July 2, 2022

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42 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Jay-Z & Giselle Surprise Release and Video

  1. I watched the video and did love that they shot it at the Lovure. I love that place!. They showcased many of the spots most tourists like to see, but I was looking to see if I spotted any of that demonic stuff. I most admit you got my radars looking for everything. I did notice her earrings, full of crosses and those paintings showcased some weird aspects too. The use of white colors and then the dark ones were obvious, but I was wondering what all of the other stuff meant? Like the arrow points and then the black men’s raised arms?? The white armless statues? I remember taking picutres of that one at the top of the steps, but can’t remember her name/story? Jay kind of just stood there like a prop for most of it, why???

    1. I have the same question G why was Jay just there staring at Giselle? What’s up with that?
      That’s a weird video, it definitely means something demonic I did get that from it….

  2. G you are always on the money with your shit girl and especially with these two demons 😒 I seen clips/visuals of the video and thats enough for me to see of these fools…they can go ahead and hypnotize there stans but not me.

  3. I heard her say something about thot but couldn’t quite figure out who she was talking about but in jay verse he said something about chief keef Ctfu that was so funny to me but imma rewatch the video and try to hear what she saying.

  4. I told my sis the same thing about the album dropping today right after nas dropped his. She’s a non-believer. I also mentioned the low ticket sales and the album being put out to get purple to want to go to the concert and sing along to newer songs. They should have been dropped the album before they announced the otr2 tour. Or at least right after the announcement. Funk flex was on the radio tonight saying I know jay n net dropped an album n today. I’m pumping Nas. That’s not where I’m at. With his thousand bombs over the “cops shot the kid” song. I’m not really feeling bey rapping. Guess that’s her other alter now (sighs).

  5. I love this sweet tea. I don’t think Giselle was talk about Nicki nor ReRe. Last week Nicki say JAY.Z ask her can he use her photo for his performance and she said yes. So that means Nicki still incontact with them some how. When Nicki Minaj say she was pushing her album back to August 10. Her fan were piss mad as hell with her. I personally think he ask her to do so. Or they made her do it. Nicki album was due this week June 15. Bey and Jay drop their album on the 16.

    1. Nicki Minaj know what she was doing when she push her album back. Giellse and ugly Jay set this up. They are known to push people around, because of the power they have. Nicki album would not sell at all if she would have stop it on the 15. She had to push it back. G, I could be wrong about this. But it all seems like this was planed and set up. Drake is dropping his album on the 29. the same day giellse and jay.z suppose to drop theirs. Jay.Z always in to some mess.

  6. Wow all this for money? Fame? She doesn’t seem like she’s very happy just faking it. Jay seems like he doesn’t even really like her I just get that vibe. I could be wrong though.

  7. After watching the video again looking for “clues”, what stuck out to me was the guy in white standing on a black horse. In childish gambinos video there was also a horse in the video. his video has a white horse. This lead me to looking up the revelations part in the bible about the 4 horses. Here is what I found…”Revelation 6:5–6: “(5) And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand. (6) And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine”…The black horse rider represents “justice and judgment” symbolized by the fact he has balances in his hands. The two measurements receive the same payment but he is commanded not to hurt the oil or wine. This is Abaddon/Apollyon which is the Prince of the Bottomless Pit who is released with the sound of the fifth trumpet who comes to the earth with his army to inflict pain on those in Jerusalem who have not the seal of God (144.000 Jewish remnant) for five months.” Bottomless pit means never satisfied or never ending, kind of how these celebrities are for fame and fortune. With that in mind, the mention of barley and wheat is connected to food. So on one end you have celebrities with an abundance of wealth and resources while there are those without food, shelter or money. Seems like they will be pushing the agenda for global famine and only the “strong” surviving. Just my thought.

