September 29, 2022

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46 thoughts on “Check This Video Out *Must See*

  1. I never understood how the anti gay agenda anti same sex marriage and all that can be pushed so hard but yet alot of these celebs that are idolized are more then likely gay or bisexual… all just a joke and mockery in the eyes of these elites

  2. This why people need to stop saying certain celebrities are flops and irrelevant. How bout they just don’t want to be fucked in the ass 🤷🏾‍♀️

  3. Seen this a few months ago. I think more than half these celebs as dabble with same sex escapades. Doesn’t surprise me. The down low is still prevalent today as it was in the 90s and early 2000s, when everyone was talking about it.

  4. Oprah was looking at Dave like oh no you just said a mouth full lol. I saw this video too and stopped watching it but the shit is in our faces and Kevin Hart is a goofy

    1. Sometimes I think things going to hit the fan beyond all of their control and no wonder all the male rappers really don’t have beef like that except for a selective few but is bow wow balm pregnant by future?

  5. Kevin will do ANYTHING he started off like that in the corny Scary Movie scene with Anthony Anderson spoofing Broke Back 🗻 because he’s not really funny…

  6. Lol I’m mad O didn’t stand up for himself but I love O because he’s never changed his dancing style just to stay hip, he stays true to his style unlike Chris. Bow got small man syndrome 😂

  7. What about tia and tamera ? Are they down with all that industry stuff ? Especially tamera acting like she holy and lost her virginity at 29 I mean they started young at Disney channel were they involved in the rituals ?

    1. G touched on that a bit and said their mom wasn’t having that.

      I believe ol boy from B2K said O was protected most times by his mom also, when he was spilling the truth.

    2. I don’t think they started with Disney. If I remember correctly, their first role was Sister, Sister which was on ABC & they were like 15/16 years old.

      1. They are affiliated with each other .. Disney is the parent company of ABC.. Or ABC is the parent company of Disney.. One of the 2 but definitely together.

  8. I believed it all when Kat forstbstarted talkjng about it. They sent him enough threats, going to jail every week and getting jumped. Dave Chapelle, his integrity, I always believed what he said. Hand in hand Jay Z is disgusting, I heard that stuff from my own industry friends. But was Biggie his or Diddy’s sacrifice?

  9. The truth is Hip Hop is full of Sambo Coon ass Buckdancing Bitch Niggaz and Lesbo Pussy Sucking Slut ass Females…It’s not too many who would rather not be a Star and just have some success and live a regular Life…The One’s who wanna be a Star they have to make a Sacrifice and sellout to something if not a lot! Jay Z sold out so much to were he can’t go back to when he lived normally. Beyoncé sold her Soul and continues to represent everything Joe Camel tell her to.They BlackBall the Real One’s and Kill Off those who made it through and didn’t wanna play their Illuminati Game

  10. First and foremost, i don’t believe that shit about Pac! It’s not up for debate & I don’t need convincing either. Don’t buy that shit not for one minute. Show me the proof. Secondly, it’s scary as fuck. The very reason a lot of them share those IG models is because them heauxs know their secrets but them nigs are paying & keeping them laced in name brands so it’s cool. Third, Hell it’s been rumored that Game was fucking Mario, so why was he even in this video speaking on gays PERIOD! Nigga…YOU GAY! I believe every word about Birdman. I’ve heard rumors about him too. Pretty much the stories have been the same so there’s some truth there. It’s sad because this gay hip hop culture is influencing these young impressionable kids. Then to top it off, they are putting chemicals in our food that’s causing a lot of men to have gay tendencies. There was an article in the New Yorker, where they interviewed this scientist named Tyrone Hayes or Haynes and he did a test/study for this fertilizer company and it was proven that the chemicals in the fertilizer was causing homosexual tendencies in frogs. The fertilizer is used on soy crops, corn & other crops. Once he reported his findings, they blackballed him and tried to discredit the brother. Tapped his phone, wiped the internet clean of his reports & stories. It was deep! I believe it too. That’s why I don’t date because I’m paranoid & can’t trust these niggas anymore.

  11. G, what’s the tea on Diddy’s trip Dubai a few months ago?
    I always thought that it was odd for him to just randomly go there.

  12. Will kissing his son isnt gay in my opinion. It doesnt bother me when men are affectionate with their boy children. I really feel sad for Wayne because if he preyed on him at 5 years old that dude didnt stand a chance or have a choice. The price of fame is high. I wonder if Chris Brown his involved in all this

  13. The bigger picture of it all is sex. They have been pushing sex, drugs, and rock & roll for the longest of time. The fact that gay sex is emphasized is just a way of putting a new twist on an old trick. I’m not the only one who remember the video insta-thot breeding originator “Uncut” on BET!

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