September 29, 2022

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12 thoughts on “The Real Reason Kim Kardashian Will Not Divorce Kanye West part 2

  1. Your take at the end… Wow… I hope she doesn’t secretly hope he cheats… I really want to believe she’s here for him… And like Baphometonce she’s should get in the trenches and help him… Ik when I use watch kuwtk she was so stressed over Kanye indecisiveness on the furnishings and had like over a million bucks of furniture bought and then he hated it and had put in storage… And waywas with that biggest house with vineyard… They don’t even live there… They’re still in 15 million dollar home with plain walls… Like them she knew she had stuck by him through thick and thin bc Kim never gives up that much control of her life… And suckings around means she loves him.

    1. That is not what I said dirextly. I did say she had a chance to leave but she does love Kanye and her family but lets be real who isnt going to want to protect there money? and their future

      1. I read the whole thing. Yes she loves him but at the end of the day the real reason she isn’t leaving him is because of the money. I know u love Kim but let’s be real here

  2. I’d get out if I can too. If Kim, have to keep putting all the money she worked hard for into Kanye to keep him afloat, when is enough? You can’t keep giving and not get anything in return. Glad she has a pre-nup and a cheating clause in it as well. She has to protect what she has built for herself.

    Love is suppose to enrich your life not leave you broke!

    1. I remember hearing like ten years ago that Bey and Jay have some kinda of clause like this in their prenup as well. I think he was supposed to pay her X amount of money for every year they were together if they didn’t make it to ten years without him cheating. Well the ten years just ended didn’t it smh

      1. It don’t seem like the Carters had a cheating clause. Jay was sticking that thing anywhere he pleased

  3. I do know she loves herself just as much as Kanye loves hisself and I think he knows at the end of the day she will do what she have to do it’s not like she wasn’t there for him but how much can a person take. And then it comes to the money.

  4. I feel like Kanye help grow Kim’s brand and Fashion connects to an amazing level. I understand her income jump tremendously from the KIMOJI’s….but come on…that wouldn’t be as fun and tasteful without Kanye, North and “The Culture”. It’s only right she stand by him. Kanye stay setting up the shot and Kim slam dunk it each and every time. And Kanye been says for years they hating on his clothing line by charging him crazy numbers so he’d either quit or drop out due to dept. It’s easy for his wife to win, she ain’t the target. If they divorced Kim would owe Kanye anyway as he’s responsible for her superstardom in more ways than 1.

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