October 1, 2022

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30 thoughts on “The Truth About Kobe Bryant’s Jump Off’s

  1. Damn shame! Almost every female who is jersey chasing should had or have an STD from that fool and many others.

    1. Lol yes they are😮… i would love to talk to some of their doctors😷😳 can you imagine the stories they have lol.

  2. So much juice here lol. These folks are so nasty. Between this and the instagram escort report, I have no words for the type of hoes these people are lol.

  3. I hate men like Kobe. So sad and disguting. He has sex addiction issues or mental health issues to be that way with his wife. Fuck him, she should leave his ugly ass.

  4. Damn, so, is there a pre-nup/is Cali a get half state, because she can take his ass for half. They went and had another child after this, I guess it’s hard to live that simple life when you’re used to having everything.

  5. It’s crazy cause my mother always said it’s something wrong with Sanaa and I use to say why because she can’t keep a man (at the time she was dating Omar Epps) but my mom said no it’s something mentally wrong with her but she couldn’t pinpoint on it.. idk but she too grown for the bullshit..

    1. She probably was that kid back in elementary schools always lying about something…now she grown & still at!

  6. I love this sugar! I love Kobe ( fave player of all time) but this is crazy! What I love about this is no one has ever repeated this in detail. Love the name drops. Sugar that’s never been reported before is always the best kind!

    1. exactly and thats what i take pride in fuck the number of followers fuck clout i take pride in truth and authenticity

      1. Hey G, I know this has nothing to do with this story. I just want to know what’s going on with Chris Brown. June 6 he drop his video name I do you. And his fans notice that his numbers of views was not moving up it stop at 9 million. And Chris always have at least 70 million or 100 million views. He just drop another video 2 days ago and it only have 1.3 million views. His fans are piss off. Some of them know that something’s wrong with YouTube. They just started messing with his views this month June 6, June is the elites favorite month and 6 is the favorite number. His fans are disappointed with the low views. They don’t understand what’s happening. They don’t know about the things you tell us. Are they trying to deactivate Chris Brown, his to good for them to stop him now. I know he has problems but he a great performer in r&b.

  7. So why does Vanessa continue to stay in the relationship after she filed? Is it the financial benefits?

    1. Most likely! She got with him fresh out of high school and had kids. Didn’t spend time on college or career.

      1. She was still in high school when he pursued her. This high-end life is all she knows in her adulthood.

  8. Im so done @ 105…my mans is trife as hell 😂! Thanks G! #ProudSugaBaby

    Ps…somebody get Sanaa fine ass and put her in timeout 🙄😂 asap

  9. First off, You have to be a real dumb fool to think that Kobe was ever going to be faithful to his wife lmao. He was young and dumb when he married her. He never had the opportunity to sow his wild oats, therefore he will cheat on her. He is miserable with her and he doesn’t love her. It does not matter whether or not she is a good woman, he will never be satisfied and at this point, he is just in it due to a lack of a prenup and saving face. Vanessa knew what she signed up for. Now all these women that chose to go along with his shenanigans are just stupid and disgusting.
    What threw me off is Sanaa Lathan. why is she always a side chick/mistress? She must be a real industry hoe. No wonder she never has a man. She is always borrowing someone else’s man.

  10. Please can you do a piece on Sanaa Lathan? Why is she so comfortable being the side chick to everybody

  11. I wanna know about sanaa too smh. I have no problem with a woman and her sec life until she knowingly fucks married men. I just know they wouldn’t want it done to them if the show was on the other foot. It’s sad and karma is real.

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