September 30, 2022

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29 thoughts on “Secrets Of The Watergate Hotel Doors Upon Doors

    1. Probably Tomi Lahren since she always defending his stupid ass. I’m assuming those are the tell tell signs that are right in front of our faces that people just overlook smh

  1. eww I cant picture Bush Sr and Jr having sex. I’m sure Gore and Clinton were down there regularly.. I definitely can see that. .. but which president swas gay? I can only think of one president who folks assume was gay and that was in the 1800s (Buchanan). lol.

  2. I’m assuming Bey must’ve been the presidential girlfriend for Obama? Considering she was really riding for him and his campaign the whole way.

    1. Obama CONSTANTLY kept gushing about Beyonce. It ain’t no secret lol remember the Boondocks made that cartoon about it. Matter of fact that episode was a snippet of the purge. Obama said him, Beyonce, and Jay Z had underground safety while all of humanity was in dooms day. Prophet that original writer was lol our black Simpsons.

  3. But Kerry washington?!? Damn who was she getting smashed by? I need a little more details of it all but not to much don’t wanna get in trouble

    1. Yep… go back and read Obama’s angels G opens your eyes to alot with out dropping names. But if your a true sugar baby you’ll figure the angels out lol😊

  4. Omg! I need more on Kerry Washington. She always comes across as a miss goody 2 shoes. I knew something was up with her. Hmmmm

    1. Ppl was suprised Kerry married a black man. Her ex fiance was a old white man and of course Scandal is truly her lol jk. Scandal was based on the right hand Lady of George Bush I’m suprised Shonda Rimes was allowed to spill the beans on that. I’m not surprised about Kerry she also smashed Chris Rock to get “I Think I Love My Wife” role.

  5. I tell you every since I been on this blog I look at the whole celebrity world so different now! Like money and power is really a drug

  6. Chileeee this is so much. when you said kerry I was like 😱😱. You would never guess that one there.

  7. With all the albums that came out this month can you tell us which ones flopped and which ones made an okay amount of sales without the streams

    1. Exactly lol I would have never thought I discovered the ig pg a couple years ago and didn’t look back I’m so glad somebody wants to inform us about the bs. people are really trying to make it to that life and it’s hard explaining shit to people who will never understand. They say oh you act like you know them personally I’m like well they have been around since I was little but when you feel the wrong vibe you know something up. And here we are putting the pieces to the puzzle

    1. And you wonder why I don’t go up there unless I have to. That is not all I have experienced in my life. I have alot of experiences that I have been thru. And you best to believe it is 100% True. So, yes, this is just the beginning of one of many more to come.

      1. So are there any rituals doing the BET awards and I thought it was weird that Dj Khalid left Asadd on the stage and then went back and got him

  8. You Fucked me up !!! Because i always believe everything you say. I always knew A certain someone looked to happy to See Giselle all the time 🤔

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