July 2, 2022

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12 thoughts on “Later on Today The Truth About Instagram Models

      1. Dang! Never knew that. I only associated her with Eric Mena. I didn’t realize Cyn got around. I still think her and Joe Buddens relationship is legit though.

    1. They was all fucking Emily’s man. Erica Mena, Kim Bella, Yaris, and Cyn. Nasty thing is Erica and Cyn had a relationship but ironically hated Kim Bella for fucking Fab. I heard that’s the real reason they fought in lnhh Erica thought she was the only side chick but Kim Bella was there lol. Who knows if that’s true be because that certain blog sold his rights years ago.

  1. I never knew about Cyn and Fab! Patiently waiting to sip some more of this good ole tea u continue to spill!!

  2. Oh That would be a good one!! Also, if you could please tell us why most rappers like them more than… let say students, lawyers, doctors…. or plain and simple: civilians or people that are not in the industry?

    1. They are around them. You gravitate to the people in your surroundings. Also, some are students, doctors, and lawyers. Some have careers, and dance and/or model on the side for additional income. Never get it twisted. No woman is better than the next because of your occupation or some degree on a piece of paper. When we begin to support each other regardless of what we do for a living? Understand that entertainment is simply entertainment.

  3. Drake threw her in a song as well 😎but damn ain’t she young G .. FAB fucked all the Spanish girls he has a type lol

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