    1. I saw this also… But this is how interpreted it… The man standing on the black horse had on American flag your pants… I think that they pushing agenda from the elite… So something about nationalism and famine.. Bc of depopulation is the true hidden agenda.. Rich survive the chosen one and the poor are gone and always beneath us

      1. Yes I agree that is the true agenda. Population control and famine. The stupid NWO. But it’s a stupid plan and desire. If everyone left is rich, they all have a sense of entitlement. Somebody has to do the “dirty work” and what they feel they are above doing.

  8. The video is indeed demonic. The opening shot of a shadowy man in the dark with angel wings is supposed to represent the angel of darkness ( Lucifer, the fallen angel). After that shot, comes the background chanting and the song begins.

  9. This song is dumb wack and as usual the video has nothing to do with the song so much shit to point out these niggas look possessed I dunno. His verse was terrible he ran out of words to say shit is just terrible I used to be a Jay Z fan back when he was putting effort into his damn verses I dunno maybe y’all should go manage someone or something cuz niggas is running outta lyrics I just wasted about 5 minutes for no reason

  10. I’ll be glad when these 2 phony people get brought down Michael / Whitney style by the industry. And the public sees who they really are.

    1. and when that happens it will be no sympathy from me. Mj and Whit didn’t deserve that. These demons deserve it. Its overdue.

  11. The video captures you because everyone wants to know everything they about to do… Wear… And say… Outside of that… It’s filmed like movie and keeping you in trance watching them… Missing the hidden symbolism of what they show but it’s actually a backwards interpretation of what really mean… So I say A+ for effort at tricking and hooking the masses again… Just be prepared to hear this CD ran out for the remainder of the year

  12. I gotta find info but the 12 or 13 ppl on stairs doing the same moving at the same time is… Related to mk and I believe controlling your alters and ppl to do like you… Something to that affect.. And she uses mirroring dance routines with precision in all her videos and shows… There are videos on YouTube that show this but again I can’t remember the details.. I just know that routine was weird and then they cut back to the two at the top stairs

  13. Literally when it dropped I thought about the blog imI like she called it lolbs you alwayd hit on the head!

  14. This video like all their other videos are disturbing to me I’ve watched it and my face looked like it did when she performed at the Super Bowl…when they got a shot of face..up close 🙀🤭🤷🏽‍♀️

  15. The reigning King and Queen of the Overrated….
    I don’t see anything new fresh or exciting it’s a good song good video good album….but that’s just it…it’s good but basic… no shade no hate… it’s Lemonade meets 4:44…. both good albums but after 30 days I was on to the next thing…. bring back real singers real rappers and variety in music….

  16. I have not bothered to watch the video, for five years these two have bored me. Hopefully they are exposed as they really are in public

    1. I watched it. Its pretty spot on. Him showing still shots from the video you get to see what u missed. The checkered floor, pyramids, archs, pillars, hand over hand Masonic gestures, the black horse, the ballerinas=dead/possesed/puppets, Nepolian hand in his chest of his jacket… A bunch of symbolism. Thanks for sharing.

      1. I glad someone else watched it… The black and white floors are always used in videos… The paintings she was dancing in front of the Napoleon crowning pic and artwork was occultic… And mirror dancing she uses to show ppl mimick her and they’re puppets for her and she’s handler of us lol… Well correction the masses… I’m sure there is more things we’ll see over time…

  17. I’ll find the lyrics video of the 9 songs broken down by end of week lol.. So far listening to it. . The album is like a Baphometonce rap album… It does have catchy hooks and she’s shading the heck out ppl…I caught myself like.. What she say… He’s just clearing his name and basically saying when it’s all said and done I’m still on top and f the ppl looking, talking or hating on me… I have my wife by my side and we rich handing down expensive gifts to or kids while y’all hate outside…

    1. I heard her song friends and honestly it sounds like they are mentally children like you near 40 worried and talking about dumbshit

  18. Everything Is Love -> E.I.L -> backwards is LIE. I’m sure they knew what they were doing with this one.

    1. Also supposed to be released on 6/29 -> 6/11 -> 911 upside down. They’re so basic at this point lmao.

  19. It sounds horrible. Just like 4:44 I give it to the end of the week and people probably won’t even be listening anymore.

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