July 2, 2022

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39 thoughts on “The Truth About Instagram Models/Escorts part 3

    1. She was attending red carpet events with him and everything. They were referring to each other as boyfriend and girlfriend as in a real relationship

    2. Shiddddddd, don’t let Bill Maher fool you! Dude was piping Karrine down! Karrine was getting dicked down by Bill like 5 to 6 times a day!

  1. Maliah is so beautiful… Why wouldn’t she want to retire? The guy clearly loves you… He takes care of you, buys you a house…. You can even go back to school in order to get a degree (or 2 why not?) or open a business…(That’s probably the foreigner in me talking / thinking😂).Oh Man… Why don’t I have a Drake in my life ??? 😩.
    Karine has stated in one Interview that Lil Wayne never gave her anything and she wouldn’t ask, because she didn’t want to loose his respect and be like the other girls… Interesting to know it’s part of the agreement.

  2. Wow… it all makes sense now. Another thing G this may be off topic.. but what about some of these youtubers I know they get money from views and ads but some of the women/men stay in dubi. Do you think maybe people in the industry contact them 2?!?🤔

  3. I was really hoping Aimee ovalles would be mentioned. I would really like to know the real deal with her.

    1. Cardi B outed Aimee O a while ago, when she got that part on Being Mary Jane. Aimee was up for that part and didn’t get it, she was pouting on IG and called Cardi ghetto. Cardi responded by saying Aimee was a bottle girl/ bartender who got kicked out of Neyo’s house and was selling her puss, to dudes in Africa. She’s goes Dubai/ Vegas trips when her funds get low apparently, cause she ain’t bartending no more.

  4. Ol Karrine… I remember when she was with Bill Maher.. that was so weird… Poor Rotimi… She probably has that child’s nose wide open! Lol

  5. “I’m up first, I’m on tour
    Got a girl, she from south
    Used to work, used to dance in Texas
    Now she clean the house” 👌🏽

  6. I heard she was crazy Bill Maher. She said that was the love of her life. At one point she was suicidal I’ve etheir breakup. Ewww over him 😩🤮

  7. @icydknow is Kamiah Adams one of these girls? She was with Lil Fizz (B2K) & now with a basketball player…?

    1. I remember Melissa was selling real estate in NYC. Now she is on that radio show Hollywood Unlocked right?

  8. Rotimi don’t know what he getting himself into I heard her head game and her pussy is too exculsive..

  9. Maliah dumb asf but on the flip side she probably ain’t wanna depend on drake cause he could have easily left her out to dry plus I think she genuinely likes dancing.

  10. 7 figures is $1,000,000-$9,000,000. That’s not enough and Jasmine can easily blow threw that. $50 million yes Jasmine you cheap lol coulda made that in porn.

  11. Yea i follow karrine and she went live like 2 months ago on IG saying she isn’t kept and how it’s a rumor and she has 3 new york times best sellers ect 🙄🙄🙄

  12. What about deelisious or however you spell her name? Does she do the things any of these girls do?

  13. This is some interesting tea. Wow Bill Maher done took me all the way out! And Maliah moved back to LA years ago. She doesn’t live nor dance here in Texas anymore but Drake and his camp is definitely still trying to control her life and she ain’t having it. She seems fine just doin what she do 🤦🏽‍♀️

  14. Rotimi?..didn’t she say she miscarried his baby and he didn’t care and she was so distraught over it and also he was abusive?..this was sum years ago..🤔

  15. Remember when Bill said he wasnt a field ninja? Ice cube went on his show to say what others were saying – just because you date black women doesnt give you the right to say the n-word. The main black woman was Karin. They were together a couple of years.

  16. These women are kept and passed around because they keep secrets as well. Once the checks stop, they start spilling tea. Hence the anonymous tips to the blogs. They’ll do anything for the bag & material shit. Word in the industry travels & that’s why they go from jersey to jersey, rapper to rapper. Not to change the subject but, Can we get a story on Nelly & Ashanti, please? I believe there’s more to her than meets the eye. Everyone is going off on him but i believe Sis is sneaky. I remember her being on the BC bitter & mad over his relationship with Lashonte. Next thing you know she was dating Darnell Dockett who used to date Lashonte. That heifer ain’t no goodie two shoes. Oh & she went on stage with that promoter Loose Cannons from St. Louis knowing he had a huge crush on her because he don’t like Nelly. That stunt with his daddy was on purpose.

    1. Apparently, Nelly had a bad gambling problem during their entire relationship and owes her upwards of $500K

      1. Ohhhh ok so that explains the pettiness between the two. Thanks! I knew it was something.

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