September 29, 2022

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22 thoughts on “The Truth About Instagram Models/Escorts and Why Rappers and Athletes Love Them

    1. She’s a hell of an actress she was on lylana Fix My Life acting like a broken woman. That whole my daddy issues blah blah blah and how black men don’t respect us? Bitch you a whore you don’t respect yourself and make us look bad. That whole show is fake and I see why Iylana is irritated now it’s basically for ratings and not authentic rehabilitation.

    1. They let them men piss and shit on them shove foreign objects in them basically degrading tf out out if them

      1. I’m still trying to see is that what Keyshia Dior been doing. After her and Gucci married she just been looking over it and she covers her self up even in a bathen suit we talking about a person who use to show her body 247

  1. G Please add an approx. amount these chics get paid….Ohhh hand a few others to add to the list

    1. Bernice Burgos
    2. Ayisha Diaz
    3. Maddy Moebucks

    And Vanessa Poso “itsgrnessa” she was Messing with Meek Mill before he got locked recently & she started working in the strip clubs oh & her baby daddy is “Suge” Lala’s ex

    1. What about Miracle Watts? She tries to be low key but I know somebody gotta be paying her. Is she still with that Tori guy from Atlanta with the many baby mamas?

  2. I don’t know these hookers from the saturated flood of them on social media discover page…I only hear about them when they caught up in scandal… Otherwise… My timeline don’t scroll hoes… But I’m here for the story… Bc idc how hard life gets… I ain’t selling out or pppppppp for nothing… I just don’t care to be famous… Seen or to be anyone trophy…I guess I’m just a different breed bc none of they lifestyles appeal to me nor do I need help dying…ijs 😉👌💯

  3. It’s crazy that these men than can have any woman they want are chasing behind pass arounds.

  4. I like lira lol maybe it’s cause she’s from philly. They’re young and using what they got to get what they want. I ain’t mad at them. I used to dance before I had my son and let me tell you the perks alone just from men knowing you dance were phenomenal. They knew not to step to me unless they touched some paper. I was hustling for mine already so you had betta been able to upgrade me periodt.

  5. Is this a repost? I remember G doing a story on the hoes in the industry, and y they’re winning and us good girls/non hoes aren’t lol

  6. Damn, I wouldn’t expect Jordy tp be prosituting in Dubai. Damn girl, where your morals at? And she damn sure got her body enhanced. That girl was fffflllaaaaatttt!!!

  7. Please don’t come for me but I would say kim and Khole are jersey chaser too before they start making their own money like Jordy.

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