September 29, 2022

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41 thoughts on “Giselle and Jay Having Problems on Tour(As We Said) Is He No Longer Her Handler?

  1. Drake is half a Jew he was given his position he didn’t have to put in no real work like the rest 🤦🏾‍♀️

      1. I just keep listening to the boss song jay really was upset lol now I think he got something to do with that Pusha T diss

    1. Yep, I think that’s why a lot of rappers don’t like him… he didn’t have to suck a yang or take it up the poopshoot like the rest of them.

  2. He cheated again…. Again again. After the album…. So this remarried ceremony with the twins is what.. I count like the third time renewing lol … Who was this iron he cheated with.,.. and I do believe from listening to CD… He comes off like he’s explaining himself whole album…. Like dude your narrative still the same.. you a Marcy boy and your sold drugs and now you want to keep flashing you have the hottest chick.., she fake cosign … He wanna give the D… Okay… They always trying to sell that they sexing it up…. And I never ever bought it… You can’t be sexing her that good that she just overlook all your cheating … Y’all only have sex after one good show… If that… It’s all a facade their sex life… The reports overseas says they taking two different helicopters to their venues and airport… So they just putting a show and Hat scared bc he knows if this cover gets blown one more time….. He’s dead frfr… Like a hit from denied kid in Trinidad.. it’s going be crazy whatever it is.

  3. I notice he been acting off, and he look afraid from the begain of this year and now. I know something was wrong. You can see it in his eyes that hes worry about something. She might off him, or the elites might just take him out. He knows it might happen soon.🤐

    1. Now I know why he’s coming after Drake so hard. He being trying real hard to destroy his career and image in the public eyes. Now everybody hating drake right now. And blaming him for Xxx death. Jay.Z is not alone because two other people our deactivated or being deactivated right know. He should just go have a good time with them, since his time is up. Enjoy those last days with his deactivated friends in the industry.🙂

  4. I hate that they deactivate people like that it’s messed up to me. Nobody respects older artists that came before them. Drake is good but he’s also super popular and popular wins in 2018. Even though I’ve saw people turn against him it’s still not enough to take him down so he will be fine. You’re right about how Jay Z been looking like he didn’t think people would ever turn on him.

    1. N.johnson92 I hate the way they throw away people too. After all the hard work, they put in years to get were they are. And when they get old they want to take everything back from them. That’s just wrong. Jay.Z has put in the work he earn his rightful place. But his bad boy ways was coming back to bit him in the ass. He has do many people wrong.

      1. Yeah Giselle helped clean up J’s image with the look of commitment – marriage and kids. If it comes out that mid 40s J hasn’t changed it will be a wrap

  5. I dont think Jay’s gonna be killed but I do think if he doesn’t clean up what he owes the elites he is gonna ousted as a Weinstein, Bey is gonna be forced to divorce him (the narrative will be she made amens with her dad the original handler) and thats how they’ll deactivate

  6. Yeah you can tell something is bothering him since family feud video I said he’s going down it’s sad but I think they will try to off him in the new album he said something of that effect and he said after ”tyty” done grieving take care of my kids something like that… but they just announced him president of of puma sport but then on another pg I saw prince heirs want out of tidal now…I also think jay is terrified of bey now he said stuff bout the sec irs and drug trafficking too

  7. How can Bey be independent or his handler when she is MK Ultra to the maxed out looking crazy zoned out at basketball games?

    1. not since she gave that ring away we will have to see you could be right they may keep her under to make sure maybe she will be taken off if she proves she can b trusted

      1. Shit well will she change her hair color then if she’s taken off…and when they get off mk how do they function

    2. She looks so different. If you look back at her older pictures she looked happy and full of life. Now she looks high and zoned out 🤷🏽‍♀️

  8. This is such a lie lmao. I went to his concert in chicago and it was sold out. How did drake accomplish what he did? Is drake worth 850 ms? No. I hate when you lie on them but kiss kardashian ass

  9. I also hate the people Jay has sacrificed to stay relevant, it sucks to be either of them.. I am sure in due time Beyonce will probably be deactivated when she finally pushes allegedly 40.. or not..
    Such a disgusting industry to be in..

  10. What annoys me is how people praise her for staying with this serial cheater. I am a fan of some of her music, but I can see everything G is saying so it turns me off from being a fan of Bey herself. Hopefully she’s finally growing a backbone & leaves him.

    1. Same I started back liking her when the Beyonce album dropped but after learning so much I’m like she’s ite it’s like everything I thought was true

  11. I feel like if the commercial success and public interest dries up for Giselle and Jay Z, they will just put Blu Ivy out there to go into the business (acting/branding/music) and make loads of money. They already have that girl front row at concerts and award shows, and they tried trademarking her name.

  12. When you say his time is up and he is deactivated….does that mean he will be sacrificed? Or will he just fizzle out and go behind the scenes?

  13. I believe EVERY single word you say about these two and YES you can totally see the who is confident in those pictures. For some reason, I have always thought they were off & your just confirming my suspicions.

  14. Welp, he sacrificed people and cheated on his wife… but he’s also worth a couple hundred mill. I actually feel sorry for Beyonce, money and riches don’t mean shit when your miserable and the cause of it is the person that’s suppose to have your back… smh.

  15. He’s older now and he just needs to sit his ass down. Bee is next. She’ll go down as a legend but eventually she’ll have to sit her ass down too. It’s a cycle in the industry. They’ll use her too until she’s no longer age appropriate.

  16. It is kinda over for him I think, he might have made a deal, cause just went to the concert and there he is singing song cry like a regular act just so bey can go change, also in all the performances he is behind bey, just like kanye now is everywhere standing behind kanye. Also during the concert there was vid/picture of jay z going up in flames… So yeah idk id they are going to put him off or he is just now beyonces puppet…

      1. And honestly we might not like some artist tjst, butt all in all, nevermind “conspiracy theories” or just the illuminati mess, it is pretty scary and sad to watch. Especially id you are aware of the signs… Just like it is happening with nicki… She released some classics/hits that just g climbed the charts and just suddenly dropped.

      2. Kiks93, You right about Jay.Z and Nicki. They are not going to let her songs go to number 1. But they will let her songs stay a 9, 8, 5 own the billboards. She just pass Beyonce for the most top hits from a female artists. She still wining and BET will be using her song in July for there now show. I dont know what they are going to do with Nicki yet. Thats why I keep asking why Nicki Minaj never had to sacrifice anyone yet. Her music is still selling out. I wonder will they off her next. Jay.Z, Mariey Carey, and Nicki Minaj should be talk about more. Because I heard one of them will be taking out soon. Sad ☹😢

  17. Wouldnt that be something if she sacrificed him???…I could see her doing that just cause she know it would benefit her more.

  18. Hello… Hi. I just really need an explanation as to why Jay mentioned all of his day one friends on the “Friends” except Bleek. What’s that about???

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