August 18, 2022

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10 thoughts on “The Secrets of The Watergate Hotel Part 2 Start of an Underground Mission

  1. Daaammmnnn not Vanessa Del Rio!!! Sheesh! Is she even still living??? This is about to be some good ass tea here! *Grabs teacup and waits*

    1. Yes and her old ass still doing porn lol. She has a private website you can Google and pay a fee. I don’t like mild porn I like her prime lol. I only know of her because of the Get Money video.

  2. I’m lookin at all these women and just thinking alright which president(s) would smash her? Lol

    1. Vanessa was a hottie in the day lol. I don’t like the builder muscle she’s become now. But she’s older so health is best.

  3. I can’t wait for the rest of this story. I’ve heard of things like this before but damn.. that’s crazy

  4. I’ve always had a feeling that Giselle had a thing with Obama. You know her and Jay are obsessed with the number 4, well Obama was the 44th president and his birthday is Aug 4th and they’ve met him on numerous occasions. She even sang at his inaugural ball.

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