October 5, 2022

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19 thoughts on “The Real Truth About The Kim Kardashian and Drake Affair Rumor

  1. I don’t think Drake smashed Kim. I thought he was messing with Kris. He definitely knows some secrets though.

    1. Diddy got mad from Drake flirting with Kris drake from my knowledge never smashed Kris but he was hanging all over her and saying ” oh im gonna marry her and bla bla bla and diddy just knowing how drake is wanted to throw it out there that Kris was his. Drake just trolled diddy like i previously reported. i never once wrote that they actually did it

  2. My bet is on him and Kris sleeping together. Kanye respects Kris and I could see him throwing a white flag to keep her name clean in all of this.

    1. Drake love the ladies. Why do he sleep with so many women. What’s really wrong with him? G I know drake don’t have to do all the crazy things, some people have to do in the industry, because of his mother. He don’t have to sacrifice anyone. Can you tell us how Nicki Minaj last this long without sacrifice someone yet? She is not Beyonce, the queen of light, Meily Casey or Taylor swift? Im a fan of Nicki, i just want to know more about her. Who is her handler and who’s incontrol of her, when she start to act up.

  3. I remember all that news about the sweet 16 party,.. and I think the scoop was he slept with Pia even though she was young . He was like all in awe over get voice… Maybe they condoned it bc they let Kylie lie about dating Tyga at the same time .. now the larsa situation… Was just messy…. She was looking idk bad in the public…. That future fling was embarrassing to run back home with your tail between your legs… During that time even if Kim was put into the situation,. I too think she went home… She’s faithful and she wouldn’t rush her fortune on a quick hookup… She loves knowing she can have anytim but wants no one but Kanye… Higher ego to walk away knowing they want you vs giving in like larsa to just get a taste.

  4. Idk Kim doesn’t seem like the type to smash Drake. Or do it while she’s married I just don’t see it. Idk I don’t find Drake attractive so that’s probably the reason why I feel like that.😂😂😂

    1. Brim, Nicki seems like she not controlled by anyone. Something’s not adding up. She still selling music. She has now pass Beyonce for the most top hits from a female artist. BET will be using her song in July for their new show. She keep recevicing things, with out sacrificing noone yet. She most have some skills in witch magick craft and castingspells.

  5. I definitely think Kourtney did the deed. Hell she gave it to Justin Bieber 😂🤷🏽‍♀️

  6. My first thought wasn’t that Drake slept w/Kim. I thought he was going to tell Kanye was sleeping w/a man.

  7. Lmao Kim isnt known for cheating on her boyfriends? And she not known for messing with guys who have partners? Yall cant be serious right now thats literally how she got with Kanye according to Amber.

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