October 6, 2022

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42 thoughts on “Updated. The Truth Behind Instagram Models/ Escorts and Why Rappers and Athletes Love Them Part 2

  1. I guess that is one question I well never understand with men… Women… Why is it fun to have someone that is famous for who they sleep with or fake a relationship just to be with these ppl… That last chick 20k just to get her on a date… Smfh… That some high price ppppp and I don’t want it… That’s like asking to lick a sucker after everyone got a couple licks before handing it you… Now the flavor there but barely…ijs.. I’ll keep my normal sex and life over here.. Lol

  2. @icydknow Gina, do you have info on Kamiah Adams & Bradley Beal. She’s pregnant by him. Is she one of these girls. She was with Lil Fizz.

  3. Gina, also have you heard of Aggy Abby her IG handle @aggyabby. She was a funny girl doing crazy vidoes with her mom next minute she is hanging out with Chris Brown and pregnant.

  4. Thanks G, You covered everyone I listed lol. 20K!!! Listen That beats a broken heart, being cheated on or giving it up for free any day…Get ur $ girls

  5. They better start saving up when they hit 65 or 66!! Those looks and fast money will not last forever! Better start getting something with some benefits! Watch now, all of these women G are mentioning are going to fall off!! This is a sad case. You gotta risk your life and body because these trifling hoes don’t want to work? Not me! I love slow money. Why? There isn’t wrong with slow money. It just takes a lil bit longer to get.

    1. Yes because Bernice should be already kinda established without having to do all this like you are 38 tf you been doing with your life yeah you bad and have a nice body but what else you got… I didn’t even know they have hoes over 30 and when she took a picture with all the hoes that were in their 20’s she looked dumb

  6. And all this time I”ve been doing the right thing by getting a Job and getting married.. 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ Something went wrong

  7. SMH…I guess these girls are getting paid, I’ll just keep trudging along and work for my 2 nickels. BTW: G, When will we get the rest of the Watergate Hotel tea? I’m thirsty for that!

    1. Yes G can you explain if the government separating illegals kids and their parents for YEARS had anything to do with pizza gate? Why are they making trump the fall guy and not mentioning Obama AND bush role in this? WHY HAVENT ALL THE KIDS BEEN REUNITED YET???

      1. Yes same question I have and because they always have to blame somebody trump is the worlds most hated man right now it’s easy to cover up the likable ones even though people hated bush he never got this much hate

      2. Because Bush and Obama had absolute nothing to do with it. It’s William Jefferson Clinton who signed bs in 1997.

  8. I always knew something wasn’t right about Cyn and Joe being together. But they’re all the basics favorite couple. That’s the game buck up your head to leave your man and get with them doing everything YOU was supposed to do. I know Joe fucking clean over her no way he does Tahiry and that Garcia girl dirty but treats her like a princess 🙄😏🙄

    1. Yes he always cheating on cyn but rumor has it is she’s really in love. Like really really and they just had a baby so they dk if she’ll leave him.

  9. Can you do a story on why Kirk held Rasheeda’s career back? We all know what these woman gotta do to get put on and the elites sometimes throw away their handler from day one. I think Kirk’s manhood couldn’t take that and before a richer more successful industry big whig takes Rasheeda he’ll hold her back. I also hear their not as successful with these Business ventures like they make it seem. They just get by with the promotion of ratchet lnhh.

    1. I can tell you some of it since I am this end of I-20. Let me you this. When Rasheeda came out with ‘Do It’ Spring of 2001, Rasheeda was gonna blow up. It was during The Crunk Era, early 1900s to 2005. And we all know Rasheeda ain’t a bad looking woman. Dudes started noticing Rasheeda and how gutta and raw she can get with her flow. I wanna say either it was Pastor Troy or Petey Pablo, which one of them was feeling Rasheeda, but they knew she was with 3 earring Kirk. Somehow another, they all in the same region, same genre, so they work together. And somewho Kirk thought Rasheeda was cheating on Kirk, but wasn’t and the fool cut ties with those two from Rasheeda. Now thay the version I got, but I need to inbox this DJ real quick.

      1. I think it was pastor Troy they got a song together and Rasheeda was real G in the video and her flow was good

      1. 😂😂😂it’s not funny but damn smh her lil video shoot was in Dubai that’s what made me think and she just looking different all these unstable creatures starting to look alike

  10. I refused to fuck up my body to get some quick scheme money. These girls are crazy! I love my God made body!

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