August 18, 2022

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15 thoughts on “I Tell You No Lies… Remember We Broke The Story and Told You David Beckham Cheats?

  1. In the U.K. we been knowing he cheats he’s stopped caring the last few years. But even so he’s apparently always got down like that. Kids all over the place etc. The type of person that thinks conspiracy theories are false and fircwackos are the same people who would never believe he’s a dog. X

  2. The song is not new, it was released in like 2016 lol u should expose more on who he’s fucking tho that would be an interested thing to read

  3. G, I heard awhile back that David has herpes, if so why isn’t it a big scandal about him like what happened to Usher?

    1. Victoria got herpes from Damon Dash in like 2004 where Beck was not that big in Hollywood and Vic was trying to have a solo music career and fucking with dash. Beck got harpes from her who got it from Damon, idk why it isn’t a big scandal but yeah

  4. I’m sorry… But David can smash… He’s fine… Serial cheater… But when him and Victoria got together… I thought hmm.. That’s safe bc she’s a bore with or without her group… So that doesn’t mean I condone her getting cheated on.. But I saw their marriage as a arrangement that they built up with the idea that they could launch new careers and doors and association with the right people… So how else does a normal stand by and let her man cheat and still keep straight face and deny rumors unless you in on the fun too

    1. She’s not a bore she’s actually a party girl. When she did that dance track with Dane bowers she used to go off to places like Ibiza get off her tits. Her public persona isn’t her real self. She doesn’t smile for paps cos when she did they cussed her teeth.

  5. G, remember when there was a story from a girl that claimed Rick Ross was into some weird satanic stuff and was praying to the devil before shows? What was that all about?

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