m buying the album just help because the elites got too much damn power! In my opinion she needs to bow out and have some kids , someone to continue her legacy. I will still support though, because what female rapper spit harder than Nicki ? Not one , old or new 🤷🏽‍♀️

  5. ” I never fuck Wayne I never fuck drake all my life man fuck sake if I did I menage with em and let em eat my ass like a cupcake my man full he just ate I dont duck nobody but tape yeah that was a setup 4 a punchline on ductape” I need this nicki on her album/ warning /go hard that’s the type of time she need to be on nothing less 😏

  6. So did anybody catch when Nicki said in chun li “ how many of them could of did it with finesse”? Was she talking about the song cuz I was like that was a slick bar I don’t think nobody caught it

  7. I love you G.. Everything you said makes sense from a business outlook. I wish Nicki would do it that way to show these MFs. Then drop the mic on them..😍

  8. I really hope Nicki tram reached out to you because I’ve been following you since the beginning and you are VERY ACCURATE 💯💯… You give us more than we can even handle and we it comes to the advice these celebrities should take the direction they should go, you’re always ahead of the game and on point… If she want to stay relevant in the high platform she loves she would wanna listen to you CAUSE YOU’VE ALWAYS BEEN THE TRUTH…💎👑💯💝 Thanks G for all your truths, eye-opener👁️
    #Sugar Babii💯💯💯💯🤩🤩👌👍👏☕

  9. I want you to speak with her so bad what about you going thru TS Madison on IG I see her always commenting on her page now she was suppose to do the Queens Court with her

  10. That’s an awesome idea- the mixtape and what beats to use! Hope someone on her team reads ur post to her… sometimes I feel like Nicki and Drake and like Kim and Kayne… he’s always there waiting and loving her just keeping busy til she gives him the time of the day-
    I hope she realizes it and goes for it- might help her stay on longer- plus I think he could make her truly happy-

  11. this makes SOOOOO MUCH SENSE!!!…i honestly just want her to be able to go out ON HER TERMS & not how they tryna pusha her out…i pray someone from her team is a sugar baby & is at least bouncin shit in her ear…you did all you could G 🤷🏾‍♀️

  12. Wow absolutely brilliant ideas for her reboot! Really hope it gets relayed to her. It seemed like her BET performance was overly sexy too? Esp during rich sex I was watching like dang I don’t remember seeing her perform this extra with the humping and leg stretch tongue thing

  13. This post is spot on & she should definitely listen to you. Hell that mixtape idea sounds fire asf! I agree one million percent!

  14. But what is the sugar now regarding her and drake’s relationship are they on good terms now… 👀 I mean being featured as a sample on the album does not mean anything, also i dont want to get deceived by that insta reply by drake that he loves here 🤔🤔 really hope they on good terms tho

    1. Kiks93 Nicki Minaj need to marry Drake and be happy. Drake always loving and supporting her. He has forgive her for the meek beef. And I think Nicki knew about Drake son before the world knew about it. I believe she will be a good step mother to his son. She need to get with drake because his love for her is real.

  15. This whole thing stresses me out so much because if ANY woman in the industry can win over those assholes, it’s Nicki. I wanna see her win so damn bad. I wanna see everyone taking back their nasty words about her.

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