September 29, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Read How Spill The Sugar’s Jayde Da Queen Dragged T.I For Filth After He’s Caught Cheating Again

  1. Very much so needed it now I hope she’s (Tiny) is just as mad & leaves his butt for good, go on w/ her life & continue to be a good mom to those 4 blessings of hers. Love is NOT suppose to hurt!

  2. I used to be a T.I. fan and stopped fucking with him when he started acting shitty these last few years. Tiny would have a huge burden of her shoulder amd keep her saniti, if she left this dude. Life would be better.

    T.I. ain’t shit. Period.

    1. I been lost respect for IT 2 years ago, when he cheated on her right after she had the baby. 2016 he was expose for being fake. After all of that the t.v. show got cancel, because they could not sell or fool their fans, that they were a big happy family anymore. That image of the stand up guy, who take care of his wife and family. And talking about how much he love his wife and stuff. That image has been destroy, because he’s messy. Tiny could have still be making money off that show TI mess that up. He couldn’t hide his cheating ways from the public. Jay.Z hide his very well. TI just careless about his own image and self respect. Sad thing, is I believe that they were a good couple. And I love the show because I believe they were happy together. It was all fake.☹😒

      1. Exactly. It dimmed my views of him immediately, after all these things he has done came to light.

        When you have a good woman that stood by you while you were locked up and going through stuff and still find a way to treat her like shit. No way I could do it.

  3. I wonder why they won’t just divorce. I agree with the dragging. It’s hard to take bruh serious at this point. He’s a joke! It’s of my opinion, marriage is sacred and pandora’s box should never be opened in a marriage. Once you open that box, you’re doomed. That’s just my opinion.

  4. When I first read the post I thought it was you G until i got to the end!! Y’all dont play with these niggas!! 😂😂😂

  5. EVERY TIME Tiny has something going for her, he finds a way to sabotage it. The show she & Toya had on BET – he had a hissy fit and she no longer could film. Then came their Family Hustle show, which was good but you could see the cracks. One season they didn’t even film together probably around the time that girl sued him for child support in Miami. In an earlier season, he was going to teach the boys about respecting women & Major (probably 4 at the time) outed him when asked how does he treat mommy. Tiny had a nail shop in Stockbridge that burned to the ground and was never rebuilt. Uuuggghhh I wish she would leave his arrogant, sexist lil butt.

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