October 6, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Drake Allegedly To Drop Reply To Pusha T On Scorpion Album

  1. Can you briefly explain why Drake is sort of exempt from rituals? I know it has something to do with elite loving that he’s Jewish like them, but is that all?

    1. Yes it’s because he’s half Jewish. And that’s prob why so many black male artists take issue with Drake. They see he doesn’t have to do a majority of the weird shit they have to do! But that’s just my guess, lol.

  2. I don’t have a good feeling about this record. I just feel like if he put this out there. No telling what else they already have waiting to drop on Drake. Pusha.T already say he got more for Drake. And drake can’t find nothing on him. Kanye West should not put himself in the middle of this. Kanye put Nicki in a bad place. She wrote a song for his album. Now people thinking that she knew about this setup. They are saying she’s playing both sides. I don’t think Nicki have anything to do with this setup. Now people are saying Nas wrote that diss record for Pusha.T. Kenya West work with Nas on his new album. G, to many people are talking and telling storys. They say this is the new black order. I want the truth about this setup. They trying to take drake out of hip hop.

  3. So drake wright a statement basically explaining his blackface was about how they treat black men in the acting industry ok cool but you get so mad and turn around and want to rap about how certain rappers gotta do this and that to stay on top and you don’t because you’re Jewish smh he’s contradicting himself and him being associated with many of them what does that make him I’m just saying… I like drake but this situation making him a hoe.

    1. that’s what I was thinking too. he’s corny if he does exposes them. Might as well bring up the shit he’s associted with too since he’s exempt from it

  4. At this point… I don’t even care what his reply is… Just say something… All he had to do was come out and acknowledge that his choice to keep us out his paternity issues its his business. I would have respected that response.. But wanting to revert back to the negative things only without acknowledging you took a hit in this beef is pointless… He could say all he wants about how dude writes for everyone… How some dudes is gay.. But again.. Where us his credibility… Drake is spoiled and privilege individual who chooses what which heritage if his is more profitable for the moment..ijs he needs to get humble and take high road in his diss… “be yeah I got baby… So what..I take care of my son while sonning your whole crew”… but what do I know.. I’m no rapper or narcissist… So I guess

  5. To me, Drake passed his response time limit and if he isn’t going to come with the REAL heat, then who cares. Take the “L” and go count your money. TBH I’m ready for the entire music industry to colapse.

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